There are a wide variety of gyms to choose from in any area and it might be hard for some people to decide which gym they want to join. It's a shame but most people feel intimidated by the thoughts of joining a gym. Walking into a huge open room with hundreds of machines is tough and what's worse is that when you first join, the other members 'seem' to be in great shape and know exactly what they're doing. So you've decided to 'man up' and join a gym, but which one do you go for?

Do you go for the cheapest?

For the experienced user this may suit them perfectly. It will have basic equipment such as: free weights, basic machines and other useful gym equipment. The cheapest places will probably have no showers, sometimes a changing room and little or no gym instruction.

Do you go for the best equipped?

The best equipped gyms are usually the most expensive and user friendly to a beginner. Well at least they seem to be. When you first join the gym it will seem like a nice place; clean and tidy etc. but soon you realize that you are nothing but a number, a 'member'. Again, this may suit some people.

To be honest, the first thing you should ask is:

Do people get results here?

Think about it logically. You join a gym, swan around in it for a couple of weeks with no clue what you are doing. Then all of a sudden your like a hamster on a wheel. Running aimlessly on a treadmill, cycling now on a recumbent bike and lifting random dumbbells in a vain attempt to get into shape.

This does not apply for the experienced few. However, it does apply to a 3 types of people.

It applies to you, the inexperienced people who need care and attention. They need a personal trainer or a gym that looks after their members and beats them like a person and not just a number.

It applies to you, the dedicated trainee who's getting nowhere. You've been spinning your wheels for years and got no results. Why? Because you're too proud to ask for help, that's all, its your fault your not in the kind of shape you deserve to be.

It applies to you, the lazy trainee, who trains hard when you manage to get your ass to the gym and train. The rest of the time you spend making excuses. You lack the motivation to get to the gym, not to train in the gym. That's easy!

All of the above factors need to be taken into consideration when joining a gym or deciding of you need a personal trainer.