There are many workout videos available for someone desiring to get in better shape. There are DVD's and online exercise videos that a person can choose from.

There are workout videos that are based upon an individuals fitness level. This ranges from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. Some of the basic differences between the various fitness levels are the number of repetitions performed and sometimes the weight that is used. Sometimes, the way the exercise is performed can also add to its' difficulty. An example would be squats. One-legged squats add more difficulty than the traditional two-legged squats.

Today, there are various types of exercise equipment. There are balance balls, resistance bands, dumbells, kettlebells, treadmills, and the list can go on and on. No one piece of equipment has an advantage over another when a person is seeking general fitness. What they do provide is enjoyment in your workout. Some people may enjoy using a balance ball while another enjoys using a kettlebell.

To discover what the best workout videos are, is to discover if they have fitness videos that demonstrate the type of exercises you like as well as use the type of equipment you like to use.

There are ten major muscle groups one should exercise to keep those muscles and bones strong. These are the chest, biceps, triceps, hamstrings, quadriceps, shoulders, forearms, upper back, lower back, and the abdominals. You want to be sure that the workout videos offer exercises that cover these main muscle areas.

The best fitness videos will have videos that target specific goals for you as well. Are you looking mainly for stretching routines? Are you looking for a full body workout routine?

Are you over 60 years old and desire a fitness routine to accommodate this?

Do you want to build strength? Or are you looking to lose weight? Are you looking for a sport specific type workout to help you play that sport better? Are you looking for a workout you can the home or in the office?

Whatever your workout goals are, the best workout videos will provide you with the tools you need in order to be successful. The best workout videos should not only provide a way where you can download the videos to your PC, but they should also allow themselves to be downloaded and played back on any mobile device.

By using workout videos that you download, it's like having your own personal trainer in a box to take with you wherever you go. You'll also be able to keep your workouts interesting by using different types of equipment and doing different exercises to alleviate boredom.