High intensity training is the byproduct of a mixture of science and fitness. Utilizing this method of weightlifting with repetitions that is designed to fatigue a persons muscles. The combination of the repetitions and weight helps maximize muscle building potential. The basics of high intensity training are that it should be intense and brief. It is believed that any fitness that is performed at this level will ignite the body to produce more muscle and burn fat. This form of exercise is highly popular among various types of athletes and professionals who need to be in shape.

The fitness world is divided by those that believe high intensity training is beneficial and those that do not. High intensity is a modern form of traditional weight training. As with all types of fitness routines and exercises, not everything works for everyone. There are numerous factors that determine whether or not this type of weight training will work including age, physical condition, body mass, consistency and weight. Those fitness gurus who support the high intensity training claim that is has a variety of benefits including revving up the body's ability to burn fat into energy.

HIT is a method used by body builders such as Mick Mentzer, Bill Phillips and Ellignton Darden. The idea of ​​interval training with weights has revolutionized various forms of exercise. Engaging muscles and then giving them a short “break” helps keep the body from getting comfortable with routine. Therefore, a person is able to burn more fat and build muscle faster than they normally would. Ideally, those that train with a higher intensity training will yield higher muscle mass than those who only do one basic weight lifting.

Before starting a training routine a person should meet with a fitness trainer. Always perform training with a partner. For the best results various weights should be used instead of repeatedly using the same weight. Research as proven that consistently using interval training for four weeks will yield substantive results.

The use of high intensity training can be beneficial to body builders, boxers, firefighters, paramedics, police officers and any other person who needs to build and maintain muscle quickly as part of their profession. This exercise can be performed at home with a set of gym weights or can be done at a specified studio or fitness center. High intensity training is believed to be a safe and effective way to build muscle quickly. It is a promising method used by many professional athletes.

For any fitness regimen to be successful, the person must actively participate in doing the work. While muscles will feel fatigued and possibly ache for the first two weeks of a routine, that is not a reason to stop. For the best opportunities of success, use high intensity training three times per week in combination with interval cardio training. The combination of both methods will rev up the bodies muscle and fat building abilities while unleashing the body that you have always wanted underneath.