The world of MMA and combat sports is by no means an easy one! In recent months British fighters have progressed and developed as MMA fighters and have been making their impact on the sport from UFC to Strike force.

Obviously a natural punching ability is useful but through dedicated training these warriors develop knock out punching power and blistering speed to out class their opponents. Fighters can not always just train hard and bulk up to get their power as they are restricted by weight classes, this does not mean they avoid weight training it just means they have to be a little more technical in the way they train. By using low reps and weights close to their 1 rep max ability this allows fighters to train for strength and power rather than hypertrophy (muscle mass). A good core strength is crucial and this can be achieved by performing composite movements such as squats and deadlifts, by keeping the reps low and the weight high you train for power not size. For a firmer jab try barbell bench press and for a solid uppercut do push presses.

Nutrition is ever important as well as a fighter needs to stay fit and healthy as well as maintaining weight. This means a strict diet of unprocessed carbohydrates such as beans, wholegrain rice, sweet potatoes and good quality protein from lean high quality meats such as chicken and turkey breast and fish. Fats are also often overlooked but are an important part of any diet, healthy fats generally come from oily fish. Protein supplements before or after each workout will also help the muscles to recover and will save you from eating endless amounts of tins of tuna to hit the required protein intake. Protein supplements come in various forms from ready to drink shakes to mix yourself powders and even snack like protein bars, these will all supplement your diet to help you get a higher protein intake.

To help your muscles recover correctly you should be aiming for around 1.2-1.4g of protein per lb of body weight, so if you weigh 175 lbs and are training with weights then you need to be consuming around 227g of protein per day to allow your muscles to fully recover and get stronger with training.

By combining the right training and diet these fighters achieve incredible levels of power and speed but by following a few simple guidelines these are not unachievable by you or I.