No worries, here are the top ways to increase your vertical jump without paying a top dollar for it or spending countless hours at the gym.

How to Increase Vertical Jump

Squats are essential when learning how to jump higher. This is because it targets muscles through your entire body. Squats are very helpful when trying to increase your vertical. For squats, you need to have your legs shoulder width apart in front of a chair (like you about to sit). Next, bend your knees and gradually crouch toward that chair. It's important to tighten your abdomen muscles while crouching. Hold for a few seconds and then use your legs to push yourself back up into standing position. Repeat 10-15 times.

Lunges are important as well including when learning how to jump higher in basketball. This will build your core muscles. To do this exercise to increase vertical jump, you must lunge forward with one leg until the knee of your other leg soon touches the ground. Go back to standing and repeat on both legs approx 10 times.

Calf offerings are the most important exercise you can utilize to increase vertical leap. Calf raises involve standing up straight, with a weight in each hand. Raise up onto your tiptoes and hold for several seconds. Then lower your boots until your feet are flat on the floor and then repeat around 15 times.

When increasing your vertical leap include elevated jumps into your exercise routine as well. To do so, place a platform on the ground (or most gyms have one). Stand upon the platform and jump back on the ground gently. Then jump back up onto the platform and repeat. Try starting at 10 repetitions. This is a very valuable exercise to increase vertical jump.

Lastly, take a jump rope and skip. This is such an easy, basic exercise. This can really contribute to learning how to increase your vertical. Skipping will tone your arms, legs and abs. It is very easy when you think about it, but do not underestimate its power – this exercise is very beneficial if you seriously need to learn how to increase your vertical leap.

Learning to increase vertical jump takes a lot of effort and commitment. By doing these exercises you will not only increase your vertical jump but you will get healthier as you are conditioning your body. Remember to incorporate a healthy eating regimen to work together with these exercises to increase vertical leap. A healthy regimen will also help to enhance your jumping abilities.