You're not getting nice Andrew today, I'm in the mood to hit someone between the eyes, so that's what I'm writing. If this writing relates to you, then GOOD! I hope you can do something about it!

We hear quite a bit ” tell people your goals. Tell others what you are doing so you can be accountable. ” and health, I'm beginning to think it's total bullshit!

What do I mean by this? Let me see if I can explain because in my head it makes total sense.

How many times have you started some sort of exercise plan or program or maybe a diet of some sections and told others you were doing it? If you're like most people, probably quite a bit. Why? Because everyone, whether you want to admit it or not, wants to feel important. Which they should as there is nothing wrong with feeling important. Hey, if it makes you feel good, then go for it! I encourage it!

BUT … here's the thing when it comes to fitness and health … it's TOUGH! For today's purpose, I'm talking mentally tough, not so much physically tough, OK? It's tough to go from not doing anything to starting a workout program. It's tough going from eating pizza and drinking beer every night to a piece of lettuce and a gallon of water instead (insert a bit of exaggeration here).

See if this sounds familiar: You decide to do something about your health, whether it be workouts or dieting. Whatever it is, you decide to do it and, because you want to be accountable (because the “experts” tell you that's the right thing to do), you go and tell everyone you know. The first week you have those sore muscles (that's called DOMS, by the way) and you laugh and joke with your friends about it. Or, you're soooooo hungry because that piece of lettuce is not getting you though the day. And, you joke with your buddies how hungry you are, everyone … including you, gets a chuckle out of it.

That first week, you're telling everyone how gung-ho you are and that you're really going to do it THIS TIME! “ Then, you get that first rest day, or cheat meal day and you go off the wagon a bit. After all, you've been so good this whole week, right?

The next week comes and maybe you're still at it, but it just does not feel as sexy as it did the first week. The workouts are taking up too much time, driving to the gym is a pain, you've forgotten to prepare the lettuce and water for that day's lunch, etc. The mental self doubt stuff is starting to kick in. You're not talking it up as much this week as you're expecting no one will ask you questions about it.

Finally, another rest day or cheat meal day. Even though you may not have done everything you needed to do you're still doing the rest or cheat because, you know, the program calls for it and you do not want to go off schedule.

All the sudden, life gets in the way and you skip this workout, grab a burger for lunch, slowly get back into your old routine. Then guess what, this happens more and more frequently. A few weeks later someone you have not seen for a while requests you how the new program or diet is working for you and … ” it was not working so I've decided to go in a different direction .”

Have you ever experienced this or know someone that has?

Here's my point: You told people because of accountability thing, you wanted to feel important, and you did. But now what? You did not keep going and when someone asks you about it, you no longer feel important and you start to feel down. It's not a good feeling, believe me.

Oh, there have been people that have NOT experienced what I just described, and if it's you … GREAT! You're the exception! We need you to spread that kind of attitude towards everyone and keep up the great work! Also, if you're in a group where everyone does the same thing, that's totally different. That's called a SUPPORT GROUP, not an accountabilitly group. (well, at least in my book that's what it is). And I HIGHLY encourage anyone to be part of a support group!

BUT, if the above describes an experience you've had (and trust me, my hand is up on this one as well), then I'm gonna tell how to change it and do it right.

Are you ready? … All you gotta do is SHUT UP AND HOLD ON!

What I mean is, just start and do not tell anyone what you're doing! (this is the SHUT UP part) Your coworker / friends could not care less about your workout program. Why? Because it's yours, that's why! Or sure, they'll pat you on the back and say good job, but so what? In reality, it's your business, not theirs.

If you're mentally tough enough to stick with your program, whatever it is, and changes start to happen to your body, people will take notice and start asking you about it. ” Have you lost weight? ” ” Your arms look bigger, are you working out ?” There's no better feeling than having someone say stuff like that to you out of the blue! That, my friend, is the encouragement you need to keep going. (this is the HOLD ON part). These are the comments you're looking for, those comments feed the ego and make you feel important, which will make you keep going!