People are willing to spend a fortune to get an enviable butt and only a small section of the female population is totally happy with the way their butt looks. The others struggle with a butt that is too large, flabby or sometimes, both. If you are one of the less fortunes ones, your life is not over. There are many ways to tone your butt and shape it to the firmness you are looking for.

Your leg muscles are used while working out the muscles of your butt. A proper stretch and warm up prior to exercising is important, to prevent any untoward strain of a thigh muscle or a hamstring. Listed below are a few butt toning exercises.

The lunge – A beginner can start with a reverse lunge. Stand with the feet a little apart and hold on to something for support. Bend both knees after stepping back with your left leg. The right shin should be in a straight line with the right ankle. Bring the left knee straight down and almost touch the floor. Press through the right heel as you come up and move both feet back to the starting position. Repeat these steps with your other leg and do them 12 times per leg.

The Step-up – To begin a step-up, stand directly in front of a raised platform. Your thigh should be parallel to the floor and your knee even with your hip. Keeping a foot on the platform, take a deep breath through the nose and begin by pressing through the heel of the raised foot. Continue pressing up until your leg is near straight. Exhale through the mouth as you push up, pause once you reach up and maintain your balance without placing the other foot down on the bench. Go back down to repeat with other leg.

The leg lift – Stand with your feet apart and hold on to a rack. Bend your leg behind you as if you are kicking your own self on the butt with your heels. Make sure your knee is steady, and focus on flexing your butt as well as hamstring for a count of one, when your foot is right at the top behind you.

The kneeling kickback – Kneel on floor with your hands in line with your shoulder and your knees in line with your hips. Keeping the left knee bent, raise left leg directly behind you so that your height is parallel with the floor and your toes pointing towards the ceiling. Hold to the count of 3 and repeat with other leg.

The Squat with kick back – It is one of the best exercises for toning your butt, thigh and calf muscles. Its benefits are a combination of the benefits of all other butt toning exercises put together. Stand with your legs apart, sit back to squat with feet flat and bring your fists close to your chin. Straighten the left leg behind you, extending your arms forward. Return to squat and repeat on the other side.