Have you visited Florida laTely or if you are a resident of Broward County do you know what the city has to offer? If you're traveling south via the Florida Turnpike, and venture past Hollywood Florida you'll see and exit for 199th Street. This exit is famous for SunLife Stadium which is the home of the Miami Dolphins but it is also home to a little city which borders Dade County called Miramar Florida.

Miramar Florida is considered to be in Broward County but borders the Dade County line. The city was founded by Henry D. Perry and his wife Annabel C. Perry for which an airport and local school were named respectably. The founders have since deteriorated and the city has been growing rapidly especially west of Miramar Parkway. The parkway stretches from Hallandale Beach Boulevard and is known as an area of ​​culturally diverse people with Jamaicans making up a large percentage of the population. Because of this, there are many restaurants in the area which cater to the population and serve delights such as jerk chicken, curry goat, and salt fish. The residents love indulging in this food and in doing so have added a few extra pounds. A few of the residents are faced with only two options:

  1. Continue to gain weight and risk debilitating diseases
  2. Or seek out a fitness authority for Miramar Personal Training

Luckily, most of the residents have chosen the second option as they do not want to suffer from diseases such as obesity and diabetes. The Miramar residents who have chosen to take control of their health can be seen traveling to fitness facilities located parallel to Interstate 75 and Red Road. Since the city is sandwiched between Broward and Dade county several of the residents vent into Miami to receive personal training sessions to get in shape and stay fit. It does not really matter to the people of the city if they venture into Miami or stay there to take advantage of Miramar Personal Training. As long as they enjoy the benefits of good health.

Those town people who chose to forgo fitness training from professional trainers can be seen in parks such as Fairway Park. Parks such as these offer a place for people to go to enjoy activities such as walking and calisthenics. Its a refreshing break from hot, stuff gyms and a welcome for people who enjoy the outdoor and the challenges of dealing with the humid temperatures in South Florida.