I am glad your head is in the right place. So let's get started and let's keep it simple. Starting out: The first thing you need to know when deciding to organize a running team is that you do not have to be a “master-chief” in running. What is required is commitment, patience, and organization. I recommend having a general goal in the beginning and research training programs that will aid in preparing the team. For example, Goal: Run the local annual marathon and using Hal Higdon's Marathon Training Plans | TrainingPeaks. Not everyone on the team will need to have the same goal, but you will find that having one will assist in attracting some additional like-minded runners.

Step 1: Decide on a name. You must have a way to identify your team and I would keep it relevant and broad enough to not exclude runners. “Portland Mixed Running Group,” or “Run Buenos Aires Men's Running Team,” are some examples that state who they are and what they do.

Step 2: Create an internet page. There are plenty of free resources and you should not have to spend more than a few dollars to buy your domain name. Also, place a posting on your social sites and free advertising boards such as: craigslist.com, twitter.com, asbook.com, etc. One good practice is to send the link to 5 friends and ask them to forward it to 5 more friends asking to send it to 5 of their friends. Start spreading the word around to family and friends verbally and let the people in your network know that you are starting a running group and you are searching for fellow enthusiasts. This will definitely get you some runners.

Tip-Try recruiting at some of your local sponsored spaces by handing out goodie-bags with promotional material inside.

Step 3: When to run. Now that you have a few runners decide on when you are going to run. You will not make everyone happy, so get over it. Do your best to keep the hours accommodating to people. Not every runner is a morning bird and most will probably have jobs. For example: Monday 5:30 pm, Wednesday 5:30 pm, and Saturday at 10:30 am are some good times. Once you make your schedule, try to hold those days as people will begin to make their calendars around it. Try to do a long run on Saturdays, say around 5-7 miles. You will get the most runners on Saturdays so be sure to put an attractive run in that slot. Overall mix up your run plan and stick in a few short run's and running exercises to diversify the days. Do not make every day the same, but give people an idea of ​​what they can expect in advance.

Important Tip: Start and stop on time.

Step 4: Where to run. Personally I lean to having 1 location and sticking to it. To make it relevant to all seasons I would make sure it is well lit, accommodating to group runs (parking, meet-up, and stretching area), and does not get soggy in the rain (gravel roads). Another idea is to have 2-3 locations conveniently located and varied in terrain. Keep the location consistent with the day. Finally, if you are organized, you can schedule new locations every week, just be sure it is well informed and you know the running routes well.

Tip: One true strength of a running group is consistency. Canceling days or changing times, although appear to be helpful, will actually hurt the groups potential as a whole, especially for new potential runners, as they want to know if they can accommodate the scheduled schedule in advance.

Step 5: Have fun. Organize social events like BBQ's, pic-nics, or general play days. People will join your group to run, but also to make friends. You must massage both aspects accordingly.

Tip-Be sure to give extra special attention to new-comers. You will want them to feel welcomed and help by introducing them to a running buddy.

Decide to get more structured as your team grows and then you can elect captains, organization leaders, and have quarterly events. Start off with no membership dues until you have a descent following. With these steps you will be running with old and new friends in no time. Promote healthy living and PUSH yourself and your team to do something great!

Run hard. Train great.