This article is about ten minute workouts to help your stay in good shape. Many people lack the time to exercise every day especially when the duration takes up to one hour of your precious time. Others find it a daunting task to undertake the hour-long workout every day of the week. The most important thing to understand is that what really count are the intensity and the consistency of your workout territory. It is only efficient exercises that can produce the results you are after-health and fitness. The duration of your workouts do not count for much if the quality of your exercises is poor.

My friend did you know that a squat with bicep curl works more than one muscle? You may want to do more than just hit the weights every day. You may decide to do a 50 meters dash uphill to bump your workout time to a whopping 6 minutes.

How do you do it?

Run very fast to the top of the hill or on a stretch of 50 meters. Work back slowly and then repeat the run at least seven times. These runs are enough for a one day workout. Do this for at least 5 days a week consistently. You will achieve fitness, health, and a lean muscular body if you focus and work hard at it every day of the week. You can do it my friend. Another way to gain fitness is to climb a stair case with at least 10 stairs every day. Run up the stairs and climb down slowly. Repeat this ten times before calling it a day.

Aerobic exercise is recommended by the CDC for adults. CDC says that you perform a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week so you may improve your health situation. If you increase the intensity of your workout from normal pace to villorous you will achieve the same results in less time. You could achieve the desired result with ten minutes of intensive aerobic workouts. In this case you do not include warm up and cool down time. You will actually burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health.

The circuit training magic:
Circuit training helps tone your muscles and improve your cardio. Circuit training combines resistance training and intensive aerobics. The advantages of circuit training are; provides whole body workout, does not require expensive gym equipment, it is done in groups with an experienced instructor being in charge, and it is easy to customize and to adapt to your sport. Circuit training is time efficient and so fits well with ten minutes workout regimes. All you need to do is to choose at least ten different resistance training exercises that you might want to participate in your program are; presses, shoulder exercises, squats, lunges, calf raises, rows, triceps dips, biceps, curls, push ups, crunches and back extensions.

Complete about 5 different resistance training exercises from your program at every workout session. Each exercise should be completed with no rest between each station.

It is advisable to consult your doctor before embarking on circuiting training to ensure that you are physically it for intensive workouts.

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