Everybody is busy these days are not they? With schedules chock a block with meetings, PTAs, friends, shopping and procrastinating. Yes, procrastinating. People tend to procrastinate about a lot of things – the laundry can wait till tomorrow, the homework till the morning, etc. Now, there are people who even procrastinate about themselves. These are actually busy people who can not afford to waste any time as their routines are admitted in a delicate spider's web of everyone's routines. Being busy is, however, not an excuse not to take care of yourself. Nobody's asking you to be perfect; it's just that if you fall, so will a couple of others with you. There are some little things that you can certainly accommodate into your routine to stay fit – small things are the best things to look into!

Look into Your Sleep Debt

Sleep is one of the most essential things that your body requires. Your body cycle requires at least eight solid hours of sleep. That, however, does not include the power naps you take through the day. Power naps are good for you, but at the same time, you need to give your body those eight hours of rest. The next time you plan your schedule for the day, exclude eight hours -your day should have sixteen working hours and no more. Make sure to spend the first five minutes of those sixteen hours stretching.

Eat Healthy

This is something everyone, everywhere tells you, eat healthy. You are quiet exasperated are not you? After all, who gets the time to make dinner after that long day or carry along a lunch at work? You do not have to! It's as simple as choosing the right dishes while eating out and buying the right packaged food. Although homemade food is way better, you can not always have that! So next time you go to the supermarket, make sure you get some fruits and frozen yoghurt. The probiotics present in yoghurt help your body with digestion. Granola bars are a nice alternative to pizzas and cream biscuits can give place to plain biscuits.

Drink Healthy!

Now that you've eaten healthy, let's start drinking healthy. Now, water is one of the most essential components of our body. The body can go without food for less time than it can go without water. So water is an essential part of your day. Make a separate bottle for yourself and make sure you have at least a liter of water in twelve hours.

Water is not the only liquid your body requires! If its summer, go for lots of fresh fruit juices – the fresher the fruit, the better the taste! Milk is also a very important liquid that gives your body vitamins A and B12. It is also a heavy source of calcium which makes sure that your bones can take a fall well even in your later days!

Its family time!

Your family is your most precious asset. Yet, you hardly ever get to see them together! Plan out excursions with the whole of the family! It can be as simple as a game of ball in the park, or a walk on the beach. You could try setting an hour hour where the whole family helps in washing the car – the chore is done, calories burnt and voila! You have family time on your hands! It's not that difficult to stay fit!

It's the little things in life that help you. Take care.