There are many ways to train, in fact thousands of ideas and concepts on the subject of sports conditioning. Is sports conditioning for you?

First, reflect on yourself and there are many things to consider. Let's start with the obvious: are you an active athlete, a weekend warrior? Or someone who is but but has a desire to improve their fitness level? Think about your recreational activities and maybe even more importantly your daily movements and functions. These are the true movements that will impact the quality of your work day and whatever your doing for fun on the side. If your a weekend warrior who dreams of making your part time hobby a true and realistic goal, then the lack of sports conditioning will most likely be your Achilles heel. If you are an athlete, your fitness level will certainly be a long term determining factor in your success.

Sports conditioning is beneficial for the Average Joe or Athlete

Whether your squatting down to pick up a box or to explode high above your opponents to catch a rebound, your using a movement specific motion. The idea of ​​sport condition is to repeat that motion with weight and (or) repetition to improve that movement. In this situation squats, dead-lifts, overhead squats and squat thrusters would be suitable and beneficial exercises. Still that would be about seventy-five percent of the formula. How often is this motion repeated in competition and is it a motion based off of speed, power or both?

Pushing the body with Sports conditioning

In general, it's pretty safe to say there are basic movements that are in most sports that all would benefit from training. The key is to vary them in speed, weight, repetition, and duration. Having said that also unfortunately vary the position and angle of these motions would also be important (ex. Shallow lunge vs long lunge vs lunging 45 degrees to the side, etc.) Besides your limbs and core, do not forget about your heart and lungs. They fuel the machine that is your body and are just as important to work. The key is to consistently push the limbs, core, heart and lungs to new levels, all along never letting them become accustom to one specific trend. So, you do not need a reason (sport or hobby) to start Sports conditioning today.

Where to do Sports Conditioning?

You can do Sports conditioning almost everywhere, in the park, at your house, at a local gym , on the beach. You can do it with other people or by yourself. Many people find most success in training with other people under the guidance of an expert.