We all remember the summer of 2012, the excitement and energy that the Olympic games brought to London. If you were one of the lucky ones to get tickets then you would have witnessed hundreds and thousands of athletes from all over the world compete for Gold, Silver and bronze medals within their chosen sport.

The Olympics began way back in the 4th century BC, in Olympia in Greece, however the modern-day summer Olympics as we know them today began in 1894. The first sports that competitors could represent in were limited, but now the number of sports that are included in the modern Olympics are in the region of 30, but with many disciplines within each sport.

A few London Olympic facts. London has held the Olympics 3 times, 1908, 1948 and 2012. At the 2012 Olympics the total number of athletes that competed was over 10,500. Of those athletes, 205 nations were represented, and those athletes competed for 302 Olympic events over a 19 day period. London had to give over £ 600million, but the British economy made over £ 10billion

The athletes that compete in the Olympic games give up an awful lot to represent their countries in their chosen sport. For many the only reason they take up a discipline is to extremely represent their country at an Olympic games, and hopefully be come champion. But what does it take to become a champion and dedicate some much time, blood, sweat and tears, to represent your country.

A champion has to have a want to be the best, have the raw talent in their chosen sport, has to sacrifice a normal life and has to put in a lot of hard work training several hours a day and week. That is why only a few of us become the final in any sport, most of us fall by the wayside or are just not as good as is required to reach the top.

A good analogy to think of is to give person a sketch book and pencil and tell them to draw a picture for the rest of their lives, chances are they will be come well enough at drawing and the pictures overtime will improve; but put a professional artist next to them every time they draw their picture and they will improve much quicker and become a very accomplished artist.

Many athletes need more than a gym to get their goals, they must help to make the next step, so many people turn to Personal trainers. Personal trainers are professional athletes themselves that know all about body conditioning and nutrition. In fact many ex athletes become personal trainers as they have so much knowledge of what is required to be the best.

When a personal trainer is first approached they will sit with their client to decide a plan and goal for them, talk through their current exercise routine and go through their current nutrition intake. With all of this information an exercise program is prepared complimented with the correct diet plan.

It does not just stop there though. Through the training plan they will coach the client and give them constant assessment and if necessary introduce any changes that the exercise or nutrition plan requires to keep them on the path to their goal.

Personal trainers are not just for the top athletes around the world. In your local city you will find many personal trainers, contact one and see how they can help you get make your goals even if they are not to represent your country at the next London Olympic games.