UFN contracts … what are they and how they save you thousands !! I guess I can speak for everyone when I say that we would ideally only ever have to approach our clients once about giving us money … at the beginning during the initial sales consultation. Yes, some Personal Trainers may not have too much of a problem asking for money but for the major of trainers it can be an awkward conversation to have.

Whatever you find the 'asking for more money' conversation at renew time easy or difficult, the reality is from a business point of view we should not give our clients too many opportunities to say NO. For the trainers that are still selling packs of PT for cash, every time the client's sessions run out they need to sell them some more. They need to basically resell the client again. This is another chance for the client to say NO.

If we set our clients up on Direct Debit from the beginning, then the payments for their PT sessions is debited either weekly or fortnightly from their account. The benefit of Direct Debit is the client does not have to find the cash on the day of the session. Likewise, if you are charging your clients upfront for packs of sessions, this can be an issue at renewal time if they have not gotten the money put away.

From a personal budgeting point of view, it is much easier to set a direct debit and have that regular payment pay for your PT than to pay up front and when that session run out have to find a wad of cash for your next lot of sessions ! If for some reason the client does not have that wad of cash upon renewal, than you will probably lose that client.

Direct Debiting takes care of the clients payments for you and also puts you back in control of your own income. Remember, if a client pays cash per session and does not show up for their session neither does their cash! On direct debit, the payment still comes out!

Getting back to why being on Direct Debit saves you asking for money again at renewal time. By setting your clients up on UFN contracts they will be debited an agreed amount either weekly or fortnightly UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE … basically until you request the cancellation of their debts.

It becomes a case of SET and FORGET!

TIP: Having a minimum term on your UFN agreement is a good way to ensure your clients are committing to paying a certain amount of money. EG: Minimum Term 13 Payments then UFN