Lead generation using Competition Boxes is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies a fitness business can execute. Lead boxes generate a steady flow of qualified leads and inquiries that extremely become the basis for new membership or client sales.

Imagine if you had 6 neatly placed boxes out in you local business community and each generated an extra 1-2 sales per month?

How To Approach A Local Business To Host Your Lead Box

Become Their Customer The best way to approach a business to host your Lead Box is to firstly become their customer. For example, the local café. Visit them and buy some coffee, and use this time to build some rapport with the staff … Be friendly.

Build Rapport Ask the staff how they are? How is their business? Do NOT go in there and promote yourself. You will come across as a sales person and everyone hates sales people !!!

Introduce the cross marketing opportunity Once you have developed rapport and the staff know you (this could take several visits), the next step is to introduce the idea of ​​some cross marketing. For example, ask them if they would like to feature in your monthly newsletter, Facebook page and / or website? And if they have any material you can stick up on your notice board. In return you can ask if they would not mind placing your competition box in their business for a month. Take an example newsletter to show them how others have been promoted in the past and always mention how many people are on your database.

Add some extra incentive As a sweetener, if need be, you can also throw in 1 FREE PT session per week for any staff member while the box is present in their business.

When Successful.

Keep your promise If the business accepts your offer and displays your Lead Box make sure you keep your promise of cross promotion. It is a good idea to send the business owner your newsletter, Facebook and website link with them featured on it. Likewise, make sure you actually take their flyers to display in your studio.

Why give away training? There are a few reasons behind offering free training to the staff while your competition box is in their business.

  • It separates your PT business from others that may have asked to cross promote.
  • It gets some more people training with you that may get the taste for it and want to do EXTRA sessions, (paid of course!).
  • It is a great way for the staff to actually PROMOTE your competition.

If You Are Getting Zero Leads.

Change Your Offer Look at your offer … would you enter this competition? Ask your friends and family if they would enter. Ask them what would be a good incentive. Remember you only give the major prize away to one person. Everyone else wins the 'runner-up' prize of less value. eg: 3 FREE Sessions.

Offer the Staff further incentive ok, so you may already be giving one session per week away to a staff member just so they display your Lead Box. You can also put another deal on the table. For example. If the competition generates 10 leads or more per week you will add another FREE session. Would not it be great if the staff we prompting their customers to enter this month's competition because they want the extra PT sessions!

Change Locations If it really is not working, move it to another location.

The BIG Tip! Never walk into a business for the first time with a Lead Box under your arm!