Is it very common for prospects to shop around when looking for a Personal Trainer to train with. It is during this shopping period that you need to know and explain exactly what your clients get for their money. There are hundreds of Personal Trainers being qualified around Australia each month, so the competition can be fierce. Two questions you need to be able to answer to give yourself a great shot at success are …

What is my Point Of Difference?

Is my service good value?

Let's look at the first one; What is my Point Of Difference? What can I offer that no one else in my area is currently doing? When you work out your Point of Difference you can start to add it to your marketing.

Your Point of Difference can come from any area of ​​your business, it could be:

  • The type of nutrition plan you incorporate
  • The style of training you use
  • The location of your training
  • The premises (studio versus gym or park)
  • The qualification of your trainers (degree versus RTO, specialized courses)
  • The business hours of operation
  • The fitness equipment you use
  • The clientele (male versus female or age specific)

It is important that you find a point of difference, because you need to be able to answer the question, “How are you different from the trainer down the road?”

A great example of how powerful a Point of Difference can be is the 24 hour gyms that have recently become popular in Australia. When someone inquires with one of those gyms and requests the question, “How are you different from the gym down the road?” among other points they state that they are open 24 hours so you have the option to train outside peak times even at 3.00am if you want to. The gym down the road closes at 9pm.

It is important that you consider the population of your target audience when working out your point of difference. If you choose something that will only attract a very small niche market than you may have the issue of not appealing to enough people, then cutting down on the number of possible inquiries. An example of this could be: 30 – 40 year old women only training for triathlons.

If you already have a client base but are struggling with your Point of Difference, look at your current clients. Have they all gotten something in common, is there a trend there?

Once you have established your Point of Difference you need to ensure your service is good value.

Is my service good value?

You have probably already worked out the session price for your Personal Training. Most trainers establish this before they are even qualified. Then they do the math by multiplying how many sessions that they want to achieve each week by the price and work out the total. SWEET!

Most trainers base their price (at least initially) on what the going rate is in their area. Therefore it can be quite common for multiple trainers in the area to all charge within $ 5 of each other for a 30 minute session.

Instead of just guessing a price to charge based on others, why not work out how much value your clients will be receiving from you? Once you work this out you may even want to put your price up!

What do they get for their money?

Easy! A half hour of Personal Training, right?


I'll bet you give lots more than 30 minutes of training to your clients! Let's look at some of the value you could and probably already do give to your clients.

  • 30 minutes of 1-on-1 Personal Training
  • Initial and ongoing health assessments
  • Nutritional advice and food tracking
  • Detailed homework exercises for in between sessions
  • Monthly newsletter with exercise tips, motivation and nutritional information
  • Weekly motivation SMS and emails
  • Subscription to your Personal Training & Fitness blog
  • A branded drink bottle, towel, t-shirt, singlet, hat, key ring or something similar
  • Access to your social networking sites for regular motivation
  • If working from a studio (use of the studio to complete homework sessions)
  • Access to any group classes you may offer
  • Access to discount offers from local business partners

As you can see from the list above, the client is receiving far more for their money than just 30 minutes of Personal Training. However, when people ask us the price of our training, too often we answer with $ 50 for a 30 minute session, and then leave it at that.

Do not be shy in your consultations, explain and outline exactly what the clients in your business receive for their money.

Answering the 2 questions above and highlighting them to your prospects will increase your chances of conversion when a prospect is shopping around !!

Good luck!