Tips to Feel Better

Feeling better about yourself, your situation in life and how to cope with the challenges of everyday living requires a holistic approach. This machine that we call our body enterprises of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. An anomaly in any aspect of human life results in skewed emotional and mental state. Follow these important tips to put your physical, mental and emotional state in balance.

Health & fitness

The primary requirement for feeling better about yourself is to have a healthy body free of diseases. It should be able to perform at its optimum best and should be able to handle the lies and tears of modern living. If you neglect the well being of your body and health, it can take a heavy toll on your time and finances and may also affect your relationships. Watch your weight; be careful about what you eat and exercise regularly to avoid any health complications from arising in the first place. A body riddled with health issues and constant visits to hospitals and clinics is not a very appealing way to live life.

When you take care of your body, it in turn takes care of you. A well toned body, healthy lifestyle, and eating habits will make you feel much better. Follow any exercise routine which suits you and keep at it regularly, making it a daily ritual. Eat healthy foods and consume alcohol and spirits in moderation. Kick any addiction like smoking or recreational drugs to give your body a chance to recoup from the damage already done. Get help from a personal trainer who can design your workout routine taking into consideration your physical type and medical history. Try not to snack in between meals and stay away from junk and processed foods as much as possible.

Eat healthy

Foods like fries, burgers and fizzy drinks carry all type of health risks like obesity, heart disease and even cancer. When you eat healthy and exercise religiously, it will start showing and you will feel much better about yourself.

Healthy state of mind

The mind and brain is the seat of human consciousness and intelligence. In order to be healthy and to boost self esteem, you must take care of your mind just as much as your body. Do not let your mind slip into a hazy oblivion. Sharpen your alertness, observation power, power of concentration and awareness by doing mental exercises. Meditation and brain games are very important to prime your mind to face any challenges related to work and life with confidence.

Emotional health

Human beings are bundles of emotions and people feel great when they have high self esteem, positive thoughts and fulfilling relationships. Life is a constant roller coaster ride of emotions, which are mostly negative, positive and a mixture of emotions in between. We feel very good when we have a sense of self worth. We also feel great when we have a meaning to our work and life and when we contribute to make others life better. The act of giving and social activity makes our inner self at peace.

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All Online Personal Training Programs Are Not Created Equal

Many online personal training programs add up to little more than an overpriced email sales pitch. The accounts of this are staggering! You sign-up for an online personal training program that promises you the world and you end up getting a cookie-cutter exercise routine and diet plan from an automatically generated computer program. To make things worse, many of these online personal training programs use your participation as a means to blast you with email and ads about other programs, videos, supplements and equipment in hopes that you'll purchase more and more from them as if just one more purchase will guarantee you reach your fitness goals.

Let's be clear. I'm not saying this is unethical, I'm not even saying this is bad business, I'm just saying that this is not what most people think they're signing up for when they register for an online personal training program.

Here are some things to watch-out for:

1. Large databases of exercise demos – this is definitely a computer generated program. No one is sitting there filtering through the information you provided at sign-up. No one is painstakingly working to make sure every food and exercise fits perfectly into your program. I admit some of these computer programs do a reliably good job of matching your desires and needs with quality exercise and dietary recommendations but in my opinion, this rarely merits the cost considering no real work being done on your behalf.

2. Programs that require supplement purchases – supplements are great, but not required to be fit. I have a supplement line that I offer in conjunction with just about every fitness coaching program I design; but they are not required to participate in the program. Supplement requirements are a good way for internet marketers to really bump-up the pricing of their programs. Watch out for this type of online personal training program.

3. Programs that exceed 90-days – these are long-term online training programs that may offer a decent product and service, but they are also taking advantage of basic human nature. That nature is to buy impulsively and not follow-through. You see this every January, millions of people begin their weight loss program only to quit days or weeks later. Sure, some people stick with it and succeed but those people are a small minority. Online personal trainers and training companies know this. By signing you up for a long-term program they ensure that they get their money whenever you participate and finish the program or not.

Good online personal training programs will have these:

1. A specific target audience – these programs are designed with a certain type of person in mind. All of the diet planning and exercise recommendations are made with the knowledge of who you are and what you want from your online personal training program.

2. High level of accountability – the best online personal trainers, myself included, require absolute accountability to the program. I personally do this by requiring four full-body photos from each client every week. I have them email me photos of them from the front, left side, back and right side all the way through the program. This allows me to personally modify their diet and exercise as needed. It also gives the client a short-term goal to work toward; improving more this week than last. By having a weekly goal, I have found that people tend to be highly motivated and do very well. Moreover, I've found that by building a high level of accountability into my online personal training program my clients achieve their fitness goals faster than they ever dreamed possible. Seek out sources of accounting when registering for an online personal training program.

3. Human interaction – great information can be generated by a well designed computer program, but nothing can replace the motivation and accountability one human being places on another. For instance, in school, if no one was going to grade your homework, would you try to do your best every day? You probably would not and neither would I. Humans needs structure and they need human interaction that provides accountability. Seek this out in every aspect of your fitness lifestyle especially when working with an online personal trainer.

The internet is an ever-growing community that can provide you with more personal training and fitness options than ever before in the history of mankind. I encourage you to be diligent as you work to decide what online personal training program is best for you. Remember! All online personal training programs are not created equal.

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5 Qualities to Look For When Selecting a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are a dime a dozen, and if you've never worked with them, you may end up with a personal trainer who is not right for you. In this article, I will outline some criteria by which to evaluate a personal trainer that you're considering working with.

What are the results like?

By looking at your potential personal trainer's clients, see if he gets results with them. What types of results? Are these the same results you're looking for? In other words, if your personal trainer has gotten dozens of people to run a marathon, but not very many people to lose weight, is that a trainer that you would want to be with?

Is your trainer educated ?

Extra letters after your name are great, but as a guy with letters after his name (EX: BA, Ph.D., CK, MS, CSCS, etc.), I can tell you it's not all it's cracked up to be. There are phenomenal personal trainers out there with no letters after their name. The best education is often self-education, and real-world experience. Does your potential trainer spend significant amounts of time on professional development?

Are your workouts individualized ?

You are unique, and so should your workouts be. Do you notice that all of a particular trainer's clients are training with the same style, regardless of their goals? Different goals require different approaches, as do different individuals with the same goals. A trainer should take the time to understand you, your unique situation, your goals, your health and exercise history, your strengths and weaknesses, and a ton of other factors.

Is the trainer passionate ?

A trainer does not have to be flamboyant or outgoing to be passionate, although those qualities make it easy to see his passion. However, a trainer should enjoy continuous learning, and interacting with people.

Does the trainer's personality match yours?

If you're going to be spending 2-4 hours per week with someone for months or possibly years, you want to make sure that you're spending that time with a person you like. Of course, this is last, because to some people, personality really does not matter. They're very pragmatic, and results are all that matter. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you have established criteria.

And that's that. Hopefully, this will help you select a fitness trainer that is right for you. Or if you're already working with a personal trainer , this should give you a measuring stick by which to evaluate your own trainer.

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What Is An Exercise Routine That Burns Fat and Gains Muscle?

In this article I am going to tell you the best routine to lose fat and gain muscle. The reason why I am going to tell you this is because it is the most important question when it comes to exercise and training. Time is money and you want to get in shape now and that is the routine that I will give you.


Sprints are essential to being a human being. You need not be an Olympian to sprint. If your sprint is equivalent to an Olympian waking back then good for you. You are a human being, you must run. The best way to burn fat is to run. If it last 10 seconds, 20 seconds or 30 seconds run. Run as fast as your little legs can carry you. You can do it. Running in place may be substituted if space does not permit

Salads. Who cares if you like them? I do not. Eat them. Lettuce, peppers, a couple carrots and a vinegar based dressing. No creamy dressings. You defeat the purpose of burning fat by putting it right back into your body. The best way to burn fat is to not put it in your body. Eat a salad as often as possible. Particularly on workout days

Pull-ups. Pull your body away from the ground. Allow gravity to be your resistance. If you can do a pull up then you know what you need to work on. Do not run away from the challenge. We are talking the best way to get what you want. Pull up are the best way because they incorporated the entire upper body. Chest, back, abs, lower back and arms are all incorporated in pull-ups. Why do you think it is so hard. But you can do it. If you can not do a full pull up then start with hanging for time. Then move to a pull-up with a jump. But create your version of a pull up to the best of your muscular ability.

Squats. You have to do them. You have to. They hurt because they are our least favorite exercise but you need to do them to maintain the range of motion that you were born with. Squats or you version of it will sculpt the entire lower body in no time. You will get stronger in the legs if you incorporate squats into your workout. You can do it. Just make sure to squat on your heels. The best way to start off with squats and ensures great form is to use a chair. Stand up and sit down. Stand up and sit down. Here we go.

It's workout time.

Eat a salad at some point during the day, preferably an hour or two before your workout.

30 sec sprint
30 sec rest
8 pull ups
30 sec rest
30 sec squats
30 sec rest

This is a 5 minute circuit that should be done 3 times through for a total of about 20 minutes. This is a routine that can be done twice a day for 3-5 days a week or everyday. Adjust the numbers as your body becomes adapts to the workout. Enjoy.

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3 Easy Ways to Hire a Figure Coach

Finding a good figure coach is not easy, and sometimes it can be downright frustrating, too. If you do a search on the Internet you will see an overabundance of information on how to hire a figure coach.

Figure competition trainers are a dime a dozen and most are good, and others are simply AWESOME. I am going to share with you 3 things to look for when you go to hire a figure coach to prep you for a figure competition.

Tip # 1 – Make sure he or she has real client and before and after pics

A picture is worth a thousand (and more) words. The sport of figure competition is the art of illusion. Your figure trainer should be able to diet you down in such a way that you lose nasty, ugly body fat and hold on to every ounce of beautiful lean muscle mass. The best way to see this type of transformation is via before and after pictures.

Tip # 2 – Research the figure coach you plan to hire

It is easy for others to Photoshop and steal client pictures from other well-established figure trainers. Therefore, it is up to you to do some homework and research on the best figure coach for you. Research his or her name, background, about page, testimonials, before and after photos, books he or she may have written, etc. You can never have too much information on the trainer you are planning to hire.

Tip # 3 – Inspect what you expect

When you go to hire a figure trainer you really should inspect what you expect. I have heard SO many horror stories of ladies investing in a figure coach, only to be tossed aside by unanswered e-mails and failure to update figure prep programs. To avoid this downfall, contact the figure trainer you plan to hire and ask about his or her order of business. See how long it takes him or her to e-mail you back, and that will give you a great deal of insight of that person's work ethics.

It does not have to be a painstaking process. If you really want to hire a figure coach that suits your needs, then set out a little bit of time and research the information. Do not stop at the first trainer you find. Bookmark him or her her and find at least 5 other trainers you think you might want to e-mail for more information.

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Achilles Pain

Achilles tendon is located at the back of the ankle attached to the calf muscle and the heel bone mostly used during the running exercise. Injury may occur when the tendon is over stretched, or due to incorrect footwear with limited flexibility and comfort.

When this occurs a scar which is less flexible forms over the tendon and this can tear or rupture due to training. We look into the medical conditions associated with the Achilles tendon in this article which are tendonitis and tendon rapture.

Achilles Tendonitis

This is the inflammation and irritation of the thick tendon. This condition is caused by over use of the tendon during the running exercise. Most people suffer from this condition due to over-pronation and little or no flexibility wherey after too much running the foot bends, is inflamed and becomes painful. Slight tears may form in the tendon which increases the likelihood of the rapture taking place. Pain on the tendon is felt above the heel and any point on the tendon. Redness, stiffness and heat are felt over the ankle.

Most of it is caused by tired, stressed and over-exercised muscles. This occurs through hill running, drastic increase of the running distance, not properly warming muscles before working out and running with much speed.

Inadequate flexibility in running shoes strains the Achilles tendon by limiting its stretching and causing the tendon to twist and strain. Running gait also contributes to this condition wherever the foot rotates inwards.

There are various ways to treat this condition and the most important one is rest. Pain and swelling can be reduced and enriched by use of anti inflammatory drugs and ice packs applied over the area.

Massage three times daily and rest the leg in an elevated position fill the nodule disappears. Swimming and gentle stretching are helpful in recovery. The healing process takes 6-8 weeks but medical advice is recommended if no improvement is felt after 2 weeks. To avoid recurrence and further damage of the Achilles tendon oneought to stretch and warm up muscles well before working out or running.

Achilles tendon Rapture

The rapture of the Achilles tendon results from over training of the muscles. When the tendon is overstretched, sharp pain, snapping and possibly popping is experienced as the rapture occurs. Swelling, bruising and pain experienced when you point your toes are experienced.

People on fluoroquinolone antibiotic medication for urinary tract, respiratory and various bacterial infections are particularly recent to the rapture of the Achilles tendon. To correct the rapture the common treatment is surgery whereby the tendon is attached back. The other treatment option to this condition is casting for several months.

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Personal Training – Client Retention Strategies – Love The One You’re With!

With all the effort that goes into Sales and Marketing the last thing you want as a PT business owner is to have your clients dropping off during or at the end of their first contract term. Client retention is super important in building a reputable business, so here's some tips to plugging up the leak!

The first thing we need to understand is why we are in this business in the first place. For most of us, I would hope that the answer is something along the lines of helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. If we stay true to this value then client retention should not be too much of an issue.

Know Your Client!

This is crucial especially in businesses that have more than one employee / trainer and more so with those that employ a sales person. During the initial consultation typically a client will tell you their 'story' and give you a brief on their particular situation and outline their goals.

Of course the sales person lends a sympathetic ear and tries to fit the best service available to match the clients' goals. After the sign-up, both the sales person and the client are happy.

However, if the client's notes about their goal, background, individual situation are not passed onto the trainer, then the client has to give another brief during their first session. To increase professionalism all notes need to be accessible by everyone involved in training the client, and where necessary a verbal briefing from the sales person.

Too often clients are signed up and then left to re-tell their story during their first session! Not good enough, and the client will notice !!

Be There!

Being there refers to actually listening and caring about your clients during EVERY session! Being INVOLVED in conversation and taking an interest. It can be hard sometimes with back to back PT sessions to really BE THERE for each and every client, but it is a critical strategy for retention.

If you find that after several back to back PT sessions that you can tend to zone out, then you should look at scheduling a half hour break in the middle of your block of sessions. This will help you refresh and wake up so you can give your client the 100% attention they deserve and are paying for.

The Greeting!

Every time you see your clients, greet them by their name. At a lot of gyms, clients walk in and out and the reception staff do not know their name. It makes a difference to the client to be welcomed into your business through a friendly greeting by NAME!

Make Reminder Notes!

If your client is telling you about a holiday that they are going on, or a show they are going to see, or something similar, they are telling you because they are excited about it. Make some quick notes on your Program Sheet as a reminder to ask them about it next time they are in. This shows attention to detail, shows you care and can make the clients day!

Get Results!

The largest retention tool is your ability to get your clients results. Usually a happy client is one that is achieving what they set out to achieve. Do not complete the same old program with all your clients … IT “S LAZY! Treat each client as an individual and design your programs specifically to their needs but will help you get testimonials and referrals RESULTS! RESULTS! RESULTS!

Give Extra Value!

Clients generally sign up to Personal Training and base their decision on the per session price. Go the extra mile for your clients, do not just give them 30 minutes of Personal Training, give extra value. For example:

  • Contact them during the week for an update.
  • Research some information they may benefit from and send to them.
  • Send encouraging SMS and emails.
  • Write specific Homework Sessions for them to complete.

Act on Feedback!

When clients do cancel, have an exit interview with them. This is basically just a conversation where you ask for some honest feedback where you could improve your business. If feedback is given and you believe it is constructive, act on it.

A great way to get feedback from current clients is to survey them. Once you receive the feedback, find the most pressing items and act!

VIP Treatment!

Your clients are paying you for a service. It is far easier to treat them well and retain them then it is to go and find new ones. Love the one you are with, this reflects to treating your already paying clients as VIP's. Roll out the red carpet from the initial contact to the day they cancel, hopefully by implementing the above strategies they will be years apart.

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Personal Training – Why You Should Love Your Database!

Your database is the one of the most important assets in your business. Your database should have the details of every client, old client and prospect that has ever been in contact with you. Creating the habit of entering all of your new contacts onto your database will slowly create a list of people you can market to that have at some point shown interest in your business! When building your database there are some non negotiable details that you must have. These are …

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Postal Address

These details are so important is because together they provide you with the basic information you will require for your marketing, both online and offline.
Other information that is great for your database is:

  • Training history
  • Training goal
  • Lead Source (how the client first heard about your business)
  • Injuries
  • Medical Conditions
  • Date of birth

The more information you have the better. You will receive most of this information when you first meet the prospect and they fill out your Pre Exercise Questionnaire. A good question should gather most of this information, however it is what you do with it that matters.

Whether a person signs up with your business or not, the fact is they showed interest. It may be the case that the service you provide is not matched to them right now, however in 6 months time it may be. By keeping their information you can ring back at any time and have a conversation with them about their situation. Being able to accurately recall the details of the initial meeting and what was discussed shows them that you are a diligent, caring professional.

Of course having a digital database (such as excel) is a simple yet effective option as it can be easily updated, changed and added to. Being in digital format means that your database can be used for online marketing and utilize such functions as Mail Merge and E-News.

There are also lots of Personal Training specific software on the market at the moment some of which are online (web-based). This type of software is a fantastic solution as they hold your database, prompt you for the important information and are dynamic enough to be flexible with your data entry. Some of these even integrate with direct debiting which is fantastic as it becomes an all in one platform.

Arrange Your Database!

It is a great idea to split your database up. For example: Clients / Old Clients / Inquiries! You can go even further and split it according to gender. By doing this you can market specifically to each one. For example: You could send an email to all your 'Old Female Clients' promoting a 1 week free membership to your women's only group class !!

Keep Your Database Warm!

There is no point having a database if it is not used. In conjunction with your Marketing Plan you need to ensure that your database is kept updated about what's happening in your business.
Some of the people on this database used to be clients or have shown interest through enquiring. By them receiving regular updates about your business, your specials and your specialized PT info; your business will be top of their mind when they are ready to buy.

Remember, do not spam and respect privacy!

People will give you their contact details with trust that you will not pass them on to anyone without their permission. They also trust that you will not spam them with information irrelevant to your business or service.

Whenever you send your database information electronically, always have an un-subscribe option. Most auto-responder and email marketing platforms should provide this service.

If someone un-subscribes from your database, DO NOT continue to market to them. They should be removed from your database.

Your best friend!

Finally, your database becomes your best friend in the times when your responsive leads are coming in slow. Just open up your old client list and pick up the telephone!

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What You Should Look for in Online Personal Training Programs

How many times have you tried to lose weight or even gain muscle? How many diet supplements or gym memberships have you purchased? If you're frustrated about how you have not gotten your desired fitness results yet, maybe you need someone to coach and motivate you through a customized fitness plan. And if time is a problem for some reason, you can try an online personal training program.

Many services around the world have been made available or more accessible to everyone because of the Internet. Wellness programs, diet plans and healthy recipes abound in the World Wide Web. But all these things you have to do all on your own. Today, there are Internet-based fitness coaching sessions which will help you in almost every way, from sorting out your body and habit problems to motivating you in your day-to-day exercise regimen. And all these you can have without having to make a trip to a health or sports club. It is like hiring a fitness instructor who would come to your house on a regular basis, but without the unreasonable cost.

Online personal training services start with an assessment of your body, diet, daily habits and other factors that may be affecting your weight and overall health. A fine fitness coaching service would have an expert dedicated to you to give you a plan that is tailor to your requirements and limitations, including a full exercise regimen, eating plan and others.

You should steer clear of web-based health coaches that offer unlimited e-mail support and easy-to-do plans. Reshaping your body, whether it means losing or gaining weight, is never an easy feat and requires much effort from you and from your instructor. What you should look for is one that offers highly structured programs, open discussions about your exercise and nutrition and other value-added services that involve more personal interaction with an expert whenever you need or want it. The essence of online personal training programs is getting the help that you exactly need at the time that is most convenient for you.

Websites like these should not badger you into subscribing to any health magazine, taking any supplement or being a member of a health club. Reputable fitness coaches who care about your health even offer full refund on certain conditions if you do not get your desired results.

If you think that you need someone to motivate you to reach your fitness goals, a web-based one-on-one fitness instruction may be what you need. Search the World Wide Web and you will find many to choose from. But look closely and opt for one that will not just give you outrageous promises like a 20-pound weight loss in two weeks. While the fitness program service is business for them, you should be able to feel that what they offer comes with a genuine concern about your body's condition.

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Personal Training – Building Great Culture Is The Key To Client and Staff Retention

Culture within your Personal Training business is the key to the retention of your staff and clients. Simply put, if your trainers are happy and produce a good vibe and positive feel, then it will rub off on your clients. Great culture does not just happen, you need to work at it; below is a list of things you can do to increase the positive culture within your business.

Establish a vision and make it visible

Having a vision & mission for your Personal Training business is pretty standard stuff. However it often gets typed on the top of the business plan and that's the last you SEE of it. Sure, as the owner, you know it off the top of your head, but it is important for your staff and clients to see the WHY you are in business. Staff especially need to know the vision so they can embrace it.


What are your company values? These need to be outdrained, promoted to your trainers (staff) and need to be at the forefront of all your actions and decisions. If you already have trainers / staff working for you, get them involved. If everyone is on the same page it makes creating great culture a lot easier. Values ​​that come to mind for me are: Honesty, Enjoyment, Community, fun!


I realize that not EVERY day you feel like turning up to work, be it because of a late night and no sleep, some bad news, being hungry or stressed, but we must always choose a positive attitude. If you let your attitude waiver from positive, happy and enthusiastic in front of your staff and clients you are no longer setting the good example. This does not mean you have to be Mr or Mrs Happy 100% of the time, but when at work especially in Personal Training you do. Remember, your clients come to you for motivation and inspiration.


If you work on your own these are just the rules your set yourself (and should still be written down). If you have staff / trainers then everyone needs to be able to refer to these and they should be adhered to. These can be simple things that will make a difference:

  • No mobile phones in sessions
  • No hands in pockets
  • No leaning on equipment
  • Always greet clients with their name

The rules (policies) should be written with the goal of professionalism, VIP treatment and culture in mind.

Some take home tips

  1. State your values, vision and mission when you are hiring new trainers (have them tell you their first). Then have a conversation about them.
  2. Having a mix of females and males can help everyone in the business (clients and trainers) feel comfortable.
  3. Write you values ​​and vision in a constant position so they are top of mind.
  4. Set some policies that are designed to affect the culture of the business
  5. As the owner, be a role model. Always choose a positive attitude.
  6. HAVE FUN! Enjoy work, consciously make your work place a fun environment. Play games, be happy and have fun with staff and clients.
  7. Usually host social gatherings with everyone involved in your business welcome. Once a month catch ups as a group are great.
  8. Treat your trainers to a social activity or training day. Reward them for their performance!
  9. Staff incentives for outstanding customer service.
  10. Turn up early to your morning PT sessions and properly wake up and switch on before your client arrives.

Some businesses have great culture by accident, but when they look back on it and analyze it, there are usually some very key ingredients that make them successful.

The one certainty is that if you have great culture, your staff will be happy and your clients will be happy and so your retention will be high.

Ask Yourself:

What can I do to make my business one staff will enjoy working for, my clients will enjoy coming to and everyone has fun in a professional setting?

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Personal Training – The Formula To Sales Success Is Knowing Your Numbers!

When you break down the sales process it becomes clear that the formula for sales success is very simple. By concentrating on the numbers in a few key areas of the sales process your sales targets will be realized more often.

Before we look at the formula for sales success we need to review your sales history which we can determine by answering these three very simple questions.

  1. When speaking to prospects over the phone, what percentage of them do you get to meet you face-to-face to discuss PT? (contact – meeting%)
  2. When in a face-to-face consultation with a prospect, what percentage of them do you get to purchase one of your PT services? (meeting – sale%)
  3. What is your average dollar sale?

By answering the questions above we are given some parameters to base our sales success calculations on. For the sake of walking through an example lets make up some answers:

Answer 1: 30%
Answer 2: 50%
Answer 3: $ 2000

So, in this particular example, when this trainer is talking to people over the phone about starting PT, they manage to get about 30% of people to meet him / her face to face. We call this particular statistical the Contact to Meeting%.

Therefore if this PT talks to 10 prospects over the phone about starting PT, history tells him / her that 3 will book a face-to-face meeting.


Let's look at answer 2. 50% of people that have a sit down face-to-face meeting with this PT sign up as a client. We call this the Meeting to Sale% .So 10 meetings should equate to 5 sales!


The percentages!

Of course these percentages can change over time. Normally they would improve with experience. The great thing about tracking your sales numbers is you can identify where you need to improve by reviewing your percentages.

If your Contact – Meeting% is only 10% but your Meeting – Sale% is 80% then you need to address your phone script (what you are saying) and / or the change the people are talking to to marketing better to your target audience.

How much do you want to earn each month in new sales?

Do you have a monthly sales goal? If not, make one. They are important! Goals / targets give us something to strive for and measure against.

Let's assume you want to sign up $ 30,000 worth of PT each month. With an average dollar sale (PT contract amount) of $ 2000 that is only 15 clients !!

Now here's the cool bit.

Your Goal = 15 new clients

Average $ Sale = $ 2000

Contact – Meeting% = 30%

Meeting – Sale% = 50%

From this info we just apply some simple math.

15 clients / 50% = 30 meetings

30 meetings / 30% = 100 contacts!

That's it !!!

With those particular sales percentages the PT in this example would need to make 100 contacts in the month to reach his / her goal of $ 30,000 of new sales.

With 4 weeks in a month that's 20 contacts per week. And working a 5 day week that works out to be 5 contacts per day!

When it is broken down like this, it makes that goal seem very achievable. Making 5 contacts per day with a 30% Contact-Meeting% and a 50% Meeting-Sale% this PT should sign up 15 new clients !!!

First task!

Work out your percentages !!! Track everything you do!

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Tips for Hiring the Best In Fitness Trainers

What is your fitness goal? Is it to gain lean muscle mass? Is it to lose weight, or perhaps bulk up? We all have a goal on how we want to look and feel, but it sees as though we fall short on the exact plan to do so. We also know that nutrition plays important apart as well. How much do we eat, what do we eat and how often do we eat? Do we need to take supplements, and if so which ones? All of this can create quite a whirlwind of confusion and frustration if we do not know the proper way to begin our fitness and nutritional plan.

Being a fitness trainer myself, has allowed me to receive the necessary steps for proper training and schooling. It has also allowed me to take out the guess work for individuals seeking out their ultimate fitness and nutritional plan. Along with myself, there are a numerous of other good qualified personal trainers eager to assist those in need. So what do we look for to insure we have the best fitness trainer? The first step is to meet the trainer. We all know that appearance is the first thing we notice. What does this trainer look like? Does he or she appear to be fit? An overweight trainer shows signs of a poor diet and a lack of exercise. It's a little hard to get motivated let alone pay someone who is in despite worst shape than yourself.

The trainer should look like a trainer. I think professionalism in how a trainer dresses says a lot. I have seen trainers wear baggy pants and a shirt that surpasses their knees. Do not be afraid to ask questions. The best fitness trainers will ask you numerous questions about your goals, health, safety, nutrition and past workout experiences. With these questions, a good fitness trainer will then listen. Too many times have I seen a trainer ask a question to their client only then to interrupt them? Eye contact is important. A trainer that lacks in eye contact may suggest a lack of knowledge or inexperience on their part. Remember … you're paying for this trainer, so viewing this trainer is also not a bad idea. Asking for referrals and speaking to past or current clients can give you some insight whether or not this trainer would be a good match for you.

A lot of trainers will offer their first training session for free. Use this session to see how much attention this trainer gives you. Do they look around? Do they interrupt your session to talk to others? Are they sleepy with closed eyes? Are they talking to you about random things in the middle of your exercise? A trainer that drags in these focused areas depicts that he or she is a poor trainer.

Be an investigator! If you're already working out at a gym, the chance of personal trainers being around you is high. Watch them and see how they interact with their client. Watching and observing will answer a lot of questions.

If ever in a workout you physically can not lift a weight that a trainer gives you to perform, he or she should lower the weight allowing you to achieve difficulty, but control at the same time. Sad but true, I have seen trainers not lower the weight believing their client is being just lazy. To my surprise the client will try, but in doing so so will lose all form and call on any muscle group within range to help assist. Injury is the only thing on the list followed by folded tendons, torn rotator cuffs and over extensions on the joints limbs.

The best fitness trainers will live, breathe and eat what they teach.

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Do You Need A College Degree To Become A Personal Trainer?

Many people wonder if they need an official degree to become a personal trainer. An advanced education is not required to be a trainer neventheless a college degree in exercise science or exercise physiology would likely help you. A good number of personal trainers do not have an official degree however they will have a certification that has schooled them on human anatomy. Online courses require a lot of dedication since you are responsible for your class work. A weekend class will not be enough for you to fully understand the human anatomical, physiologic and bio-mechanic understanding needed to be an outstanding personal trainer. There's also many personal training institutions that provide 6 month diploma or degree programs. Here are a few more details:

Option # 1 – Four Year Education.
A 4 year diploma is not needed however it could be useful to have a degree such as exercise science. Furthermore, it would benefit you to take some business classes if you are considering starting your own personal trainer business. A simple finance, marketing, business administration and accounting class would enable you to be more familiar with the world of business and help you be more successful with your small business. A 4 year diploma provides you with the time to be aware of the human anatomy and decreases the chance that you would injure one of your customers.

Furthermore, businesses seeking to employ personal trainers usually want to hire someone having a college degree. It ensures that the person is knowledgeable about the human body, reduces their risk, increases client retention and ensures that you have spot knowledge about exercise movement, metabolic reactions, bio-mechanisms and knowledge of the psychology of the customer. In addition, if you would like progress directly into management of a fitness center or health club then a diploma will help you on that path. Do not ignore the power of knowledge and an education.

Option # 2 – Six Month Certification Course.
There are six month personal training certification courses that can get you started in the appropriate path to become a personal trainer. You may either take the classes online or you can physically enroll in courses. The online courses take far more dedication because it is based on self-study so be prepared. The classes are full of beneficial information regarding dealing with clients, planning training programs, and nutrition.

The programs prepare you to start a small business from your own home, train clients in a client's home fitness center, work at local health gyms, hospital conditioning facilities, universities and local colleges. They also teach cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility programs. In addition they test you on the names and explanations of exercise testing procedures to assess cardio respiratory functions, body compositions, muscular fitness and flexibility.

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What Makes a Personal Trainer Great and What to Look for When Hiring a Personal Trainer

It does not take much training or education to become certified as a personal trainer. Anyone with a high school education can get a Can Fit Pro or ACE certification in as little as a month. Consequently there are many trainers that may be unqualified but the gym they work for still charges an arm and a leg in order to make good profit. Commercial fitness chains are famous for doing this because people are unaware and they do not know what to look for when choosing to work with a trainer. This is not to say that all commercial gyms are filled with unqualified trainer (I've met some excellent trainers with basic certifications) but a certain percentage of trainers are people that chose to become trainers as a sudden career change and these people have insufficient fitness knowledge and experience to be offering professional services at industry prices. In some cases commercial gyms will hire trainers for their sales experience and people skills rather than their training skills which are vastly more important. After all you are hiring a personal trainer to get you to your fitness goals in the shortest possible time; not to talk to you about your personal life or the latest celebrity gossip.

An advanced certification or a college / university degree does not automatically make someone a great trainer. A degree in kinesiology, exercise science or an advanced post graduate fitness certification like NSCA's certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) gives a person a sound theoretical foundation, however procedural knowledge (knowledge exercised in the performance of some task ie, like riding a bike ) accounts for about 60% of essential knowledge that a personal trainer should have.

So what makes a trainer great? A certification or degree is not necessary but more often than not great trainers will possess a degree or an advanced certification because it shows that they are committed to and serious about what they do. However, all the essential knowledge and training principles can be learned independently without having to take a course or pass an exam. The best indication if a trainer is great is their physical appearance and how fit they are. A great trainer usually looks the part. Being exceptionally fit is evidence that these trainers can apply what they know. A red flag is a trainer who is overweight or very skinny and out of shape. I've encountered a few of them when I worked at a commercial fitness club. Many great trainers are professional body builders and other athletes that have very little or no formal education- much like many great musicians and artists.

Exercise science is an open field where new things are constantly being discovered. A great trainer will have an original approach to training that has been learned through experimentation and experience-not from reading some textbook. Great trainers do not work from the book: they are creative and will invent their own exercises and workout routines and combine existing training principles in novel ways to yield faster results. A great trainer keeps learning, constantly updating their knowledge but also contributions and educates others on things they have discovered independently. This is one of the most important characteristics of a great trainer: they contribute new knowledge either in a publication, in seminars or online.

Here is a summary of the characteristics in order of importance that make a personal trainer great: 1) they are physically fit and have experience training themselves, 2) they contribute new knowledge in the form of articles, books, seminars, web pages or blogs , 3) they have their own unique approach to training that has been learned from practical experience, 4) they have a degree or an advanced certification. So now you know what to look for when hiring a personal trainer and I hope that you will put this knowledge to use.

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Benefits of Getting a Personal Trainer to Get in Shape

Getting in shape does not have to be a daunting task and, although it's never hassle free, the journey will be made a whole easier if you have an experienced personal trainer by your side.

Of course anyone with the right determination and know-how can obtain the physique they want. But for the average person who has “let themselves go”, it's much easier to simply get a personal fitness trainer who can help guide you along the way.

Let's take a look at some benefits of getting a personal trainer.


Let's face it, the biggest problem most of us have when it comes to getting in shape, and staying in shape, is our level of motivation. We all know what we need to but the largest obstacle is 'actually' doing it.

This is the area where a personal trainer can help. Half of the battle to getting in shape will be reduced once you have a dedicated personal trainer right there, in your face, pushing and motivating you each and every day.

A little push and encouragement can go a long way, and it's effective too. When you have a fitness trainer waiting and expecting you to show up at the gym and train; you show up at the gym and train.

The motivation and expectation to perform at your highest level is enhanced when you have someone right there helping you. That psychological benefit is extremely effective and will help push you forward to achieving your goals.


The advantage of having an experienced personal fitness trainer giving you individual attention is an obvious benefit. If you've ever looked around at folks while you're in the gym you'll see a lot of people who do not know what the heck they're doing.

Getting in shape understands understanding what you're doing and why you're doing it. For example, you need to balance the correct amount of cardio vascular exercises coupled with the appropriate amount of weight training and stretching movements as well.

It's a delicious balance and you really need the experience of a certified personal trainer who can assist you with professional instruction in all these areas.

Now you can go to the gym and run on the treadmill, throw around some weights and hope for the best. This is what most people do. But if you want to better your chances of achieving success; hire a professional trainer. It will cost you a few dollars but will be well worth the expense.

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