Gloves For Gym – Why You Need Them

You've been hittin 'the gym and you're looking good! Now it's time to get some gloves for gym so that you can take your workout to the next level – but with so much to chose from where do you even begin? There are a couple of things you will want to consider when you're looking for some new gym gloves online. What exercises you want to use them for, what materials they made from, where they are made, and what benefits the different designs can offer are just a few. So keep your heart rate up there and let's burn some calories, and start learning!

Gloves for Gym

1. What you'll be using them for? This seems like a no brainer, you're using them for the gym. Duh. But it is a little more complicated than that. If you're doing bootcamp or circuit style training where you have little rest between exercises, you'll want a gym glove that you can keep on through your entire workout. If you're big into weight lifting in the free weight room, you want to find a lifting grip that will protect against calluses and offer a secure grip. If your workouts vary then you may want more of an all purpose glove.

2. What materials your gloves for gym are made from? It's important to read the find print. The most durable products are made from real leather. Specifically, cowhide leather will be the longest lying. Lots of inexpensive gloves look like leather but when you read the fine print you'll see that they're made from a micro-fiber leather like material. You're not “like” working out! You want the real deal. Other lifting grips and gym gloves are made from rubbery material. These can work depending on the type or workout, but those with latex allergies want to be more cautious.

3. Where are they made? Does it matter to you if your purchases are made in the USA? If so, then pay attention to the country in which they were produced. Lots of manufacturers save time and money by having their products made overseas using sub-par materials and labor. Gloves for gym are something that you're going to be using regularly. You want the best quality.

4. What style is best? All gym gloves are going to protect the palms of your hands from getting calluses. This is simply completed by having a barrier between your skin and the weight. Variations of this depend on use. For example a half finger glove offers the most coverage and protection, but they can be a little bulky. You also may not want to use them for every exercise in your workout. A lifting grip eliminates the need for the excess material on the back of the hand, while still giving you protection in the palm. If a lifting grip is going to be your choice, look for a gym glove that has finger loops so they stay in place. Moisture resistant is also a great product feature to consider. You sweat in the gym! You do not need your gloves absorbing all that mess!

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Moving to Cobham – Your Personal Training Options

Cobham is a beautiful village located in the Borough of Elmbridge in Surrey, ten miles of Guildford and seventeen miles of London. The ancient village goes back to the Romans' time and has plenty of sights and historical landmarks it can boast about. Even though the population barely counts ten thousand people, the village is bustling with life and you can find and do anything you might want, because the businesses are thriving. Tourists usually prefer visiting the parish church of St. Andrews with its astounding Norman tower or taking a walk in the Painshill Park, but the Cobham Mill is also a location you should not miss visiting once here. The village has everything a resident might wish for, including some unique businesses like a mobile fitness training company and a joint project to manufacture Diamond Jubilee Commemorative mugs. Therefore, if you wish to find a reliable personal trainer and you live in Cobham or you plan to move in this village, you can rest assured; your options will be varied. Finding a personal trainer in Cobham is not a difficult task because this village is quite small especially compared to big cities and not to mention London. More than that, if you are not satisfied with your options, you can always rely on a mobile fitness training company operating in the area.

Moving into a new location can be a daunting experience, because you have to start everything from scratch. Finding a new hairstylist and a new personal trainer that will meet all your expectations are two of the things that will take some time to achieve. In general, people have high expectations from their trainers, because your rate of success depends on the relationship you establish with your trainer. If there is no communication between you and no trust, following his advice will become harder and the golden rule of a fitness program is to listen to everything your trainer tells you. Fortunately, you can find exceptional fitness classes in Cobham and some of the best trainers in all Surrey. The advantage of living in a small village is that you can immediately find out everything about a certain business by asking around.

Cobham also has an official website, so you can check it out and discover what businesses operate in the area, not to mention details with regards to their services. If you prefer this modern approach, you can feel free to search for personal training lessons and gyms in this village online. You can find specialized websites that offer information about personal trainers and gyms in any region of the world, not to mention that trainers usually have an official blog or website where they present their services and prices. Therefore, you can find out everything you need about Cobham even before moving there by visiting various online platforms. Until you find a trainer that meets all your requirements, you can always jog around the village and in the National Trust's Painshill Park to keep fit.

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How To Lose Weight In A Safe And Healthy Way

Many people who want to cut on some weight want to do it quick and in the healthiest possible way. The good news is that many scientists and nutritionist believe that it is possible to lose up to 3 pounds or even more at home by observing a good diet and lots of unforgiving exercises.


If you are involved in regular exercise or are regularly involved in hefty tasks, it is possible to lose 1-2 pounds per week, which is if you burn 500 calories than you consume every day. However, the most effective way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more, as most weight counselors agree. For instance if you take 1200 calories every single day and exercise for an hour per day you could lose up to 5 pound in the first week.

Cut on the intake of some starches

Limiting the amount of salt and starches that you consume, simply translates to losing weight. When you reduce the intake of sodium and starch in the body, the amount of fluids decrements as well, this can result in up to a loss of 5 pounds.

Add other diets to your meal

Although you may have to cut down on the intake of the salts and starches, many nutritionists recommend that you increase the amount of fruits, soy products, vegetables, egg whites, fish and some types of meat. For a more effective experience it is important to get rid of temptation foods from your home, drink plenty of water, eat only at regular meal times, since no grazing next to the fridge, and trying to keep busy at all times.

Using a workout program

Many nutritionist and fitness experts have recommended involvement in work out programs, with the latest programs in the market being very popular and effective. The best features of these programs are the results obtained at the end, which are heavily dependent on the intestinal workout and following a nutrition guide. Unlike most of the other traditional workout programs, the most recent ones do not involve the monotonous calculation of calories. These programs make sure that a participant is able to lose weight effectively, and maintain their new weight for a long period.

Here, as seen above it is possible to lose weight in a healthy, fast and safe way by following a workout program, getting into healthy workouts and exercises, and of course healthy eating.

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Hiring Personal Trainers Is a Better Option Than Going For Weight Loss Machines

Losing excess weight is absolutely imperative if you wish to avoid being affected by obesity and many other health problems. But losing weight in the correct way is very important. If you go for unsafe ways for losing weight you can never expect to gain long term benefits from them. Weight loss machines are popular in the fitness industry. Often people take aid of weight loss machines to attain their fitness goals. There is a variety of weight loss machines available in the market from where people buy the ones of their choice. But weight loss machines are never safer options of losing weight; it is always better to go for safer options like hiring a personal trainer to succeed in weight loss program.

Buying an exercise machine can be an expensive investment. So before actually buying the machine ask yourself whether you really need the machine. Using exercise machines can be of great disadvantage if you consider the negative aspects of these machines. The first and foremost problem is that these machines are of different types and all the varieties are not meant to suit your body type and fitness needs. But people often end up buying equipments which do not suit them, that in turn can prove to be detrimental to their health.

Getting healthy is priceless but that does not completely mean that you will buy machines which would not come within your budget. Instead go for personal trainers who today are no longer expensive options and provide helpful services that are worth the money you spend to hire them. Often it is seen that people go beyond their budget to buy fitness machines but to spend your entire savings just to buy a fitness machine really makes no sense.

The greatest disadvantage of a fitness machine is that the incorrect way of using the machine can lead to fatal accidents. Often people tend to overwork on some muscle group with a fitness machine and end up injuring the area. Most of the exercise machines are meant for specific target areas so until and unless you are sure about the body area from where you wish to lose weight just buying a fitness machine would not suffice. Unfortunately it is often seen that people buy fitness machines with a lot of enthusiasm but within a few days lose interest.

Therefore it can be seen that fitness machines alone can not help people to attain the fitness goals in the way a personal trainer can help you. Hiring a trainer would enable you to enjoy complete fitness experience. Hiring a fitness expert is no longer an expensive affair; it can be afforded even with those with a small budget. The advantages that a person can enjoy by having a trainer of his own are more than one. He would provide with valuable nutritional advice which too is important if you wish to lose weight in a safe way.

Moreover a personal trainer would assign you exercises commensurate with your body type, ability to exercise etc. He would demonstrate the exercises to you which would help you to perform them in the correct form. Once you start performing the correct exercises you can expect to attain your fitness goals easily and quickly. He would also ensure your safety during the training sessions. Personal trainers are the real resources needed to fulfill your dream of losing the excess weight. So do not just sit and think, get a personal trainer if you wish to look better and feel fitter.

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Be Healthy For YOU

Getting healthy, or being healthy, is something everyone should strive to do for themselves. We all know what we should do, but not everyone does it. Do not believe me? Just go to any mall, shop, store, or busy street and look at all the people who are … will say … not the healthiest.

This got me thinking about something. Why do people choose to be healthy or not to be healthy? When it boils down to it, people do it for themselves, they do not do it for someone else. In other words, if you say “I'm getting in shape for my wife / husband,” you're just fooling yourself because you will never sustain it, you will always go back to your old habits that kept you “out of shape. ”

Another mindset that comes into play here is the fact that if you're doing it for someone else, you can always blame someone else if you do not hit your goal, whatever that is. You may even say, “I did all this work to make * insert name here * happy and I still did not lose that 10lbs!”

Really? It's someone else's fault you did not hit that goal? How is that possible? They did not do the work (or not do the work) … YOU did! They did not eat the foods … YOU did! How is that someone else's fault, explain that one to me?

What I'm saying here is that nothing will happen inside of you until you decide to do it for yourself. And, once that decision is made, nothing will stop you, you'll be on a mission.

We have examples of this everywhere. Have you ever seen someone who decided to lose weight and they made a dramatic change and lost the weight? What about someone who wanted to gain muscle and turned themselves into a beach body hottie? Sure you have, we all have seen it, there are examples everywhere. (I've even interviewed several people who fall in this category)

“But Andrew, that's them. I can not do that.” Why not? The only difference between what those people have done and what you can do is decide to do it … for YOURSELF! Do it because YOU want to! Do it because YOU need to! Once you decide to do it, you'll be amazed at the results you will achieve!

Will it be easy … nope, not at all. Why would it be easy? If it were easy, everyone would be in better shape. Is it simple … it sure is.

Here's how simple it is … go for a one mile walk every day. Eat the right kind of food. Drink more water. Maybe do some basic push ups. There you go … see, simple. Will this get the ripped muscles and abs? Probably not, but we are not talking about that, we are talking about doing something for YOU! Making a decision to get healthy for YOU. Nothing will happen in your life until you decide to make it happen … for YOU!

People in this wacky workout world need to realize a healthy body and healthy lifestyle CAN be had by ANYONE! BUT, that person has to decide to do it for themselves. If this article has touched you or made you think about doing something, then I've done my job. I'll be your second biggest fan for you to achieve your health goals. Who will be your first … YOU! Now, go out there and sweat!

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The Personal Training Industry and Holding Ourselves Accountable

It's been 20 years exactly since I entered this field. When I started out, I did not know that personal training would become my career. Looking back now, I could not be happier I ended up in this field all because I wanted to inspire a few co-workers.

That's how it happened, one day I was a Sales Rep for a Vehicle Location Tracking device sharing info with my co-workers about things I was learning about diet, nutrition and weight lifting and the next day – we all received pink slips because the company was not making a profit.

I decided that day – that I would never put myself in that position position where someone else had the power to determine my fate. That's when I decided to work for myself and went into the field of health and fitness! I got certified and starting working at a local gym and built up my business one client at a time.

But this article is not about my start in the business it's about the business of personal training and why we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard. I guess you could say it's my “Jerry Maquire” moment.

I'll start by saying I think it's important to remind ourselves what a valuable job we have as personal trainers. I know, back in the day – before shows like The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Fit Club and Extreme Weight Loss made our field so popular, being a personal trainer did not get a lot of credibility.

But according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), “employment of fitness workers is expected to increase 13% 2012-2022.” This is mainly due to our country's high obesity rate (unfortunately still growing) and that people now realize there is a direct link between being healthy and exercise and diet.

Our roles as fitness instructors and personal trainers are now more than ever so critical in America's fight against obesity. Alongside our client's doctor, we are the one person that has the ability to really impact their health and fitness. We are the one person that affects their relationship with their body and how it functions in through their day.

That's a lot of influence and a lot of responsibility. And that is exactly why it's so important to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Yes, there are certain associations like IDEA, NASM, AFAA, ACE and NCSA we can get certified through, but there really is no governing body that will fine us or bar us or send us if we do not follow certain rules or guidelines for our industry. In some ways but it can leave the field feeling a bit like the Wild Wild West.

In the UK, they have something called REP (Register of Exercise Professionals) and the only way to get on it is to have various various Levels of qualifications and certificates. It's almost impossible to get work as a Personal Trainer in the UK without being on this REP list.

Not so in the United States, pretty much anyone can print a business card and call themselves a personal trainer. And while having a Personal Training Certification is of utmost importance, I feel how we conduct ourselves on the “training floor” is equally as important. This is the critical time when we have our client's health, physical and sometimes even emotional wellbeing in our hands.

Forgive me if I go on a bit of a rant here, but I must.

Through the years I have seen so many irresponsible and lackadaisical trainers just phoning it in or what I call just “collecting checks” who appear to really care about this profession and that hourly session with their clients.

I really have seen it all; trainers on their phones during sessions, trainers chatting with other trainers while a client is doing a precarious exercise with horrific form, trainers eating their meals in front of the client and trainers hitting on other trainers or other clients.

“Are you kidding me?” I would say to myself and so many times I just wish I had the nerve to walk over and say, “what the hell are you doing?” But I did not, as I felt it was not my place to “police” other trainers.

I would think to myself, ever the client will notice this is not standard practice and will fire the trainer. But week after week that same client would be in the same precarious position and the trainer would still be oblivious. “Wake up” – I wanted to yell!

And do not even let me get started on professional hygiene, showing up in tattered clothes, being late session after session or swearing at clients thinking that's what works because some trainer who will remain nameless made it popular to yell at overweight people on a network weight loss show. OK, I think I have made my point. Rant over. Almost.

I know we all entered this field for different reasons, some may have entered this field to make good money while pursuing an acting or singing career (mainly in LA or NYC) or to put yourself through college.

Or maybe, so you could have a flexible schedule to pursue hobbies or athletics or sometimes you became a personal trainer because someone told you it's great money (and it is – some personal trainers earn more money per hour than some careers requiring 4-year degrees ).

Yet most of us are in this field because we truly enjoy the idea of ​​inspiring and motivating people to live healthy lives and that's fantastic! And I truly believe that the majority of us really takes this career seriously and act with professionalism.

But just as a reminder and maybe as a wake up call I felt impressed to write the below as we must always remain accountable to our clients and to this industry. We should maintain the same level of professionalism that we would give to any other profession we might choose.

We as personal trainers, collectively, should care about our industry and the level of our knowledge and attention we bring to each and every training session.

To that end here are my suggestions for holding ourselves to a higher standard:

  • If you are not certified – get certified! We're responsible for our clients' body and future health so it's imperative we understand things like proper set up and alignment for exercises, which exercises are contraindicated based on a clients medical history or past injuries. We must also be armed with the right information or know where to find it when a client requests an important health or fitness related question.

Remember, our clients pay us because they look to us as the professional so if you are not certified, check out ACE, AFAA, NASM, ACSM and NCSA. Some certificates are more expensive and more intensive than others. Explore which one is the right fit for you and get your certification.

  • Be up to date on the latest trends and new styles of training in the industry so if our clients ask about them we can respond with an intelligent and informed answer.
  • Arrive at our sessions before our clients or a few minutes early to set up the training area and be there to greet them.
  • Wear professional, appropriate training clothing.
  • Stay off phones while training clients. In other words, be present. Unless you are using your phone as a timer for interval workouts – which I often do. But otherwise, make the workout a phone free zone!

Just yesterday I was in the world famous Gold's Gym in Venice California (my home training gym for 20 years) and a former Mr. Olympian turned personal trainer was texting right through a client's set. Imagine if our dentist or doctor pulled out their phone and started texting while waiting to our bodies? UGH!

  • Eat meals before the session. I know sometimes we go back to back with clients and do not want to miss a meal but to that I say get better at scheduling or if you must eat a meal, do it while the client is warm up, but not in front of them.
  • Always be checking and correcting form and alignment. One wrong move and our clients get injured.
  • Speak in uplifting, inspiring ways to our clients. Do not swear or berate our clients thinking that it's a cool psychological way to motivate them.
  • No matter what reason we became a personal trainer, make the client feel like they are the number one most important thing to us during that hour.
  • Do not engage with other Trainers or carry on cross talk with others during our clients' sessions.
  • Always remember how fortunately we are to be in this field making more money per hour than some lawyers, doctors and others who have spent many years in college to be in their chosen field.

OK, so now that all that is off my chest I will wrap this article up by saying, I get that sometimes in any career we can hit a point of “burn out”, where what once was our passion begins to feel like an obligatory chore for any number of reasons.

It's happens in every field, but especially in fields like ours, where we spend a lot of our days giving “energy” to others. Let's face it, we are not only personal trainers, we also sometimes end up being our clients' life coach, relationship counselor and body image therapist, etc. Note: I am not condoning or advocating being these things – just acknowledging that it happens.

My point here is that if you have hit a “burn out” stage, you must find a way to reignite why you felt excited about this field to begin with or maybe it's time to move on.

Sometimes just studying a new facet of physical fitness, such as senior fitness or kids fitness or perhaps sports performance, or sports nutrition can be the ticket. Or maybe just taking a much-needed vacation to rejuvenate yourself can help. And sometimes, stepping away completely from the field may help.

That's actually what I did about 8 years ago. I was feeling completely burnt out. So I left the industry to go into Real Estate Development in New York City. I know – completely out of left field. It only took about four months for me to realize I preferred inspiring people to get healthy and fit to dashing around NYC showing high-end property.

When I came back to the industry I was so refreshed and excited that a month later I actually created my signature workout Booty Slide® (a core exercise using Slide Training) that went on to be made into a retail product and now sells in Wal- Mart and Kmart.

So time away can super beneficial not only to our clients but to our creativity and productivity. But I had to take that break to reclaim my passion for the industry.

And that's where I will end for now. I hope this post has inspired us all to check in and take inventory of where we are in this field and always remember us we are a lucky bunch, with a lot of responsibility and opportunity to transform our clients' lives. May we always rise to the occasion and hold ourselves to a higher standard!

Remember Move More. Eat Better. Forgive Often. It's a choice!

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Main Benefits of Personal Training in Cork

In a world where more and more persons are turning towards a healthy way of living or a way of prolonging their lifespan, there are numerous voices that speak about the advantages of continuing taking part in physical exercise, even if that means walking to your job every single day. But are there any disadvantages as well or is training a true benefit to the human body, mind and soul? Stick with us as we are about to detail some of the most important aspects that the 119,230 residents living in the 37.3 square kilometers of Cork have to know regarding personal trainers here and their activities. When it comes to personal training in Cork, there is nothing better than calling in an experienced advisor.

On the one hand, the large numbers of persons living in major residential areas of Cork, all need a reason to leave their offices and indulge themselves in a more physical activity that does not mean driving from the workplace to your home and vice versa. The truth of the matter is that statistics regarding the 198,582 people living in Cork are gloom but the trends seem to show an increase in the level of importance that people give to building extra strength or having a proper training routine. This is precisely why more and more people choose Cork personal trainers as their source of fitness exercises, because a personalized and dedicated session of work out will be much more beneficial to anyone than resorting to the same routines that tens or hundreds of other people use. Therefore, the main and most thought after advantage of a personal trainer is the fact that he or she can offer customized results and sessions specifically created for the body and level of health of the client.

On the other hand, there are many options for fitness and outdoor activities in Cork, but none of them can be done on Winthrop Street in the Cork city center or on Castle Street, they can all be undergone in specialized gyms. However, out of all these possibilities and the fitness gyms or training facilities located in areas of the city there is no better choice than to go to a specialized center if you really want to reach your athletic potential in no time. Achieving the largest levels of performance has never been easier than now! Regardless if you are dreaming about a great schedule that will result in impressive weight loss or any other type of personal desire such as cholesterol reduction or vitality increase, there is always a long road and a shorter and better one to get there. The secret that few of the Cork residents tell is the fact that getting a personalized program from a specialized trainer working just for you is the first step towards perfection and achieving your goals.

In order to conclude, although there are multiple ways for the people residing in the Cork area to practice outdoor and indoor activities, there is nothing better for achieving personal goals than resorting to the strength and conditioning in Cork services guided by dedicated fitness and training experts , which can be reserved just for you.

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Should All Personal Trainers Be Offering Pre and Post Natal Fitness Sessions?

Any woman with children will tell you that having a baby puts an incredible strain on your body, both before the birth and after it. Now some may say that this is natural and you just need to bite your teeth and hang in there. But one Personal Trainer disagrees and she's not alone. Pre and Post Natal Fitness is a rapidly growing market within the personal training industry, and one that is entirely qualified to the one-on-one structure of personal training. If you're a personal trainer, maybe it's best time for you to add it to your business.

Pre and Post Natal fitness sessions are specifically designed with the health of a mother and her baby in mind, both before the child's birth and after it. Sophie Whiteside, a Personal Trainer as part of the Fitness Training Company, was one of the earliest adopters of these sessions. She states, “I've been a personal trainer for a number of years, mainly working with clients interested in endurance training and body resistance work. child raising. Do not get me wrong, she managed, but it did get me thinking about the extreme effects having a child has on a woman's body, and more importantly about what can be done to deal with that strain. ”

Sophie believes, like many others in her field, that the nine months leading up to a child's birth are vital in helping a mother deal with the first few months after it. “In some ways it's like training for a Marathon. You do not just turn up on the day with your running shoes … You prepare for months in advance so that you can deal with the stress and toll put on your body.” This is where the Pre Natal fitness comes in. Sophie says, “I work with clients on their fitness and endurance levels so that they have the extra energy needed when the baby comes in. Women who have just had children often tell me that they have never felt so tired. so that a mother can deal with that strain better. ”

For every client that takes pre natal program, Sophie mentions there are probably two who take her post natal program. “As a personal trainer, Post natal classes are probably slightly easier to understand; really my clients just want to lose their 'baby weight' as quickly as possible!” Making the clients easy and comfortable with these sessions is demanded the most.

Weight loss programs for clients are nothing new but Pre and Post natal fitness sessions are. More than this though, they are also a growing market. “I do not know about anyone in the Kingdom, but as a personal trainer I have seen the demand for these classes increase almost every month,” Sophie says. The question is, for how much longer will it be only Sophie that's offering pre and post natal fitness sessions?

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Cycling Performance Testing: Why You Should Be Including It In Your Training Schedule

Most people do not consider performance testing a viable tool of their training but they're missing out. There are many reasons why introducing tests into your cycling training is a good choice. This article takes a look at some of the benefits of performance testing.

Power to weight is considered the universal measurement to determine how good a cyclist you are. You can be able to output a peak power similar to some of the best sprinters in the world but if you weigh twice as much as them you will struggle to accelerate as quickly as them. Simply you can be one of those people who weight nothing and are stick thin but if you can not carry a decent level of power you will not keep up. So the key here is to have a high power to weight ratio. The way to improve is to either increase your overall power or reduce your bodily weight. Reducing weight may be the easy option but if you lose muscle mass your power may drop too, so it is generally accepted that the best way to improve your power to weight ratio is to concentrate on increasing your power output.

A structured training plan based on power and fed on a balanced healthy diet should shift any excess weight anyway, perfect! Regular testing will track your power to weight ratio, ensuring that you are training correctly and well.

VO2 Max is another universal measurement that determine how good a cyclist you are. VO2 Max is how well your lungs get oxygen to your muscles. The higher this figure the better supply of oxygen to your muscles. Testing gives you an estimate of your VO2 max. It's considered very accurate and only second to a test where you wear a face mask and breathe into a machine to test your lung function. Training hard will improve this. Testing will help you ensure your training is working correctly and that your lungs are able to provide enough oxygen to help your muscles work well.

The best way to train using the traditional zones is with power rather than heart rate. Setting your zones with power allows you to always train in a manner that will increase the likelihood of you getting better. Heart rate is affected by some many variables, for example stress, and weather, and so on. Power is not affected by as many variables. Testing will set your training zones allowing you to train efficiently. Regular testing will adjust your training zones as you improve. Training with heart rate does not allow this – you are in affect training blind.

Maximum Minute Power (MMP) sets your training zones but also sets a benchmark for you to beat when you return for subsequent tests. Regular testing will help track your training improvements, or in some cases will show where your training is not working. Very infrequently someone returns for a test and actually scores a lower MMP. This is almost always a simple indicator that the person being tested is not recovering well enough, is over training, and needs a break. Your body needs to recover properly, testing can show a trend and if you struggle on one test taking a break will almost immediately improve your training.

Any improvement is welcome, but a target to aim for is a few percent between each tests. There are tests that will be a great improvement, for example during the off-season where you may have just had your break after a long season racing – you would expect a drop in your performance followed by a massive increase as you start to train again . The best improvement I have had was 15% between tests spaced only 5 weeks apart. This is a massive gain that can be put down to a structured training plan followed by the tested. Although this is not a one-off but expecting an improvement this big is unrealistic particularly if you train regularly.

The cost of testing has made it a much more financially viable option. It's no longer limited to professionals. As part of a structured training plan it becomes a valuable tool and in a world of amateur cycling that is now using power meters and top of the range equipment on the bike, ensuring that your training is actually working and not a waste of your time is imperitive.

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Does Weight Loss Require – Patience?

We all want instant results, everyday life is full of people who need this new phone now, or that last pair of shoes yesterday. Whatever happened to patience, good things come to those who wait, right?

I'm no different, I am the most impatient man alive at times, but, I'm a work in progress too. My wife has taught me that rather than buying something I can not afford, wait until you have saved for it, if you still want it fine, but more often than not I realize I was not craving anyway .

Do not tell her I said she's right, I mean she always is but as a guy you do not admit it do you ?!

The same thing tends to happen within fitness and health, get rock hard abs in 3 days or, the latest celebrity diet plan that promises you'll look like them in a week! Why do you want to look like somebody else anyway, your talking plastic surgery to get Angelina's lips, and that sort of thing does not look great either in my opinion, and I know I would not want to go through that ?!

Most magazines airbrush these images anyway to make them look even more defined than they actually are. Why not concentrate on making a better healthier version of yourself, it makes more sense to me.

I have people asking all the time that they want to get ripped in four weeks before they go on holiday. If you want to drop weight drastically you can, but a couple of questions I would ask, is it healthy, will it stay off? If the answer to that is your not bothered, knock yourself out, probably literally!

My personal opinion is stay in it for the long haul and be patient. You are more likely going to be successful with any lifestyle changes if it's preliminary. New habits take 21 days to become imprinted in our brains, so make one or two changes at a time, concentrate on that until it becomes your habit, and then move on to the next. We are after all creatures of habit.

The trouble with quick fixes is we can not compute the drastic changes, so we are more likely to go back to our default setting. I know what your thinking, 'its going take forever to achieve my goals', and long term change will require patience, but better results will come of it both in health and appearance. I'm not saying do not try a 'quick fix', but just be aware of the difficulties psychologically when you 'finish' a particular diet or workout routine.

This is the beauty of patience, it causes a lifestyle change rather than something to jump in and out of, and yo-yo-ing with your weight. Weight maintenance will be effortless if you have patience, so work with it, what's the rush anyway?

A positive change today makes for a more prosperous future.

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Breaking the Myth – Why Weight Training Works Great for Women

There are facts and then there are myths. Among the many myths that are regularly fed to scores of women who are looking to shed those extra pounds is the “Weight training is for men” and adds bulk to your body and makes you less feminist “talk. fitness magazines and websites is a series of cardio, yoga and stretching workouts that do not exactly deal with building resistance. Look back at the various reasons behind you deciding to go in for fitness training.

If the reasons were anywhere in the vicinity of losing unwanted fat and weight, building strength, looking toned and fit and improving general resistance to disorders and diseases, you need to look beyond the veils of magazine fiction and start training on weights. The simple and logical reason behind this is that, to accomplish your fitness goals, you need the requisite strength. Quite a number of researchers have indicated that weight training benefits women in multiple ways by enhancing the overall health and strength. All personal trainers will probably vouch for this fact I certainly do. Yet a majority of women are suspicious of it and are quite responsive to include it in their routine.

Before blindly throwing away an opportunity to gain from this excellent training for the fear of bulky muscles and masculine look, read on to comprehend and analyze the advantages of weight training to arrive at an informed decision that will be highly beneficial to you in the long run .

Harvesting Good Health

Among the many advantages of weight training is the possibility of attaining a good load of health benefits.

  • Enhanced Bone strength: Every woman loses a reasonable amount of bone mass with age. Although osteoporosis is prevalent in both genders, its effects are much more visible and drastic in women. Due to this increased loss in bone strength, women are more susceptible to bone fractures and breaks, especially beyond the age of 40. It is there before necessary to build bone mass and weight and resistance training aids immensely in that. Weight / resistance training at a younger age serves to build bone strength to tackle future problems while it helps improve bone mass and decelerates the aging of bones in older women who have hit menopause. Weight / resistance training has the capacity to augment the density of bones by over 13% in half a year. With enough natural supplements, weight training can be your best defense against the horrific problem of osteoporosis.
  • Robust heart: According to the results of many researches and the accounts of many from the medical fraternity, lifting weights improves the overall health and well being of the heart. Its various cardio vascular benefits include significant reduction in LDL or “Bad Cholesterol” and a raise in HDL or “Good Cholesterol”. It has also been indicated that weight training contributor to better management of blood pressure. It is even more vital for individuals who have encountered major heart ailments previously. Weight training serves as an excellent partner in your quest for a healthier and robust heart.
  • Stronger Back and Injury Management: One of the major ailments today that makes us inactive and unproductive is lower back pain. Proper weight training can help to fortify the back muscles and lighten the pain while preventing injuries in the long run. It also works well to ease pain due to arthritis by improving the strength of the tissues and joints. Apart from minimizing bone injuries, weight training also significantly reduces the chances of injuries to muscles, tissues and ligaments by strengthening them.
  • Better Posture and balance: A diligently followed weight training program helps in firming and toning up your muscles. This not only enhances your overall posture and posture by strengthening your spine and neck muscles but also builds up your balance to reduce the threats of injury due to falls. For those looking to improve performance in sporting and adventurous activities that involve balance, weight training is a great asset
  • Enhance Physical strength: Who said that women can not be stronger than men? With the right weight and resistance training it very much an attainable feat. Even a fair amount of regular weight training can augment the strength of a woman by nearly 50%, something that is sure to aid you in completing your everyday chores and challenges.
  • Incinerate those pesky calories: With proper and intense weight training, you are set to amplify your metabolic rate to impressive levels as a result of EPOC (Excess post exercise oxygen consumption). This essentially means that you continue to burn calories from your unwanted fat deposits even post your workout session for over 36 hours!
  • Boost your fight against diabetes: Diabetes has become one of the most common, but life- threatening disorders especially in the last few decades. While diets and simple work outs support the management of sugar levels in blood to an amount, it has been demonstrated by a number of researchers that weight training suppresses glucose levels by ensuring better handling and manipulation of sugar by the body.
  • Maintain Metabolism: It is a well known fact that metabolism diminishes with age. Weight training ensures that the rate holds significantly high even after the threshold of 35 years thereby targeting in burning more calories.
  • Burn Fat Burn: While most cardio and other workout regimens do burn fat, you also tend to lose a significant amount of muscle in the process. These workouts, according to several studies, burn much less fat than weight training. Weight training helps you gain lean weight while burning fat. In the long term this muscle gain ensures that you do not gain back the fat you lost before. This ensures that you do not have to worry about your clothes fitting you in the future. Putting on muscle does not make you gain bulk like men. The process is tied to a number of hormones and women simply do not possess a level that could cause you to become bulky.

Acquiring better Fitness and Appearance

Apart from the numerous health benefits that come with weight training, it also serves to improve your overall fitness and appearance which in turn increases your confidence levels to a great extent.

Facing Life's challenges

The benefits of weight training do not end with physical and health gains. Today's world moves at a much faster pace. Competition is at an all time high regardless of the gender, type of work or age. With the increase in competition there comes an intense increase in expectation that in turn leads to stress anxiety and depression, some of the major contributors to chronic diseases.

Several studies have indicated that weight training advances the overall mood of an individual by diminishing the stress hormones and also lowers BP. By increasing energy levels and mental acumen, weight training contributes to better productivity. It also amplifies satisfaction and contentment thereby resulting in a long and happy life.

A fine blend of cardio, weight training and diet will assist you in accomplishing the goals of attaining a low fat, lean and strong body along with excellent mental and emotional benefits. Break the myth and be willing to accommodate weight training in your routine.

Check with your physician before starting any exercise program.

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Fitness Goals: Why Is It So Difficult to Motivate Ourselves?

My time spent as a personal trainer taught me a lot about the human spirit. It made me confront a puzzle which had long bothered me. Considering the obvious benefits of getting in shape (the improvements it can have on our health, happiness and social life!) Why is it that people find it so difficult to motivate them towards their fitness goals. I've come to see it as a combination of hectic lifestyles, social obligation, technology and plain old human nature.

The Nature of the Beast

It's in our nature to look for excuses and modern life brings us with plenty. We're too busy. We're too tired. There's something on TV. I meant to exercise but I could not get off the Internet. Changing your lifestyle habits is difficult. Sticking to a fitness routine is difficult. Eating the right foods all the time is difficult. But in most walks of life we ​​equate difficulty with great worth. And the value of being fit is worth the sum of our persuasive efforts.

Having the Right Reason

In my time as a personal trainer, I realized that an important factor in success and failure is having the right reason. There should be one narrow goal you can focus on. Something which will get you out of bed in the morning!

Something which will drag you through when you're at your lowest ebb!

There are different types of fitness and different brands of fitness goals. There is cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, flexibility and endurance training. You have to decide what you need and what you want. Is your fitness goal to control your weight or strengthen your bones? Is it to enhance your muscles? Or is it to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes or heart disease?

Realistic Goals

Once you have established what you really want to achieve, you can go about creating a plan and implementing it. You will want to set realistic time goals. You may want to join a gym or use a personal trainer. It all depends on how self-sufficient you are in achieving your goals. Fitness regimens can be a lonely business. Some people respond better to a team environment, some people respond to one-to-one sessions.

Ultimately, you have to find a form of exercise which pacifies your inner world.

Something that you enjoy! Something that enhances your mental as well as your physical strength. For you, this may be yoga classes. It may be swimming, running, climbing etc. If my time as a personal trainer has taught me anything, it's that there are horses for courses. The advice of others is limited. You're the one who finally must pick your ground and choose to make a stand.

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Functional Fitness Training


Functional fitness training can be described as any program that includes exercises designed to mimic and / or help you to perform daily tasks or activities safely and efficiently. Examples of these types of tasks or activities include loading and unloading furniture from a truck, or picking your kid up and carrying them up the stairs.

Functional exercises are generally multi-joint movements that involve using both upper and lower body muscle groups simultaneously while engaging the core.

For example, while an exercise like a dumbbell curl only works the bicep and is performed in most cases for aesthetic purposes, an exercise like a dumbbell farmer's walk trains the body to lift heavy objects properly off the ground, engaging the core, driving through the dogs, then moving those heavy objects from point A to point B. Muscles worked: glutes, quads, hamstrings, upper traps, forearms, and core. In addition, it's not a bad high intensity cardio workout either. In a real world scenario, an exercise such as this is much more likely to transfer over to a common task such as carrying two heavy grocery bags from the store to your car.


Everyone can benefit from performing functional movements. Do not wait until you slip a disc in your back trying to pick up that 50 pound bag of dog food before you decide it's time to learn how to deadlift properly. Lower back injuries are the most common, nagging, reoccurring injuries in our society today. In fact, 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time.Experts estimate that as many as 80% of the American population will experience a back injury at some point in their lives. Knowing the reasons why people experience these injuries and training your body in ways that will help you to avoid them is something everyone can and should do.

If you're a bodybuilder, does it make sense to perform only functional movements in your routine? No. You'll most likely be going with a split routine of some sort. However, for most everyone else, whether you're a stay at home Mom with two kids, or the owner of a refurbished vintage furniture store (had to throw some of my real life client examples in here), you need to know how to properly squat down and pick up your kids or your furniture, then properly lift them up and carry or load them off somewhere.

The answer for 99% of us is yes, at the very least, the two foundational movements movements, the squat and the deadlift, should be incorporated in your program somewhere.


  • Reduced risk of injury.
  • Improved ease of daily tasks.
  • Safe, efficient and effective performance of common activities.
  • Improved balance, agility, and strength.
  • Improved quality of life.


  • Squat, deadlift, lunge (all variations)
  • Push-up, pull-up, dip
  • Kettlebell swing
  • Dumbbell carry
  • Medicine ball slam
  • Box jumps
  • Sled push
  • Battle rope
  • Core rotation exercises
  • Cable machine
  • Medicine ball
  • Resistance bands
  • Body weight
  • TRX Rip Trainer

Yours In Health,

Coach Brian Donovan

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Learn the Lethal Combination of Muay Thai and MMA in Thailand

MuayThai is a combat sport of Thailand that combats physical and mental disciplines. Known as the art of 8 limbs, it requires use of feet, elbows, fists, knees and shins. With growing popularity, some training campsin Thailand have been attracting various audiences ranging from beginners to experts or even professional fighters.

MMA Training

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training is a combat sport that combines use of striking, grappling as well as other techniques from various combat sports. Mixed-style contest used to take place in Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim in early 1900s and later spread to other parts of the world.

Base for MMA Training

Muay Thai is considered as a good foundation for striking in mixed martial arts. The advantage of training in it for MMA is the versatility of techniques, which include long middle and short range methods.

Camps in Thailand

For people who want to train there are three broad types of campspecially Thai camps, foreigner-oriented camps and smaller gyms. Martial arts enthusiasts and fighters visit Muay Thai and MMA training camps in Thailandto prepare for fights and championships.

Thai Camps: Thai Camps are usually located in rural areas and remote locations, but few can be found in Bangkok and Chaing Mai. These centers are selective and have high standards for entry. It is mandatory to learn the Thai language and adapt to Thai lifestyle and social norms. Some camps require introduction from a Thai friend or a fighter.

Foreigner Camps: These camps are ideal for foreigners because it's easier to communicate with trainers who speak English and it's reliably easier to get controlled. Training is offered at various levels ranging from beginnerto an expert level. Since these centers have groups of learners with similar goals it's more interactive and fun to learn.

Smaller Gyms: These gyms are smaller in size but they typically have a rotation of several tourists, who move in and out of the camp. The issue here is the difficulty in building a rapport with trainers.

MMA Training Camps in Thailand

Bangkok boasts of numerous MMA camps and gyms, but it's expensive and too crowded.Pattaya is good choice for MMA training given the numerous gyms with good transportation and accommodation options. Phuket is another city with plenty of MMA training camps and gyms. Many camps offering both Muay Thai and MMA training in Thailand have tie ups with other fitness programs offering yoga, weight training, nutrition and recreational activities..Chiang Mai is affordable to live in and an ideal place for serious learners.

The best time to visit Thailand for MMA training depends on the location one is visiting. For those who want to avoid the tourist season, April-June period or the September to October period can help avoid crowds and availoff-season discounts.

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You Don’t Have To Spend A Bundle For Your Basic HIPAA Training

HIPAA training does not have to cost you a bundle to be able to attend a good quality training. Just because you attend a cheap training does not mean you are going to get low quality training. There are many HIPAA training companies out there that will give a great discounted rate. Most of the time companies are looking for a cheap HIPAA training for their employees because usually Companies pay for the whole thing and do not want to spend a lot per employee.

If a cheap HIPAA training is what you sign up for then the only major difference is going to be that it is usually about an hour and the material covered is all the same but it may not be covered in as much detail. Usually people will choose a cheap HIPAA training if they already know everything about the HIPAA act but just need to get HIPAA certified or their HIPAA certification has expired and they need to renew it but have to go through a training again.

All health care providers need to go trough a HIPAA privacy and security training. A cheap HIPAA training will cost around $ 25 for one hour content with audio and it will be an overview of everything. Since the price is so low a cheap HIPAA training will usually only be offered online. It is a lot more money to have a trained HIPAA teacher teachers the training.

Some of the highlights of a cheap HIPAA course includes it being regularly updated, meets the HIPAA requirements, power point with instructor's audio, no recording fees, online anytime course, available 24 x 7 from any computer, nationally recognized certificate, and print wall certificate instantly. That is a lot of different options to get for only a cheap HIPAA training.

That is all the information one would need in order to get HIPAA certified. When working in the health care industry the only thing that matters is that all employees in a health care company get HIPAA certified. It does not matter if it is a cheap training that costs $ 1,000. The only thing that is important is that the employees are trained based on their job role and all get the information so that they could handle any HIPAA questions that may come there way.

This course covers all the basics including what is protected health information, what information is covered, what is the minimum necessary, the notice of privacy practices, what is mandatory requirements, what is use and disclosure of phi, when authorization is not required, business associates, and so much more. Once purchasing a course it will be available for two months after receiving the log in information so you can take your time and not worry about having to get the course done right away. The best part of taking an online course is being able to take it at your own pace. This way you can take the time and go through all the information and learn everything inside and out.

The training for HIPAA Privacy Security compliance officer, HIPAA auditors, HIPAA consultants, HIPAA compliance team will be more comprehensive up to 24 hours and can cost up to $ 1200. It is important to find companies that offer the most comprehensive training for compliance team and cheap HIPAA training for all employees of covered entities and business associates.

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