Hula Hooping for Weight Loss

After yoga and pilates, hooping is the new kid on the block to burn calories and keep your body into shape in a fun and rewarding way. The hooping movement is bigger bigger and bigger as more people re-discover the hula hoop from their childhood. But this time, the hula hoop is not just a toy, but a real partner in your fight against body fat and calories! And it's true. The right hula hoop workout can burn tons of calories. You only have to keep some general tips and best practices in mind, which we will share with you in this post.

What is hooping?
But before we continue to the hooping tips, lets first take a moment to discover what hooping actually is. Unlike the traditional hula hoop which is just a children's toy, the hoops used for a hula hoop workout are much bigger and heavier. After all, the goal is to burn calories! Usually these kind of hoops are called sports hoops or weighed hoops but sometimes other names are used as well.

But do not let the size and weight of such a sport hoop scare you! In fact, it's easier to get a sports hoop spinning around your waist than a traditional toys hula hoop, since a sports hoop can be kept in the air with a much slower spin.

With a balanced hula hoop work out, you can build a strong body and improve the flexibility of your muscles in a really short time. Even experienced fitness gurus recognize a hula hoop workout as a great exercise form that makes your muscles grow stronger and improves your cardio health. On top of that, according to research, just a 30 minute work out with a weighted sports hula hoop will burn about 400 calories, which makes hooping a real calorie burner and a great way to loose weight!

Buying the perfect sports hoop
To make your hula hoop workout a fun and rewarding experience, you have to keep some general tips and rules of thumb in mind though.

First of all, it's important to choose the right size and weight for your hoop in comparison with your own body size and weight. As a general rule of thumb, you should consider the following recommended sizes:

  • 5 or 6 lb hoops are recommended for adult users weighing over 180 lb
  • 4 lb hoops are recommended for adult users only weighing between 140 lb and 180 lb
  • 3 lb hoops are recommended for adults and teenagers weighing between 100 lb and 140 lb
  • 1 lb and 2 lb hoops are recommended for hoopdancing or teenagers and children weighing less than 100 lb

Apart from the size and weight, you may also consider to choose a travel friendly hula hoop if you are on the road a lot and want to exercise where ever you are. Do not forget that a hula hoop is huge in size and impossible to take with you, unless you choose a model that can be disassembled. But do not worry, almost every well known hooping brand offers models that can be easily disassembled.

After you bought the perfect hoop for your body weight, size and (of course) personal taste, it's important to read the instructions from the manufacturer carefully. (These instructions should be included in the package when you purchase the hoop in your local shop.

Building up a hula hoop workout routine
If it is your first hooping experience, then it is important that you build up your exercise routine gradually. If not, you might get injuries since your body is not yet ready for a hard workout session. So when you are a starter, you should not hula hoop for more then 2 minutes a session in your first week. And you can do 2 individual sessions a day. This sounds a bit a bit lame, but do not let the weight of the hula hoop surprise you.

If you feel strong enough in your second week, you can build up your schedule on a daily basis. First start with 5 minutes and build up to 15 to 20 minutes a session on your last day.

In the third week, you can build up each session to 30 minutes and that's where the real calorie burning starts!

It's hard to give you exact facts, but according to research by the American Council of Exercise, it should be possible to burn around 200 calories in a 30 minute session with a light toy hula hoop. This test was performed by a person being stationary on the floor with their both feet. It's possible to increase calorie burn by adding more variety to your hula hoop exercise. But by using a heavier sports hoop, it is proven that a normal person will burn around 400 calories. So just by switching from a lightweight hoop to a more professional weighted sports hoop, you can double your calorie burn! Is not that great?

Another variety that you can add to your hooping exercise is dancing! In a hoop dance your partner is your hula hoop. The music you choose to dance on is entirely up to you. But with the extra movements and hooping tricks that you do, you can imagine that the number of calories that you burn increases dramatically. Try for example to balance on one foot while hooping, or try to move your hoop around your body in an angle. There are tons of other hooping tricks that you can perform. Just Google the internet for a couple of minutes and you will get inspired immediately!

So … I hope that I got you interested into hula hooping with this short introduction! I'm sure it will get you hooked from the first moment if you give this great exercise form a try. And if you would like some more information and insight tips about hooping, then do not forget to check out my profile where you can find a link to my website which is full of hooping fact and tips!

Happy hooping!

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Ways To Improve Overall Fitness

You will benefit in many ways by keeping a fitness plan. Start a journal that lists what you are doing and progress from there. For example, if you are just starting out, put in your journal that you will walk 3 times a week for 30 minutes. In your journal write down how you were feeling when you started and finished the exercise if you were able to walk for 30 minutes without excess fatigue, etc. If you accomplish the goal of 30 minutes 3 times a week, try 40 minutes 3 times a week the following week or 30 minutes 4 times a week. In this way, you can gradually improve fitness.

Always hydrate yourself properly. A person generally requires 64 ounces or 2 liters of water daily. If you do not drink enough water your overall performance suffers. You may feel tired, have headaches and be unable to complete your workout. Try to drink water throughout the day.

Exercise using the right shoes. Injuries can occur in the absence of proper footwear. If you enjoy walking or jogging, go to a shoe store and ask the salesperson which shoes are best for walking or running. Alternately, you can do an internet search for the most popular shoes for your sport. It may seem time-consuming at first, but, in the end it will pay off.

Vary your exercise program. While it's great to engage in the exercise that you enjoy, sometimes focusing on one type of exercise neglects certain muscles and can lead to an imbalance and then injuries. If you jog all the time, try adding cycling or swimming to your routine. While jogging works mainly the lower body and is high impact, swimming works most of the major muscle groups in the body and is low impact. The added rest for those overworked body parts will also help the muscles repair themselves properly and grow stronger.

Incorporate strength training into your workouts. Strength training helps in a variety of ways. It increases endurance, helps with balance, lowers blood pressure, increases metabolism, and can relate low back pain. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends working out with weights at least two days per week. One set of 8 – 12 repetitions and ten exercises that target all of the major muscle groups in the body (arms, chest, back, legs, and shoulders). Seek out a personal trainer or friend who is knowledgeable about strength training exercises. In this way, you can improve your fitness in a safe manner.

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How To Get Started With Personal Trainer Marketing

Having a gym or fitness center business can be a very good investment. But sometimes, the income is not enough. There are the expenses for the electricity, the salary of your staff and trainers, and maintenance of your gym. So what gym owners do is come up with others ways they can benefit from their gym. One of these ideas is to promote the services of a personal trainer. Offering a personal training service to your members can give additional profits to your business and customers who want to be tabbed privately and have the option to ask for it. Plus, promoting it may even add more customers and clients to your gym. So to do these, you might want to assess your current situation, think of some effective personal trainer marketing methods, and see how you can offer this service and start learning more from your business.

The very first thing you should do to start promoting personal trainer service is so start with what you already have. This means that you should start within you gym, your employees, and your current members. You have to consider your fitness instructor. Will you offer the service yourself or do you have a staff member who has sufficient knowledge on personal training. Now, you may know that there's nothing more powerful than the word of mouth. You do not know how far it can go. Before getting the word out there, you should start with the members signed up with your gym.

Let them know of your new service and if they are interested with getting a personal training sessions. If they are not in need of one for now, perhaps they might know a college or family member who wants this service. Since they are from your gym and know how excellent your service is, they will not have a hard time referring you to their friends. If your members trust you, then they will not have to worry about their family or friends being in the wrong hands. For promos, you can come up with discounts or coupons to anyone who can refer a friend or bring in a new student for training. It would be a very good marketing campaign to promote family and friends working out together to achieve a healthy body. Then, when you have the opportunity, introduce your personal training service to them.

Probably the best marketing personal training you could provide to your clients is that if the training produces positive results. If one member has improved and his or her circle of people have seen this improvement, that they see that you can indeed make a difference, lose their weight, and achieve their desired body, customers will keep coming in. Work really hard for it and your gym business will rise.

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Personal Training Marketing – The Perfect Prescription Success

I am pretty sure that you have seen some fitness personal trainers in the market that have bulging bellies, and flabby arm and leg muscles. These lifestyle coaches probably do not have a certification that show there qualifications for this job. But despite their being out of shape, and very little knowledge and skills that are required for every personal trainer, they are still trusted by many and have become very successful in the health and wellness industry. Then, here comes you, basking in your well toned body with an almost perfect body mass and fat ratio. You have finished in a well known health and wellness institute and have a string of qualifications and credentials; yet, here you are falling behind those other less qualified instructors in the race to personal training success.

And so you might wonder, what is wrong with you and what do they have and you do not? The answer to this question is very simple. They are aware of the value of fitness marketing and you have most likely taken this one important thing for granted. Since how effective your product and your work out training and services are, these are still going to be useless if you do not have the correct marketing strategy to promote your products and services to the market. Because of the fact that you are in the world of business, then there is going to be a need for you to have a personal training marketing scheme to boost up your business.

So how are you going to start making your business rise up in the ladder of success? By, following these personal training marketing approaches, you are going to smell sweet success in no time. The first thing that you should do is to forget about spending too much on image building advertising, but go for the direct response marketing instead. By using this approach, you are going to be able to keep track of your old and new clients. Direct marketing focuses on these things: catching the attention of your target customers and doing the right action to keep them coming back. This type of strategy must convey a strong headline that could automatically catch the reader's attention. If you are a personal trainer by profession, then the next tip is probably going to be a sacrifice on your part. One way to make your business work is to quit being a full time coach and start being a marketer. This way, you are giving yourself more time in figuring out the best advertising tactic that can help promote and turn you business into a complete success.

One you have started your thing in the game, all you have to do is to manage them wisely and you are going to have something bigger to attend to. So turn you business into a remarkable empire by following these simple prescriptions of marketing personal training tactics.

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Why Health and Safety Training Is for Everyone

Health and safety training has always been important, not just because it's a legal responsibility, but because it helps you look after staff, clients and customers. People sometimes forget that it can benefit a business by reducing the number of working days lost due to illness and accidents. Instead of thoroughly researching what options are available, managers often pick the first training package they can find without really thinking about it.

The problem is that companies often choose the wrong training. Legal regulations do not stipulate exactly what training you have to provide, so why do something boring and irrelevant? Stuffy lectures and time consuming off-site workshops should be a thing of the past. Online or computer based courses are a much better solution as they're interactive, engaging and much more customisable. Before you even look for training, you should decide what your company needs. With computers, laptops and tablets everywhere these days, Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training is one of the most important aspects. Sore eyes, shoulders and wrists are extremely common, but can be avoided if the workspace is set up correctly and frequent breaks are taken. Virtually all companies use IT, so this is relevant to everyone.

Stress awareness training is also increasing in popularity, as stress is now the largest cause of lost working days. Other areas to consider include fire awareness training, manual handling and the prevention of slips, trips and falls. As the regulations state, “every employer must ensure that their employees are provided with adequate health and safety training”. It's important to figure out what that means for you. Of course, you do not have to do it alone. Many training providers will give advice on what courses they recommend and some offer free trials and evaluations of their products. With online courses, you can view the materials to see if they match up with your requirements, not just in terms of the content, but to see if they are enjoyable and well put together.

In-house training with an external speaker and courses off-site can both be useful, but it is worth considering the extra cost and inconvenience these involve. Although getting all your employees together can be good in terms of getting them to interact, it can also cause problems. Someone might be ill and miss the training, and at the very least you need to find a time when everyone is available. Online and computer based training (from CD ROMs) is cheaper and infinitely more flexible. Staff work through it at their own pace and the software will record assessment results so you can keep track of who's done what. Do not think of your health and safety training as something done just for the sake of it. Make sure it is tailor to your needs so you can really look after your staff. They are your largest asset, after all.

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Is Circuit Training The Right Exercise Plan For You?

Circuit training is one of the many types of exercise you can do from home or at the gym. It combines resistance and cardio exercise to give you a condensed, well-balanced workout.

A typical circuit training routine is composed of a series of brief, intensive workouts, each of which focuses on a different muscle group. Changing muscle groups allows you to keep going without the need for long rest periods. This both shortens overall workout time and keeps the heart rate up, providing a cardio advantage.

Some forms of circuit training only focus on strength-building, but many intersperse cardio workouts such as jogging or jump roping between resistance workouts. A good example of this is Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred workout, which alternates strength, cardio and abs circuits. A circuit can last anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes.

Some gyms offer circuit training classes in which a series of stations are set up, often in a circle. Everyone starts off at a different station; the instructor times the circuits and tells everyone when to rotate. A good circuit class instructor will pay individual attention to participants and ensure that they are practicing proper form. It is also possible to perform circuit training from home, and you will not need a ny equipment to do it. Usually it is a good idea to have a pair of light weights around (2 to 5 lbs), but soup cans or milk jugs may be used as well. Peruse the internet for free at-home programs to follow.

Is circuit training right for you? Consider the strengths and weaknesses of this type of workout to determine if it will satisfy your goals.


1. Time : Since circuit training is a condensed form of exercise, combining two in one, it is great for people who do not have a lot of time to devote to exercise. Two to three sessions a week can increase muscle tone, cardiovascular health and energy levels.

2. Efficiency : In some respects, you get better results from circuit training than uncombined exercise plans. The speed and intensity of a circuit workout allows you to burn more calories than you would in a more spaced-out workout. You end up with a simultaneous reduction of fat and increase in lean muscle mass. Lean muscle burns more calories, and a positive cycle emerges.

3. Low Injury Risk : Circuit training generally involves high repetitions of low-weight resistance exercises. This allows for a big gain in results with a low risk of injury, since muscle and joint strain are made less likely by the use of light weights. People with back pain may especially benefit from this form of exercise, since using huge weights can put back muscles, spinal discs and vertebral joints at risk.

4. Stays Interesting : Many people become bored with their workout routines. Since circuit training involves a constant change of activity, it is easy to stay interested.


1. Not For Bodybuilding : While circuit training may be ideal for those looking to tone up and lose some extra pounds, it is not going to drastically increase muscle size. Those looking to build bulging muscles would do better looking elsewhere.

2. Insufficient Cardio : There is some concern that circuit training does not include enough cardiovascular exercise to meet health guidelines. The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends 2 and a half hours of moderate or 1 hour and 15 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise per week. If you only do 2 or 3 short sessions of circuit training a week, then, you may be falling below these recommendations. Aim to perform 10-20 minutes of straight cardio on the days you're not doing circuits.

Circuit training with resistance and cardio components is an ideal form of exercise for beginners, those without a lot of time and those looking to increase overall endurance, cardiovascular health and strength. It is also a great option for people looking to lose weight quickly and healthily. It is not, however, the best option for bodybuilders or those looking to focus on long, intensive cardio workouts.

Educating yourself about the different ways to exercise will help you pick the right routine for you. Decide what your fitness goals are first, then find a regimen that helps you meet them.

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P90X Exercises For You?

For those of you who have not heard of P90X or do not know much about it let me fill you in. P90X is an at-home workout system. Tony Horton, one of it's creators, will be your guide through 90 days of workouts that will shape your body from head to toe. Also included in the system is a nutrition guide that will help you plan well balanced meals to provide you with the energy and nutrients your body describes.

P90X uses several different techniques such as plyometrics, cardio, strength training, stretching, and yoga to help you tone your muscles and loose excess fat. When you purchase the program, you'll get a set of DVDs that contain all the workouts for the 90 days. Tony along with his fitness team will show you how to do each exercise the right way. There will be a lesson or two giving you information on planning your meals and a better way to get the nutrition you need. You will learn to make a fitness plan and have the encouragement you need to stick to it.

A fitness test is provided and it is strongly recommended that you take it. This test will help you decide if the program is right for you. Along with the test, here are four other topics you'll want to consider before you purchase the program.

1. How do you feel about working your upper body? P90X has intense workouts that focus on your chest, shoulders, and arms. These types of exercises may seem overwhelming if you are not used to them. As long as your committed to the program, you'll be just fine. Tony will step you through a proper warm up and how to do the exercises correctly.

2. How do you feel about alternative types of fitness techniques? To fully benefit from this program you need to have an open mind and not be afraid to try new things. It's possible that you may learn to like them!

3. How well can you follow a diet? In order to create a perfectly sculpted body you need to change the way you eat and what you eat. The main component of this program is the diet. If you can not stick to the diet then the exercises are not going to do you any good. As stated above, you will be taught about how nutrition effects your body and have access to information you need to plan your meals.

4. Last and most importantly, can you commit to this program? To get the results this program promises requires dedication on your side. It is a 90 day commitment. You have to set aside one hour a day, six days a week to do the workouts. P90X is very disciplined and physically intense so be sure you can follow through, otherwise buying this program is just a waste of money.

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Online Personal Training Programs: The Latest Craze to Keep You Fit

To keep yourself fit and healthy you no longer have to go to a slimming center. Instead, you can now resort to online fitness training programs that allow you to learn exercises under the guidance of expert trainers from the comfort of your home. The web based training program looks to be a convenient means for people who have hectic lifestyles and are left with little time to visit a gym. Moreover, these advanced health programs completely rule out the need for a personal trainer. An increasing number of people are inspired by these online fitness programs due to its cost effectiveness. As the online training programs begin with assessing the body, diet, and daily habits of the individual; so it is safe and does not have any side effects.

The online personal fitness program brings to you the assistance of a trainer that enables you to easily learn fitness tricks and tips. While choosing such a program you must make sure that there is a provision to discuss important factors like nutrition plans, workout equipments at a personal level. Today, online personal training programs are based on Cloud computing interfaces that allow you to subscribe to it in no time. However, let me now outline some benefits of this training program that will assist you in making a choice.

Faster Registration :

Unlike conventional methods, the online personal program has an automated online registration process. Many of these training programs are offered in assistance with a Cloud-based interface which adds to the convenience in registration. Beside, the registration is a 24 hours activity thereby allowing you to sign up at any time from any location as per your convenience.

Convenient Payment :

Online personal training programs also offers expediency in payment options. Just check out whether the payment norms are PCI compliant and SSL certified. This results you from all sorts of fraudulent activities. The service allows you to make payments via multiple options like credit or debit cards and reputed payment Gateways like PayPal.

Guidance from Experienced Trainers:

Most of the online personal training courses work with experienced and trained fitness instructors. Once you enroll into the program, you can seek expert guidance from them which will help you achieve the desired results. You can approach them anytime and discuss problems which you face while exercising. They not only guide you on your exercise routine but also help you to keep a tab on your diet.

Online personal training programs are designed as per the needs and convenience of the individuals. You need to get hold of the right one to derive maximum benefits.

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Best Back Exercises – Pull Ups

What you can not see can hurt you! More often than not I see clients and gym goers focusing solely on what I call the show me muscles … or those muscle groups they can see while checking themselves out in the mirror! The back muscles combine the largest muscle group of the body, second only to legs and training these powerhouse muscles is important to achieve an optimized and well defined body composition. Even more importantly strong back muscles can help alleviate common problems with posture and can help balance out the effects of over-training the chest muscles.

Guys may want to focus on building strong back muscles to aid them in achieving goals for other muscle groups such as building bigger biceps. The ladies should not ignore this muscle group either, as a stronger and more toned back can help create a slimmer looking waist line. The back muscles help stabilize your body, center of gravity and core with everyday activities such as squatting to pick something off the floor, pick up the kids, walk down the stairs, or sit in your office chair at work.

Let's review one of the most effective back exercises for anyone, regardless of their level of physical fitness.


Often overlooked, the simple pull-up can be one of the most effective back building exercises. Here's how it's done:

  • Step up and grasp the bar with an overhand wide grip. Your hands will be wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Before beginning the movement, be sure to pull your shoulder blades back and down. Imagine trying to pinch a quarter between your shoulder blades about 1/3 down your back.
  • Tighten your Ab muscles. (this is a rule in most exercises)
  • Instead of focusing on pulling your body up, focus on pulling the bar down towards you .
  • Once your chin is at or above the bar, begin to slowly lower yourself back to starting position. The key here is control the negative movement in the downward phase. Do not just drop!
  • When you return to starting position, do not let your shoulder blades pull out of that “down-back” position.
  • Without resting complete another full pull-up.

For some people, their upper body strength may not be developed well enough to complete a full set of pull-ups. No worries! Strength training is all about making small, measured improvements. Remember that regardless of which bodybuilding tips you're practicing, focus on proper form.

If you find it's too difficult for you to complete a set of pull-ups, try standing on a bench or chair under the bar. At most gyms you'll find weight assisted pull-up machines which allow you to stack the weights to counter your own body weight. Another easy tip is to have your workout partner assist you by supporting your lower body weight a bit by holding on to your knees or feet.

For those serious bodybuilders, a simple pull-up may be too easy for them and they may opt for the more advanced weighted pull-up exercises.

Treat your back muscles as you would any other muscle group and be sure to rest properly between workouts. It's also wise to consult with a Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist, or your Physician before embarking on a back training routine, especially if you have a history of back problems.

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An Amazing Cardio and Weightlifting Comparison

What would you say to a person who says, “If you want to get bulky, consider weightlifting. If you want to simply lose weight and lean-up, consider cardio.”?

If you have been to the gym recently, it is not hard to see that the majority of women are exercising with cardio, and the majority of men are exercising with weights. In fact, I have heard women are now being called “Cardio Bunnies.” Is this because they appear to be hopping while on a treadmill or elliptical machine? I highlyly doubt it. Do men and women have extremely different objectives when at the gym? Most I have talked with express their desire to “fire” excess body-fat and “hire” lean muscle-definition. However, the question has always been, “how?” I am confident men and women will lose body-fat more quickly using weights and machines then confirming primarily upon cardio machines.

If you want to get bulky, consider weightlifting? It is true that many men are using significant complementary assistance (aka steroids / testosterone boosters) to gain size and strength. However, for people who have modest modest supplement assistance (aka Effective Foods / Protein Supplements), gaining large bulky muscles, like mine, do not happen overnight! My mother used to worry that if she lifted heavy weights with her arms, that her arms would out-grow many of her cute dress shirts. To my mother, I say, “Mother, as a female, your body does not carry the testosterone and growth hormones mine does, being male.” People who lift weights to exercise do not “magically” gain intense bulk overnight!

The term “weightlifting” needs to be removed from the dictionary, if in fact it is found in the dictionary. Weightlifting is often associated with one who is a “weight-lifter.” A weight-lifter is often associated with loud grunting, large sweat-puddles on gym equipment, and harry chests. Women do not want to be associated with loud noises, sweat, nor having a harry anything! Suppose, rather than using a word that has negative imagery, people simply say he or she is using resistance training-in order to lose a few unwanted pounds and tone up their muscles with more definition.

Admittedly, many people primarily use cardio for cardiovascular improvement. I find no shame in this desire. Cardio exercise will improve cardiovascular health. Additionally, some may argue that they do not include resistance training with weights because of a lack of know-how or because they are nursing an offense. I support the use of cardio equipment for both of these purposes, and recognize that hiring a personal trainer or a physical therapist is not the most affordable, convenient, or comfortable option. If a person is a position to supplement their physical training with the use of weights and / or various exercise machines, I am confident this person will receive the results they desire, cardiovascular included.

While it is true that cardio will build lean muscle tissue, time duration must also be considered. For example, if a person is isolating specific cardio machines to build their leg muscles, this individual may contrast the amount of steps or rotations taken when performing the movement, to an exercise that could be executed with weights. The area being trained with cardio may receive up to 1,000 revolutions during an hour of exhaustive training; when this same muscle group could be exhausted in twenty minutes with roughly five sets of about 15-25 repetitions. The person using weighed resistance would also find that, even though he or she is not burning the same amount of calories during the exercise routine as an individual doing cardio, they will find their muscles requiring more calories, that point point on, to sustain the recovery and lean-muscle growth from the exercise routine. In short, if a person will direct their goals to “lose body-fat and lean up” quickly, toward weights and machines, they will be amazed at how effectively they gain the physique, energy, and health they desire!

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Why You Don’t Need a Personal Trainer

On one hand, I hesitate ever so slowly about even writing this post. But on the other, I feel it is absolutely necessary. So, obviously, I'm writing it.

Why, why, why would you ever get a personal trainer? I do not dislike personal trainers, in fact I want to get certified and sometimes one day work as one. But why would you ever pay for a personal trainer? Let's look at what personal trainers are supposed to do for you.
Be a source of knowledge. Lets you know when and how to exercise.
Motivate you.
Push you to your limits.

Okay, so all those things are necessary if you want to get in great shape and boast a solid physique. But there's nothing there worth paying for, unless you just love to spend money.

First, they are a source of knowledge. Their job is to know how to get you results. But who knows your body best? That's right, it's you. Now, you can give them certain information and they'll be able to make a custom plan, but how many really do? My guess is only the best and most dedicated. Having said that, it really does not matter. The internet is a honey-hole for great information on a variety of topics. You can find fitness knowledge anywhere – sometimes it's now, as you're reading this blog – and there is a great abundance of information all across the internet.

Even if learning or reading just is not your thing, there are ways to get programs customized for you. Personal trainers sometimes sell discounted programs online, because there is no real cost for them in terms of time. I, myself, sell personally customized diet and exercise routines online for just a $ 5 payment through PayPal on But really, do not pay for a trainer at your gym because you lack expertise. You can account for their expertise with research or by purchasing a plan online much, much cheaper.

Second, they motivate you. But do they? Most trainers I've seen or worked with really do not “motivate,” they just push you harder. But let's assume they do motivation. Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but 30% of the work is done in the gym, 70% is done outside. How are they going to motivate you to stick to your diet or get enough sleep at night? Answer: They are not. Quite honestly, if you can not motivate yourself to stick to a diet and exercise regimen, you will never be as fit as you'd like.

Third, they push you. This they are able to do. Part of the pushing they do is just by spotting you and making you get that final rep. But like the motivation, if you do not understand that pushing yourself is essential, you will not get anywhere. You have to self-motivate, you have to push yourself to get that last rep or eat that last piece of chicken. The trainer can not do that for you. And, if it's the spotter you're worried about, make friends. Seriously, ask the guy next to you for a quick spot or convince a friend to go to the gym. I guarantee you this – nothing will make you push yourself harder than having a friend next to you. When it's a friend and an exercise partner, it's just a fun little competition.

So really, do not waste your money on a personal trainer at your gym. Check out or the hundreds of other websites with great information. You're on your time now. And it's time for you to motivate yourself. So do not waste another cent overpaying, and just get out and get to work.

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Personal Fitness Training – How To Become A Personal Fitness Trainer

If you love fitness exercises and routines, you may want to become a personal fitness trainer. Becoming a trainer will allow you to share your passion to others and help them achieve a fit body. Here are some steps that you need to follow before you can become one.

First, you need to ask yourself if you really have what it takes to become a personal fitness trainer. Being a trainer is not all about knowing the different types of fitness programs. You also need a set of skills that will allow you to become successful in this profession. First, you need to be patient. Not all clients will become as passionate and disciplined as you are. Therefore, you need to be patient with them especially if they are not getting immediate results. You should also be able to encourage them to do their best. You need to be a good listener to in order to be able to peek into their hearts and motivate them better. You do not really need a perfect body to become a trainer however you need to have discipline over yourself and you need to understand what a healthy lifestyle is.

Second, you need to a certification. That's right. You need a paper that will tell everyone that you are qualified. You can get a certification by attending different seminars and workshops. You can also join organizations that provide such. If you know a good sports club, contact them right away and ask them if you can get a certification under them. You need to prepare very well for this because you might get some examinations before you get certified.

Third, you need to choose a specialty. This step is optional because most fitness trainers do not really have a specific area of ​​service. However, if you have a specialty, you will have a greater edge among the others. In addition to this, you will more credentials which will allow you to make your price higher than the others. One example is becoming a physical fitness trainer for people with injuries. This can be a lot more challenging but challenges always make things exciting.

Fourth, you need to secure a job at a sports club or organization. It is very important that you experience things hands-on before you start on your own. Getting a fitness training job at a sports club will help you a lot to gain valuable experiences. You can contact the club of your preference and ask them if there are vacancies. If there are, you should grab that chance and apply right away.

Fifth, you need to become independent and create your own training business. You can always work at a sports club but that will not help you so much in the long run. At some point, you need to stand on your own and create your own professional name. By creating a business, you need to make sure that you abide with all the requirements of your city.

These are just some steps on how to become a personal fitness trainer.

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Great Tips on How To Gain Muscle

Some people think high protein intake is the way to gain muscle fast. With that in mind, they start consuming large amounts of protein in the hope of gaining muscle. Without proper training, the extra protein will just turn to fat. A good rule of thumb is 1 gram of protein per pound of lean mass or 1.4 grams per kilogram.

Any muscle building routine that you undertake is only good if it makes you stronger. You should be gradually increasing the weight every workout or every other workout. When you begin training with weights, you should be able to lift about 5% more weight in subsequent training sessions. You can tell if you are the right track if, for instance, one week you lived 35 lbs and the following week you were able to lift 40. Or, if you did 6 repetitions with 35 lbs one week and then 10 repetitions with that same weight the following week. In the second instance, it would be time to increase the weight and begin driving again to get to 10 repetitions. If you find you are unable, sometimes you need to lower the weight, address your diet, or determine if you are training too often.

There are three exercises that are king. They are called compound exercises. Compound exercises work more than one group of muscles at a time. These exercises are the bench press, deadlift, and squat. These exercises increase bulk, strength, and overall conditioning. These exercises should be done consistently.

Research muscle exercises to ensure you are engaging in the most effective exercises. There are a large number of exercises that can be done for each muscle group. You should strive to work all groups (legs, shoulders, chest, arms, back) and not just focus on chest or arms. This will give you an aesthetic look and you will be stronger.

Always listen to your body. If you have been training consistently and feel tired every time you workout, sometimes you need more rest in between workouts. It can also be an indication of overtraining. If you find that you dread going to the gym or working out, try taking a couple days off. Usually when your body recovers, you energy levels will rise again and you will feel better. It can be your body's way of saying, hey, I have not had enough time to rebuild, please give me more time.

You must measure your progress in order to be assured you are getting stronger. You can do this by keeping an exercise journal. Write down the exercise, weight used, number of repetitions and date. I religiously keep a journal and on the day of this writing, July 4, 2012, I did alternate bicep curls with 40-pound dumbells. Six repetitions were done four times. Next week, my goal is to do eight repetitions with the same weight. If I do seven it's great, I've earned a bit of strength. If I still do six, I know that I need to make some changes. Without a journal, it's very difficult to keep track of how well your training is going.

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How To Eat Like a Body Builder and Gain Muscle

Let's start with breakfast. You've slept a full eight hours, you feel refreshed, but you are hungry. You think, I'll get something on the way to work, I do not feel like having breakfast. Beside, taking in fewer calories will be good for me, right? Wrong! After eight hours of not eating, your body requires nourishment and fast. If you are strapped for time, try having a banana and a protein shake. Perhaps you have a protein bar around the house. Ideally you need to get some protein and carbs into your body, shortly after waking up.

This brings us to protein. Protein is the building block of muscle. The body does not store protein so it's something you need to eat every day. Try eating 1 gram of protein for every pound of lean mass or 1.4 grams per kilogram. The requirements of a sedentary individual are lower, but someone involved in weight lifting must eat more in order to help the body build muscles.

Protein is very important in your quest to gain more muscle, but carbohydrates are important as well. Aim to get two to three grams of carbohydrates per pound of lean mass and five to six grams per kilogram. Try eating low glycemic carbs like oatmeal, rice, and sweet potatoes.

Healthy fats must be added to the diet. Olive and canola oil, nuts, seeds and fish contain the fats necessary to gain muscle. These fats help to lubricate your joints and raise testosterone. This in turn will help with muscle growth.

Drinking adequate amounts of water daily is good for everyone, but especially important for muscle gain. The body is about 60 percent water and muscles are seventy-five percent water. Even being slightly dehydrated can affect your workout and your goal to increase lean mass. Drink water before, during and after your workout for maximum benefit.

Meal frequency must be addressed as well. Eating six to eight smaller meals as opposed to eating three big meals a day has been shown to increase lean mass. Eating frequently keeps the body in an anabolic state (muscle growth), as opposed to a catabolic state (break of protein which can include those muscles you are working so hard to get). Calculate your daily caloric requirements and divide it by six or eight. With each of those small meals, get a bit of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. It can help raise metabolism, ward off hunger and keep those muscles fed and happy.

Always remember to eat something at least an hour before you workout. It should be a combination of protein and carbohydrates. You need energy to get you through your routine. After training, you should have a protein shake and carbohydrates as well. This is when your body and muscles are really craving nourishment. It's best to have something within thirty minutes after you put down the weights. That gets your body in an anabolic state and helps it start repairing those torn muscle fibers.

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Mental Training for Athletes – Train Your Brain

Mental Training for Athletes

Mental training can be done using visualization to see yourself in your “ideal” state. Making a shot in basketball, hitting a ball for a home run, making a perfect drive in golf or simply being totally focused on game day. Some visualization is done before the actual attempt like hitting a ball in baseball. Others are impossible to do it that time due to time constraints so they are visualized at a different time, usually on a daily basis as a routine. This mental training technique is sometimes called “Power Visualization” and can be extremely effective. It is used by athletes, business people and even for completing basic goals in people's lives.


Visualization as a part of mental training refers to the practice of seeking to affect the outer world via changing one's thoughts. Creative Visualization is the basic technique under positive positive thinking and is frequently used by athletes to enhance their performance. This technique relates very closely to the Perfect Day exercise. You will be incorporating as many senses as possible in your mind to make the picture vivid and alive. The more you can incorporate emotion and feeling to the technique, the more powerful it will become.

Using the goal you have set for yourself (making a perfect shot, hitting a home run, etc), you will visualize an aspect of your goal. It can be a physical object or an act that you perform. The most powerful part of this technique is the effect it will have on your subconscious as a result of the emotions involved. Your subconscious can not tell the difference between imagination and reality. You need to immerse yourself into the emotions and the details of what you are imagining to make it appear real. This will stress your subconscious and it will go to work to help you. Athletes will visualize themselves playing every shot in a basketball game, blocking shots, making clean passes, etc and will “live in the moment” of every action in detail. The best athletes in the world all do this and do it before every competition because it works.

Your mental training routine will look like this:

  1. You need to prepare your mind to visualize so get comfortable and start to use controlled breathing to relax your body and mind. Take a deep breath and hold it for 3 seconds and slowly let it out. Repeat the process a total of 10 times to get to a state of full relaxation.
  2. Visualize your goal and see yourself accomplishing your goal. Your mental picture needs to be vivid to be effective so use as many of your senses as you can. Feel, taste, smell, sight and sound. Put all the detail into it that you can.
  3. Keep visualizing until you feel yourself getting increasingly excited about what you can accomplish. Feeling joy is a sign that you are doing it correctly and this will affect your subconscious as well. Involving your subconscious will help you achieve what you visualize.
  4. With feeling as excited as you should with this process, you will need to bring yourself back to reality correctly or you will feel quite sluggish and worn out. Simply repeat the process from step one above to relax yourself from your excited state.
  5. Perform this routine once a day to see its full effects. In a lot of cases, athletes will do it just before practicing so they can develop the connection between visualization and the skill itself.

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