Simple Fitness Marketing Techniques That Will Make Your Gym The Next Big Thing

If you are a new owner of a health and wellness establishment, then you should most likely think of having an excellent fitness marketing strategy that can help make your business into an utmost success. Leading a healthy life has been a rising trend for the last couple of decades. This is because more and more people are suffering from chronic illnesses that are most often caused by a poor way of living. Nowadays, a lot of people would choose an organic salad than chomp on a slab of red meat. Manufacturers of electronic games such as Play Stations and Xboxes have even come up with games that require more physical activity. Yes, a lot of people have become health freaks that is why it is no wonder why a lot of gyms and wellness centers have been popping all around the globe.

In order for a growing business to stay in the market, it must have an effective marketing scheme that would attract potential customers. Here are some simple yet effective guidelines in order to make your wellness center a hit. First of all, you have to lay down a plan and have a sufficient budget for it. Keep in mind that when it comes to effective marketing, one has to be a risk taker in spending a reasonable amount of cash. Always remember to have a target market and focus on how to get their attention. For example, if you are aiming for the student body to be your top clients, you have to offer those products and services that are friendly to a student's budget. In addition to this, you must also have a wide range of great facilities since they are mostly the ones that attract your customers and make them come back. Although these equipment may be a bit pricey, they are still excellent investments.

If you have just opened your business, holding an open house is going to be an excellent move because it gives potential clients the opportunity to see what your gym has to offer. Also, giving out freebies and deals is another brilliant fitness marketing scheme. An example of this tactic is giving membership cards wherein registered members of your club have special benefits.

Making use of the internet is also another cheap yet very effective fitness club marketing scheme since more and more people nowadays are hooked in the online world. Follow these simple tips and turn your small gym into a successful business.

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This Is Why You Are Not Seeing Progress in the Gym

One of the biggest reasons for individuals to quit, stall in, or not even approach a physical training program is their belief that training must be extremely time consuming, and that they must try to train everything at once.

For some, the idea of ​​this commitment is too great to ever get started.

For others who train following this belief, they experience a stagnation of their progress and a drop in enjoyment for training.

While this 'working all facets' approach to training might work for some, for many, this will lead to burn out and a stall in progress. Obviously, being that our goal is a lifelong connection and implementation of a physical training program, this is not an acceptable exit.

The problem extremely comes down to priorities.

You can not be a master of all.

Intelligent training that produces continuous results over time focuses on 1-2, maybe even upwards of 3, main goals at a time.

The less advanced you are, the more priorities you can include.

For a complete 'newb', improvements in strength, cardiovascular function, power, work capacity, muscle gain, fat loss, etc. can all be realized simultaneously. However, this does not mean that a training session should last f0r 2+ hours trying to train all of these areas.

The fact is, improvements in all of those can be seen with very minimal training styles, the most impactful being strength training.

When it comes to devising a plan for improving any quality in fitness, it is awesome to know that the calender is your friend.

I like to set up my training in blocks. I will dedicated 1-3 months to training a certain quality. With this style of training, you must decide to GO ALL IN for the length of time.

If your goal is strength, for 3 months, everything you do, from training style to foods eaten, must be focused on the improvement of your strength.

If fat loss is your goal, block out 1-3 months and go after it with a ruthless edge. After that time period has past, change up the priority that you are training for, even for just 1 month.

This will allow your mind and body a break from the stress that you were putting on it for the previous few months.

This could mean training outside more frequently, training with strictly bodyweight exercises, or if fat loss was your previous goal, training for increasing muscle (and visa-versa).

This style of training puts you in a position to have more control over your physical fitness and increasing the satisfaction that you get from it.

I've been there, spending over 1 year trying to burn off fat. During this time, my passion knocked off, I lost strength, and stalled for a long time. If only I had realized the importance of 1-3 months of pushing the envelope followed by backing off of the gas pedal, I would have achieved much greater results

Here is an example of 5 months worth of barriers for me:

Months 1-3- Priority-Strength

Months 4-5- Priority-Power

Month 6. Priority-Muscle Gain and Recovery from the stress of the previous two blocks.

When you take a look at this, it tends to clear out the chaos you might be having in your mind.

Take this time now to sit down and create your own 6 month Priority schedule.

During each phase alone yourself strictly to improving that quality. When you do this, you will experience continued success which will lead to happiness, and a life truly lived as an art with physical fitness.

Best Wishes,


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Preventing ACL Tears With Core Strength and Stability

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are among the most common sports injuries. This type of injury occurs much more frequently in women than in men; the National Institute of Health states that women are 2-8 times more likely to tear this ligament depending on activity.

ACL tears are best avoided; ligaments heal slow, and this type of injury may require surgery. Fortunately, there are training steps you can take to help prevent harm to your knee.


The ACL is one of four ligaments that connects the thigh bone to the shin bone. It stretches from the front of the tibia to the back of the femur. The ligament's main functions are to assist in stabilizing the knee and prevent hyperextension of the joint.

Women are more likely to suffer from a torn ACL for several reasons. One is wider hips, which cause the knee to be positioned slightly inward. Women also have more laxity of the ligaments, likely do to hormonal factors. This put the ligament at risk of being overstretched. Another risk for women is that the ligament itself and the bone notch through which it passes are smaller than in men. This leads to less sturdiness of the structure and more tension placed on it by the restrictive notch.

Muscle Imbalances

ACL tears occur when the femur and tibia are rotating in opposition directions. This situation is most common when an athlete ships hard, side-steps or pivots. Muscle imbalances and a weak core contribute to the likelihood of knee injury.

One of the most important muscles to consider in relation to knee angle is the gluteus medius. This muscle on the outside of the buttocks is an important part of the core group. It serves both as a hip abductor (moves the hip outward) and a stabilizer. Stabilizer muscles help keep the body aligned and steady. A strong gluteus medius will help to prevent the thigh from tilting or rotating inward upon fast movements.

Many people are quad-dominant, meaning the muscles of the front of the thigh are stronger than the hamstrings and glutes in back. Strong, tight quads can pull up the knee, causing the leg to be straighter upon landing. This rigidity increases the risk of knee injury as the forces sustained by the knee are greater when it's extended.

Preventive Biomechanics

Holly Silvers, MPT (Master of Physical Therapy), has designed and implemented a training regimen to prevent the incidence of ACL injuries among athletes, specifically females. Her Prevent Injury and Enhancement Performance (PEP) plan helped to reduce injury rates among 2,100 female soccer players by 88% in one study.

PEP employs a number of principles to form an effective warmup: strength, flexibility, agility and muscle coordination. Strong muscles in the leg and core will help support the alignment of the pelvic and knee joints. Flexibility of the muscles is needed to prevent pulling on the knee. Agility training helps the athlete make fast movements with proper form and biomechanical efficiency. Muscle coordination – the properly-timed joint firing of muscles to action – is an important part of injury prevention. The quads and hamstrings, for example, should be engaged to support the knee when a person lands from jumping. Polymetric jumping exercises can help facilitate muscle coordination and balance.

See for details about the PEP injury prevention routine.

Keeping a strong core will help to balance and align your body, thereby preventing injuries. Healthy knees will allow you to stay in the game.

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Is Your Chair Destroying Your Health?

Most of us work behind a desk. Most of us sit behind a desk for eight hours because the world requires that we do that for the sake of humankind (even though some of us get our work done faster than the eight hours requires us to do.) We are paid to sit in a chair (hopefully a comfortable one) and stay there for eight hours.

The truth is that the chair is probably harmful your health. It is not the chair's fault. It is an occupational hazard. Chairs are required for most jobs because of the amount of sitting involved. Therefore, it is hard to find a way to avoid it. Unchecked, a chair will harm your health.

The problem with the chairs is what your body does when presented with a stimulus. In effect, what we are talking about is the body's ability to get good at things that you need it to get good at doing. Therefore, the body is inclined to get good at sitting in a certain position while in a chair. There are a host of problems that can come from this one action. This includes shortening of muscles, joint aches and pains, and more.

Most chiropractors know that sitting in a chair for an extended period of time can cause a problem called, “Lordosis.” This condition is a muscle imbalance caused by or combined with bad post that causes a person to lose strength and cardiovascular capacity. Most people are unaware that they can cause this problem to happen to them; therefore, it can be reasonably scenario for the worker who sits behind a desk all day.

The answer to this problem is exercise and trying to maintain a good posture at all times. The body needs to learn that it will engage in action and that it needs to stay fit. If the problem is the body getting adjusted to something, the solution is telling the body to be adjusted to doing something else. Let us be honest about our bodies. They really are on rent, they decide and fall away, and we drive them for a short amount of time. Therefore, if you want that car to run nicely, then you have to view it as an asset and decide how your want to run the machine.

A person who does this with intention and thought gives himself or herself a good chance of keeping the body healthy for a long period of time. Therefore, the secret to taking away the ability of the chair to do harm to you is to exercise, and keep in mind that you are making a conscious decision to choose not to let the chair affect your health in the long run. In fact, a person can not only choose to not let a chair affect their health; they can choose to be healthy and fit. However, the secret is in the moment. A person must continuously choose to be healthy and fit in those critical moments when it comes time to do the work. Only then can the person make the positive changes that will keep them healthy for a lifetime.

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Why Muscle Imbalances Are Bad

Muscle imbalances are bad, okay? I should not have to tell you that, but I probably do because the training routine you are using is wrong and could possibly hurt you in the future. It is a sad fact of life, but it is totally true. A person who does not pay attention to how they work and what training methods they are using is putting them at risk for injury, boredom, and the problem we mentioned above.

A muscle imbalance is when one muscle on a side of a joint is too strong for the muscle on the other side of the joint. There are multiple problems with having a muscle too strong for the other side because the body is not made to have such an imbalance. The body was made to have efficiency (which it is always trying to get through homeostasis) therefore; a muscle imbalance is a large problem.

A classic case of muscle imbalance is some forms of back pain. This usually occurs because a person slouches most of the time they are working, then they go to a gym and exercise their “core” by doing abdominal work. Abdominal work not offset by lower back work causes a person to have a significantly stronger abdominal wall than the lower back. This type of muscle imbalance can be very painful, cause a slew of medical problems, and increase the likelihood of an injury to the individual.

Therefore, not only are muscle imbalances bad for a person in general, they are also downright dangerous to the overall health of that individual. In this way, a person may be dangerous to themselves and others (if they can not effectively control he weight they are using to work out.) The spotter they bring with them to the gym may get injured as well as anyone around them who happens to be in the vicity might be injured as well. Giving people possible injuries is not a good situation to put a friend (the spotter) in or the people who happened to be working out in the same place at that time.

Muscle imbalances can also affect the person over their lifetime. A person with a muscle imbalance for a long period of time is setting them up for injury in a multitude of activities. There are many people who have injured themselves and suffer long-term effects because of the injury. Therefore, it is smart to deal with the muscle imbalance before that muscle imbalance becomes a major issue in a person's life. These imbalances can lead to a variety of problems for a person, especially when the person becomes older. Therefore, it is smart to take care of the body is long as possible, especially when the body is healthy because mistakes that are made while a person is young carry-on into old age.

In closing, a person should plan workouts carefully to avoid these imbalances and to help them make the right choices in their life that will support good health later on. If anything, a person needs to have an eye towards the future when they are an older person. Mistakes that they had made as a younger person will come back to haunt them in the future.

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5 Weight Lifting Precautions You Should Keep In Mind

Weight lifting is one of the parts of functional training. It helps improve your appearance by building and toning the muscles of your body. Although weight training can also benefit you fight with muscle loss related with age, there are high risks of getting injured too. Therefore, learning about some safety precautions is essential for your functional training.

In order to take some safety precautions while lifting weights, keep in mind the following suggestions:

1. Wait till You Are 15
If you are in your teens, then you might be excitedly looking forward to start your weight training regime. However, health professionals say that there is high chance of damaging bones, muscles, and joints if weight lifting is done before the age of fifteen. In addition, taking a start so early can result in more health issues in the future. Therefore, it is recommended that you should wait until you are fifteen years old.

2. Fulfill the Pre and Post Weight Lifting Requirements
Warming up and cooling down are the two essential requirements of weight lifting before and after the session. Weight trainers put a lot of emphasis on warming up your body and cooling it down because this is how you can have the minimal risk of getting injured. Its main reason is that your body carries the blood flow through the muscles this way.

3. Breathe Properly
If you do not breathe properly while lifting weights, you will end up faining. Holding your breath is extremely dangerous because it can raise blood pressure and provides less oxygen to your brain. So, always breathe properly during your weight lifting session. In order to breathe properly, you can exhale during the exercise, lift the weight up, and then inhale when you hold the weight or put it back.

4. Take Help from a Spotter
A spotter is a person who is with you during your weight lifting session. His main purpose is to ensure that you do not get any kind of injury while lifting the weights. Prior to starting your weight lifting session, make sure he is there with you. If you have recently started to attend functional fitness sessions, he will guide you how to lift weights in the most appropriate manner so that you do not end up injuring yourself.

5. Keep Proper Posture
In order to achieve maximum functional fitness, lift weight with proper posture. This is another way to avoid any injury. All you need to do is to keep your abdominals engaged, knees bent slowly, and spine neutral.

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Pre and Post-Workout Foods to Eat

If you have made personal training a part of your healthy lifestyle, then you should know how you can create a balance between your diet and your workout routines. All you need to do is to make sure you eat the right combination of foods before your workout. This is how you can benefit the most from your functional fitness workouts.

Similarly, you need to regain that lost energy after the workout. Health professionals suggest specific foods for that as well. For both situations, have a look below to know more.

Before the Workout

Fueling your body before a workout is quite similar to fueling the tank of your car before driving for a long trip. Health professionals suggest that you should eat moderate protein, high carb, and low fat foods before going for an exercise. Some of such foods are listed below:

· A banana with low-fat yogurt

· Skim milk used to form smoothies of fruits

· A small wholegrain bread chicken sandwich

· Boiled egg

· Half piece of sweet potato along with cottage cheese (low-fat) and some salsa

Make sure the egg you eat before working out is hard-boiled. While eating you can remove its yolk and replace it with something less caloric. Furthermore, never eat a protein bar before your workout even if you have less time to prepare the required food. Protein bars are actually snack bars and they have a lot of kilojoules.

After the Workout

After you have done your functional training workout, it is time to re-energize yourself with some healthy foods. If you feel hungry after the workout, you can eat the meal that contains carbohydrates, good fat, and proteins. Some of the suggestions for post-workout food are given below:

· An egg with a wholegrain toast

· Whole meal wrap that is filled with salsa, one tablespoon cheese (low-fat), and beans

· Brown rice with a topping of vegetables and stir fried chicken

· Wholegrain pasta containing broccoli, eggplant, and chicken

· Some oats with fruit and skim milk


Water is the most essential drink to consume before as well as during the functional training workout. Health experts recommend that water should be consumed even before you feel thirsty. This is how proper hydration can be maintained while exercising.

In addition, sufficient consumption of water can result in increased productivity in terms of personal training. After all, you will feel fresh and motivated to exercise and achieve functional fitness only if you have the energy to do so.

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Is Your Body Decaying?

America has been falling apart the past couple of years, and I literally mean falling apart.

Vacant buildings with crumbling walls and bridges that are rusting away have become a normal sight to see on a Sunday drive.

Sadly, this could have been avoided if our priorities had been better chosen. Money / attention has been sent elsewhere, as we 'put it off' for another day.

However, perhaps worse yet, is not the decay of the infrastructure of buildings and roads, but the decay of our human bodies.

Years of neglect have been compounding them into a MASSIVE plague of diseases, joint deterioration, and cancer spreading like a VIRUS across our country.

We are on a path of self-destruction that will inevitably lead us to a time when we fail to progress and crumble as a whole.

Luckily there is hope for YOU. YOU have the choice to begin the reconstruction of your own personal infrastructure TODAY.

You do not have to hope and pray that millions of others will vote to pass tax laws to increase spending on repairing America's decay.

You can take a personal stand NOW and make HUGE changes that can, and will, change your life forever.

The first step can be as simple as heading out for a walk.

If you are an individual who has been declining for a number of years, I highly suggest that you go see your doctor as soon as humanly possible to get a full check up.

Blood pressure, blood profile, body weight, and more.

Do not put this off till another time. Take charge of your life for who you can become, and pick up the phone RIGHT NOW. Before you even finish reading this article, CALL.

Perhaps the biggest reason you would not start to take action is your fear of failing, or perhaps your fear of the 'pain' of dieting and exercising.

In the long run, the pain of not doing it will certainly be MUCH, MUCH greater.

Make a pledge to yourself to take that first step today.

Action is the only thing that cures fear. The moment you start doubting yourself and catch yourself afraid of the situation, do something immediately that will break up that negative mindset.

You could start doing 10 pushups every time that fear arises.

Soon enough the fear will be at bay and your health and fitness will improve in the process.

Best Wishes and have an Outstanding and Unbelievable day!

Kyle Bohannon

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5 Fitness Tips That You Must Know

Fitness is something which we all wish to have. But nowdays, life is moving at a jet speed and this has given rise to a number of factors that is taking a toll on our health and adversely affecting our fitness. Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, thyroid glands malfunctioning etc. are stealthily creeping into our lives, deteriorating life quality and also shortening life span.

Certain bad habits like sedentary lifestyle, junk food habit, lack of physical activity, smoking, drinking etc. have taken us away from fitness in the recent times. It is a good thing however that people have started to become aware of the negative impact of these habits and are trying to control them. They are trying to gather fitness tips to stay healthy and happy. This article will provide you with some important fitness tips.

To follow these tips you need not be a fitness freak. Just steer clear of the bad habits and you can automatically abide by the fitness tips.

Here follows the fitness tips:

1. You have to be very specific with your fitness goals. It is not just enough setting a fitness goal. For instance aim at shedding 2 inches off your waistline through your daily work-outs. If you set 2 inches as your specific target, you will know how much exactly you will have to shed and that will give an impetus to your efforts. However make sure that you fix realistic fitness goals for yourself. Unrealistic goals will only shatter your confidence.

2. Adopt a fitness workout plan and chalk out a routine. You can take the help of a personal fitness trainer while doing so. This is one of the most important fitness tips. Your chances of succeeding in your fitness goal increase a tenfold if you follow a structured fitness routine or plan. Nowadays customizable fitness plans are available online too.

3. There is a tendency among fitness freaks to over-train themselves. This is very wrong. If you do so, you may soon lose interest in the workout or may even hurt yourself. The rule is to increase the fitness training timings bit by bit and not all at once. This is another vital fitness tip.

4. Select your own fitness role-models. Read about them and draw adequate inspiration from their journey. If possible put up their photos on the walls of your exercise room. That will be a constant source of mental boost up for you.

5. Nutrition affects your fitness to a great extent. So you need to eat a diet that has the nutritional ability to make you fit. Your diet should be a balanced diet consisting of good fats, natural carbohydrates and lean proteins. Seeds and nuts like sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts are the main sources of good fats. Veggies and fruits are the main sources of natural carbohydrates. Red meat, chicken, poultry, fish are the main sources of lean proteins. Nutrition-related fitness tip is one of the most popular fitness tips.

So these are some important fitness tips. Follow these tips to live a hale and hearty life.

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The Secret to Physical Exercise and Training

Everything thing I have and everything I am as a person has come from my passion for sports and for training.

I am a ridiculously happy person. I love life and I get excited about the unlimited opportunities we have in this age.

I am blessed with my job. I do not have clients like most trainers. I have a family of people that I teach my passion to. They are wonderful people and as such I want to do everything in my power to help them achieve their goals and to do it as quickly as possible. There is a special energy in the air when a group of people work hard together for a common goal. The goal of self improvement.

After completing a tough session I am on a high. I know that no matter what else happens that day – I am a better person. I am stronger or faster or healthier etc

That is a win in any language!

So what training will do for you?

After training seriously for 20 years I can tell you one thing for sure. I believe with all my heart that there is a secret that many people do not know. Or that do know and have long forgotten.

That is the relationship between happiness, confidence and positivity and this amazing process called Physical Exercise.

Put the benefits physical exercise has on your health, metabolism and appearance aside. Physical exercise without a doubt will make you a happier person. It will make you a more confident person and it will make you more positive!

Think about it for a minute. How hard do you work and how much money do you spend on trying to be happy, confident and positive. It is pretty much our life mission. Naturally we strive to be happy.

Please trust me. All these amazing benefits come from physical exercise! Do not believe me? I challenge you to join a group exercise program with nice people, train for three weeks and tell me I'm wrong. Give it a try and I will guarantee you will believe it was worth it.

Every week I train groups of people together. I have met so many different personality types, different people with different carers, backgrounds and families. All of them … and I mean all of them that have trained for more than four weeks have changed dramatically. They hold themselves differently now, they look at the same world but through different eyes. They naturally now focus on the positive occurrences in their lives and have more energy to chase their dreams. It is obvious – they have discovered the secret relationship between physical exercise and feeling amazing!

Use your courage, take the challenge and start to love life even more!

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Top Personal Training Tips

We live in a society that is suffering an obesity epidemic. Despite this statistic it is interesting to find that we continue to spend more money on gym memberships, fitness equipment and fitness dvd's! So where are we all going wrong?

The first answer lies in the quantities of food we now consume. Portion sizes have increased dramatically over the last 10 years and we now consume more more saturated fat, salt and sugar than our predecessors. So our focus should be on making sustainable changes to our diets that will help us to see results without having to count calories or starve ourselves. Most of these changes are simple and involve cutting down on refined sugary foods, alcohol, and white processed flour. These changes can make such a world of difference to how you feel and to your waistline.

The second area where most people are going wrong is that they are not exercising properly for their bodies. This may sound like an odd thing to say, but just having a gym membership is simply not enough. You must exercise in a way that will bring you results. This means working out at the correct intensity and finding exercises that will help you to see the best results for your investment of time. Studies show that most of us only spend an average of 45 minutes in the gym for each workout. This is not a great deal of time, so we must make the time we invest exercising really count.

Many people in gyms often do exercises that are either unproductive and just a waste of their time. Instead we should focus on compound exercises. These recruit the maximum number of muscles fibers and will not only burn more calories but will create a greater 'afterburn' enabling your body to carry on burning calories long after you have finished your workout.

Compound exercise include dead lifts and squats to name a few and can be performed by anyone regardless of fitness or strength. We should also make sure we pay close attention to correct form. This means ensuring that the exercise is being performed properly and with close attention to detail. By concentrating on super-slow protocol, a heavy weight is not even necessary.

The final factor is motivation with a capital 'M.' We've all been there, right? We start of with great enthusiasm to join a gym and we even attend for at least a few weeks and then something always happens to throw us a curved ball and we seem to lose the interest to keep attending. This is where motivation comes into it. Think of any supreme athlete. They have desire and motivation and this is why they remain so dedicated to their training.

These tips will help you to change the way that you body looks and with the right support from a personal trainer you can expect to see transformations quickly and safely.

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Discover A Powerful And Gainful Fitness Marketing Approach

When you start to engage in a certain business, it's important to learn and to implement the fundamental steps needed to make it grow. Marketing is the significant key that makes every business loom. Without a doubt, it is the life blood of any business enterprise. Every business owner wants to have a flourishing business; however, not all know how to do and provide their businesses with proper business and marketing management. It will be rewarding when your endeavor has replied to something beautiful. If you run a marketing campaign and it works beautifully, then it will definitely give your business an edge. In order for you to generate high sales and revenue, you need to become competitive with concern to marketing your firm. You must let people recognize the services or products your business has to offer so that you will have more clients later on. Behind every successful health club there's a powerful and gainful fitness marketing approach used. In order to achieve your business goals, you need to attract many potential customers. Before you do this, you need first to ensure that you provide outstanding facilities and effective fitness programs.

No matter how effective your health programs are, they are useless if you do not know how to promote your gym and attract enough number of clients. You need to create unique and attractive ways in promoting your gym center. It is advantageous to create awareness to the public regarding your personal gym. The interest of the people to go to a fitness center must grow. To make it happen, you must take into account the necessary actions that could help you achieve a progressive business. Every campaign has its pros and cons; therefore, you need to weigh them before you decide to use them for your business development. In terms of advertising, you must exert a tremendous effort if you want to achieve a consistent and lucrative business.

Gym instructors must possess positive attitudes to make the clients feel that they are being valued. To keep them coming back in your gym, you must provide them with worthwhile enjoyable training lessons. You need to motivate them in a good way so that they will get the right satisfaction and they will introduce your center to their friends and other people. This is a great way to harness your business' potential.

In fitness center marketing, you must understand its importance so that you will be able to do it in a perfect way. Get to know all the pros and cons of it right from the outset if you want to obtain a guaranteed result. Advertising your business online is certainly the most effective and fastest way to make it become popular.

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Don’t Explode Your Heart And Lungs

The basic principles of cardiovascular workouts are known to most fit people who look after themselves. People who workout, build muscle and improve their fitness levels know that care should still be taken to look after the heart and lungs together as an item.

How Much Cardio Should You Do?

It depends on the individual but generally you should start out by doing two to three sessions for 20 minutes per session. As your fitness level increases, you can up the duration and intensity. You can do the same thing if you hit a plateau.

For example: Start with two sessions per week, 20 minutes per session. Increase your session by five minutes every week until you're doing cardio for 45 minutes per session. Add in another weekly session (three total) if you plateau. Then start increasing the intensity of your cardio each week.

Should You Do Cardio on an Empty Stomach?

Some people suggest that you should do cardio on an empty stomach, because then your body will use your stored glycogen and then fat cells for energy, rather than using any readily available sugar. That may be true, but even the experts are still in disagreement about this one.

So here's what I suggest:

  • Never do high-intensity cardio on an empty stomach. You need fuel in order to perform your best, so it's best to eat about an hour or so beforehand.
  • Test and see. If you're getting good results when you eat before doing cardio, stick with it. It's better to have fuel in your body when you're working out. If you hit a plateau, you may consider doing empty-stomach cardio in the morning.

What's the Best Time of the Day to Do Cardio?

Okay then, should you do morning, afternoon or evening cardio sessions?

The answer for this one is simple: Do it at the time of the day when you feel the most energetic (and you're most motivated to do cardio). If, for example, you're not a morning person, then do not try to do morning cardio. It will be too easy for you to “blow off” and start skipping cardio sessions.

In other words, do not give yourself an excuse to not do cardio. And choose the best time of the day for you.

Can You Do Cardio On the Same Day as Weights?

Yes, you can do cardio on the same day as weights, though it's not preferable. If you do it, then do your cardio AFTER your weights. Here's why:

  • Your energy stores are depleted. If you do weights first, then you'll use up the stored glycogen in your muscles. The next thing your body will look to tap into for energy is fat stores. And that means your body will start burning fat.
  • You will not skimp on your lifting. If you do cardio before lifting, you'll use up a lot of energy. By the time you get to your weights, you will not be doing 100% output. And if you're not really lifting to muscle failure (rather, you're just exhausted from cardio), then you will not get good results.

A note of caution: Do NOT do weight training and HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) on the same day. That's too taxing on the body. Plus, you will not be able to perform HIIT the right way if you've depleted your energy lifting weights.

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Today’s Young Athletes Under-Train and Over-Compete!

True story. Yesterday, a gentleman who had called me a few days earlier thought in his pre-teen son for his first training session. He told me that his son is a baseball player, and that he just received his son's baseball schedule from January through July of 2013. His son will play in over 70 games in 6 months!

Are you kidding me, I laughingly asked? But no, he was serious.

A pre-teen playing that many games in 6 months is laughable to me. But, more and more, I'm hearing about these kids especially in baseball, but also in soccer, lacrosse, and swimming who are playing more games, than actually training for the game. And as a result, I am training more kids today whos parents come to me tell me about the surgeries and various injuries their kids have or had, that were a rarity years ago.

Now, I know someone out there will say, “Well professional baseball players play 182 games.

My answer to that is … Exactly! They are professionals! Your kid is not.

Professional baseball players also get complete days off. They have professional message therapist on staff. They have treatment rooms equipped with ice baths, and heating packs. They have athletic trainers to tend to nagging injuries and a strength coach like me to work on making sure they are in tip top shape for that long season.

Parents have to have a mindful of the amount of Repetitive Stress being placed upon their kid's young bones, muscles and nervous systems. Carefully monitor your kids for nagging injuries that seem not to go away. Look for signs of stress, irritability, pain in the shoulders, arms, and legs, as these can be signs of overuse and fatigue.

I have written past articles on parents having their kids specialize in one sport. I firmly believe the best athletes in many sports tend to be the ones who have played multiple sports. Playing multiple sports forces the athlete to train multiple muscle groups in all three planes of movement, instead of using the same muscles over and over again. Playing multiple sports also trains the body to perform aerobically and anaerobically.

If your athletic only enjoys playing one sport, then I recommend that they find a good sports performance coach asap, to work on balancing out those overused muscle groups. We can create strength in the underused muscles, and help the overused muscles recover.

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Train Like an Olympian

The Olympic Games have begun! For the next two weeks we will be glued to the television, mesmerized by the triumphs, defeats and perseverance of the world's best athletes. It may be too late to become an Olympic athlete, but you can still learn from the best and apply their secrets to your training plan.

1. Keep you eye on the prize.

To the athletes, the Olympic games begin years before we watch the final performance on television. Years before the games start, the athletes set their sights on competitiveness in the games, and create an action plan to achieve their goal. Their four year plan contains smaller goals, such as other competitions, or tweaking a technical aspect of their performance.

To be successful in fitness, it is important to know what being successful means to you. In other words, you need to have a goal. If your goal is a lofty one, such as losing 50 pounds, break down the goals to create an action plan. For example, you might start by walking two miles every day for a month, and swapping mashed potatoes for steamed veggies at supper. Once you have succeeded, you can work toward the next smaller goal, such as adding swimming into your fitness routine two times a week.

2. Be a part of a team

Even athletes in individual sports such as speed skating are a part of a team. Athletes have technical coaches, nutritionists, fitness coaches, doctors and others supporting them and helping them become successful.

In your own fitness endeavors, creating your own personal support network will help to ensure success. You may find that you benefit from working with a nutritionist or personal trainer. Friends and family can also become a part of your support network. Having a good workout partner will help keep you motivated as you work toward your goal.

3. Use food to fuel your body.

While I do not know exactly what every Olympic athlete eats everyday, I can safely bet that they do not finish a tough workout with a box of donuts. Successful athletes look at food as a way to fuel their body; not as the enemy. They make sure they are getting all the right nutrients to give energy for their workouts.

Instead of thinking as food as a way to distract, reward yourself, curse boredom, or try to avoid as much as you can, think of food as a way to fuel your active lifestyle. For each meal or snack you plan, think about what the food will do for your body. When you start thinking about food in this way, healthy eating will be the obvious choice.

4. Train your mind as well as your body

The difference between an Olympic gold medalist and any other athlete may very well be only in the head. Any high caliber athletic will understand the importance of mental training. Positive self talk, visualization and 'getting in the zone' are examples of using the mind to achieve athletic goals.

Use the power of your mind to improve your own level of fitness. Positive self talk, such as saying “I look forward to going for a run” or “I am a fit, healthy person who likes to exercise” can keep you motivated. Phrases such as “I can do this” or “be strong” can help push you through a tough workout and bring your fitness to the next level.

Adopt the strategies of the best athletes in the world to improve your own level of fitness. Set goals, create a support network and use positive self-talk to be stronger and healthier.

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