How To Choose a Personal Trainer

If you go online, you will unduly find multiple advertisements for personal training in your area. Any commercial gym you walk into will have a list of trainers you can work with as a member. The question is, how do you choose the one that is a good fit for you? Not every trainer is the right trainer for every person and it is important to know some things to look for when shopping around. Here are some characteristics and things to look for in your fitness professional.

When you are looking for a trainer, the first thing you want to look for is certification. Now sure, certifications do not dictate a perfect trainer, however, it shows that they are committed to their profession and that they take personal training seriously. It also lets you know that they have been tested on things such as muscle movement, program design, anatomy, and different types of clientele. It is a good basis for weaving out those who may not be serious about their training.

Another thing I look for and that I think is REALLY important, is the trainer's goals & experience. One of the first question I asked my first ever trainer was, “what kind of workouts do you do” and “what is your experience”. Both of these questions will help you determine if they have any personal goals, which is they do not then how do you expect them to help you reach yours? It will also give you an inside look into their past experiences, which can show the types of training they are adept in.

Always ask the trainer who their most common type of client is. Now this is not to say that you discount that person based on their preferred type, but it will give you an idea to where most of their knowledge may lie. If they tend to work with older populations, they probably have a vast knowledge in corrective exercise and slow, strength training. If they tend to work with athletes, they are probably very knowledgeable with conditioning & metabolic training.

Lastly, but most importantly, is just get a feel for how your personalities mesh. If you can see yourself butting heads with the trainer, it may not lead to the most effective training sessions. If the trainer seems too easy to pushover, they will probably be easy to slack off with, which defeats the purpose of having the trainer. Make sure they are firm, but not mean. Make sure they push you, but not try to kill you. And make sure they are capable of working with your schedule and life outside the gym, and that they will not give up when life gets in the way. it is important to be versatile and being flexible with scheduling and program design, will be imperative to keeping you engaged.

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Personal Trainer Talks About Weight Loss

I am going to talk about one of the biggest things I deal with as a Personal Trainer, “Weight Loss”.

If you are looking for an easy weight loss plan and you want the Fat to drop off without any effort, then unless you are seriously ill, “which you don`t want” weight loss might not be that easy and lady luck does play a role in how easy you can lose weight. Most of us have seen people that can eat anything they want and still stay slim, and I even have some clients that fit this bill, “Lucky them.”

For most people who are overweight losing the extra pounds can be extremely difficult. Why?

There are probably hundreds of reasons “sorry I mean to say excuses” and I have heard them all before, but we won`t go into that in this article.

If you want to lose some weight, here are a few things you should consider.

1. Ask yourself how much do you want to lose weight? Is it worth sacrificing some of your favorite foods / alcohol that is not so healthy?

2. Are you prepared to put in some extra effort?

3. Will you start / increase your exercise levels?

4. Do you have your weight loss goals written down? People who write them down are more likely to be successful.

5. If you have tried to lose weight in the past why did it not work?

6. Can you write down a healthy eating plan for 1 week? Try this right now if you want. If you can`t then you need some education regarding what foods are good and how to plan them into your daily meals.

7. If you have a food plan you are going to follow, are you going to be able to stick to it for the rest of your life? If not, then your weight will probably go back up.

As a Personal Trainer I understand just how daunting a task it can be to shed those unwanted pounds and I will now give you a few tips to help you on your journey to a healthier happier you.

1. Exercise on an empty stomach if possible, this can help you burn up to 300% more fat.

2. Instead of doing long slow cardio sessions make them more intense and do interval training Ie 40 seconds fast 20 seconds recovery, adjust times to suit you fitness level.

3. Include some form of weight training into your session as this will also boost your metabolism (burn more calories) for up to 48hrs after you finish your workout.

4. Set yourself some fitness goals and monitor your progress.

5. Keep a food diary.

6. If you have a bad day don`t let that slip into a bad week get right back on track the next day.

There are hundreds of other tips I will be sharing in later articles as well as some Rapid Fat Loss workout videos, which will really get your body burning fat. I hope this article can help you in some way to get that healthy lifestyle, reduce weight, look great and live longer.

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Efficient Buttocks Exercises

You may hail from a long line of flat-butted ancestors and now you're looking for some efficient buttocks exercises. You're not alone. Plenty of people struggle with having what's known as a board butt – a butt where there's no curve and no definition to the backside.

While some people do not mind having a flat butt, not having any lift in the rear is unacceptable to many and it can be frustrating not having the body you want to have. But the good news is that you do not have to live that way any longer.

If you've looked for ways to give your butt some padding and bounce, you might have seen products that offer to give you the appearance of a nicely rounded butt. You may have seen these products in the form of butt lifts or in articles of clothing.

The problem is that when you take off the lifts or remove the clothes, you still have the same butt! You do not want a great looking butt that only puts in an appearance socially but disappears into a drawer at home. You want one that's here to stay.

If you tend to be more skinny than slender, you might also be more prone to not having curves, but efficient buttocks exercises help skinny men and women to get their butts in the shape they long for.

For people who have trouble building muscle in the Gluteus Maximus, you'll definitely want to work on squat repetitions. Work on squeezing and tucking those muscles to build them while you're doing the squats. Squeeze and release to tone.

This is the key or some might say the secret ingredient to exercises that target the glutes. It's a known fact that lunges and squats will also strengthen the thigh muscles. What you may not know is that if you do not actively work the Gluteus Maximus while you do the exercises for that target area, you'll build more muscle in your thighs first.

Since that's not your main goal, it's important that you work the buttock muscles by continuously tightening and releasing during the exercises. If you do not feel the muscle as you're working out – like you can when exercising your biceps or your thigh muscles, then odds are very high, it's not getting enough of a workout.

When you work it, you feel it. Have you ever engaged in an exercise and the next day your butt was sore? That's because the exercise you did gave your Gluteus Maximus a workout and odds are that it was not used to that exercise.

These efficient buttocks exercises will help you build your glute muscles – and combined with a regular training program, you can become a whole new you from the backside all around. So if you've already spent some time 'settling' for a flat butt, thinking that you have to live with it, then it's time to change your way of thinking and go for what you want.

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What Is Stamina?

For most people stamina is simply endurance. However, it is much more than this. It is definitely worth asking, “What is stamina?” This will help you understand the works of the body and what you need to do in order to be able to work out harder and for longer without getting tired.

Indeed, the simplest answer to the question, “What is stamina”, is simply physical endurance. The question is what the process behind this endurance is. In order to get the answer, it is worth learning how the body works.

Both the nutrients and oxygen you take with food and when breathing respectively participate in a complex process called metabolism. This process involves a number of systems in the body including the respiratory, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular system. This process is complex, but the end result is simple. The nutrients have become fuel for the cells and for the muscles in general. The oxygen is responsible for delivering this fuel to the cells and muscles.

The problem comes when the energy conversion and energy distribution processes do not work as fast as you would want them to. It is perfectly natural for the body to get set amounts of energy and to use them up at a certain pace. After the energy sources are exhausted and their distribution is ineffective, you get tired and lethargic.

The idea behind building stamina is to improve the performance of the different systems in the body responsible for energy conversion and production. The improved metabolic and other body functions will bring you greater endurance. They will allow more of the nutrients and oxygen you intake to be used more effectively.

Basically, by improving these processes in the body, you will be able to fuel your muscles more effectively and for a longer period of time. In turn, you will be able to exercise effectively and for a longer period of time. This gives an answer to the question, “What is stamina?”

It is worth looking at how stamina is achieved as well. The aerobic (with oxygen) metabolic process can be made more effective with the use of aerobic exercises. They allow you to work out all the muscle groups in the body as well as the cardiovascular, respiratory and other systems in the body. The goal is to extend the amount of exercise your body does gradually, so that a higher metabolic level can be reached and kept.

This seems simple, but it is actually not. Those who ask, “What is stamina training like”, should know that it is considering difficult to come up with a program that will allow you to build endurance while not causing any injuries and other health problems. Indeed, you need to have a program based on measurable goals and a precise step by step plan on how to build endurance. It is worth pointing out that building endurance involves not only intensive aerobic training, but also strength training, core strength training, stretching and muscle building exercises.

What is stamina? Now you know the answer to this question. Use the knowledge you have now to build and improve your endurance.

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Increase Stamina

There are a lot of benefits you will enjoy, if you increase stamina. You will be fitter and have more energy for training and other activities throughout the day. You will enjoy a better general health as well. In order to get all these benefits, you should definitely use some valuable practical advice.

Do develop an exercise plan to increase stamina. Do not push yourself harder than your body can get.

Every professional athlete will tell you that if you have a training plan to follow, you will achieve better results more easily thanks to precise goal setting and motivation. That is why you need to develop an entire exercise program. Choose the aerobic exercises you will do and plan your endurance building based on your current level of training and the goals you have set. Just remember that endurance building is not about exhausting yourself. Be sensible and set your goals and plans in line with your current abilities and your general health.

Do include supplementary exercises to aerobic exercises to get better results. Do not focus extensively on building muscle mass.

Different people have different needs in order to increase stamina effectively. While some may need to focus solely on an aerobic exercise, such as swimming, others may have to work harder to reach their endurance goals. You should definitely do more stretching exercises, if you have back, bone and joint problems of any type. The same applies to doing yoga. Similarly, if you have not worked out regularly before starting endurance training, you should definitely consider doing core strength exercises for the back and abdominal muscles. Just remember that building muscles mass is not the same as building stamina. In fact, the former can play a bad trick on you, if you focus on it too much.

Do devise a special diet to increase stamina. Do not take supplements without getting an expert opinion first.

Intensive aerobic training should be completed with a healthy diet that will give you enough energy without adding extra weight to your body. You should definitely have a diet rich in protein, preferably coming for low-calories sources such as poultry, fish and nuts. Having more vegetables and fruits will certainly be beneficial. Eat foods rich in healthy carbs in a regular basis. These include whole grain bread, pasta and cereal. Supplements can help you sustain the energy and endurance levels you need to increase stamina for good. However, you should not use any kind of supplement before finding out how it works and how it will work on you in particular, given your exercise plan, general health and lifestyle.

Do find and use different sources of motivation. Do not get a training partner before thinking this through.

It takes times and effort to increase stamina, so you will definitely need to get additional motivation. Most people are motivated by rewards, but you really have to figure out what motivates you in particularly. Just do not think that getting a training buddy is the best possible solution for motivation. It is essential for you to go at your own pace during endurance training and a partner can stop you from doing this.

Now you know how to increase stamina and to avoid major mistakes along the way.

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No Excuses!

I often hear so many excuses when it comes to health, fitness, and dieting. I have been listening these same excuses for years, these excuses, in my mind will never go away for people that use them. The number one excuse is there's no time to workout with my busy schedule. To me that's very hard to believe, I understand people work eight hour shifts, have kids, have other priorities in their lives, I mean who does not. This is your health we are talking about, it's so vital to exercise and eat healthy from time to time. When people tell me they do not have time, I know it's an excuse; there is always 30-60 min to spare for exercise. Many individuals would rather spend their time on useless things or simply just lounge around and watch TV instead. Whether it's before work, on your lunch, after work, or late at night when all the kids are in bed, there's always time to get some exercise in, plain and simple. Even if you can exercise at least three times a week, it's better than nothing, I am not saying you have to be in the gym consistently everyday, not everyone has the same goals when it comes to fitness. I can not stress how important it is to exercise your muscles from time to time and to get your cardio in for cardiovascular reasons, both short and long term health wise. No excuses, only solutions, remember this.

Excuses for dieting / eating healthy, these excuses are my favorite. There are so many excuses when it comes to dieting it becomes funny at times. People always tell me, it's too hard to eat healthy all the time, it's too expensive, it's too time consuming, my family always makes greasy food so I'm forced to eat it, etc. All of these excuses are not good enough; they are a bunch of BS. Of course eating healthy is challenging, why would it be easy, just like when you want something in life, it never comes easy, so why would eating healthy be? I understand there are many temptations when it comes to food, but it's very simple, just say no, it's very easy, if you can not say no to bad food, so be it, it's your body and health. Eating healthy is very psychological and could be very depressing at times, but the results you benefit from is incredible health wise. People think by going to the gym or going out for a run means they've accomplished something; well you have not if you do not stick to a healthy diet and give your body the necessary macronutrients it demands and describes. People often tend to make the same mistake often after a workout; they feel they can eat whatever just because they have exercised for the day. By doing this you will never see results, going to the gym becomes a waste of time for you if you have that kind of mentality.

When I hear that eating healthy is too expensive, I think it's also an excuse. The reason I think this is because people spend their money on useless things and if they just took the time to educate them on nutrition they would really understand the true meaning of eating healthy. I am trying to make it clear that it is an investment buying healthy foods, of course it's going to be expensive, but it's an investment that will benefit you and your kids in the long run. I am not saying you have to go and buy the most expensive foods; there are alternative foods out there that are affordable. As a child I grow up eating nothing but bad foods, so I understand when parents just feed their kids whatever, because they do not know any better. Only do these parents know that it's their child that sufferers as they get older weight wise. I promise you by eating healthy on a consistent basis will benefit you, make the right choice and start today. Once again no excuses, only solutions.

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Best Ways to Improve Stamina

You certainly want to know how to improve stamina. This can bring you a variety of benefits from improved energy and general health to injury prevention. There is no doubt that the best way in which to get these beneficial results is to do exercise. The question is what kind of exercise to do exactly.

Aerobic exercises give you the best way to get the desired results. This is what anyone who knows how to improve stamina will tell you. Running and jogging are by far the most popular choices for increasing your endurance. These are really good choices and even the most obvious choices, if you are training for a marathon, for instance. Just remember that you may need to start from level zero rather than level one and begin your endurance training with brisk walling to extend jogging and running later on.

Cycling and swimming are other great methods that you can use to build endurance. The main benefit of using any of these methods is that the exercise puts less of a strain on the bones and joints. This makes them particularly suitable for people who have injuries as well as for older individuals who are more prone to suffering from bone and joint problems. Just remember that even though these types of exercises are easier on the bones and joints, they are as demanding as running.

Hiking is another type of exercise that those who know how to improve stamina will recommend. Hiking has a variety of benefits that you should definitely consider. Firstly, it involves walking which allows for the working out of all muscle groups. It is reliably safe and often less demanding from a psychological point of view. In addition, you will hike in mountain and wood regions where the air is fresher and has more oxygen. In general, hiking is a superb supplementary exercise to your main routine and it can even be used on its own.

Core building exercises are a must for most people starting endurance training. The core of the body is essentially the center of gravity of the body. It includes the abdominal and low back area. Abs exercises and low back exercises are good solutions. You will get the best results with using a gym ball. You may also want to use machines for training your ab and back muscles.

Pilates and yoga are very good choices for building stamina, core strength building and stretching. This is what any person who knows how to improve stamina will tell you. Even though these may seem “girly” exercises, they are used by numerous athletes in sports from soccer to boxing. Pilates and yoga are excellent supplementary exercises to endurance building, so you are highly recommended to use them.

Now you know how to improve stamina using a variety of different types of exercises. It is a good idea to choose a main exercise to focus on and use the other work outs as supplementary exercises. In this way, you will be able to work out all the muscles in your body effectively and to get the level of stamina you have always wanted.

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How to Build Stamina During Your Workouts

You want to know how to build stamina. This is particularly valuable for different types of professional and non-professional training. It is also valuable for the general health. You become more physically fit and reduce your risk of suffering from fatigue and lethargy. In order to get all these benefits, you simply need to develop an effective stamina building program.

How to build stamina? Your goal is to develop your aerobic endurance. This is the ability of your body's circulatory and respiratory systems to supply sufficient amounts of oxygen to your muscles so that they can be physically active for longer periods of time.

Since you are aiming for aerobic endurance, you have to base your work out program on aerobic exercises. The most widely used aerobic exercise for stamina building is jogging. However, this is not your only choice. If you are physically fit to run long distances for a long time during the day, you may still choose running. Individuals with bone and joint problems as well as ones who are more susceptible to injuries should definitely consider swimming at their main exercise. Cycling is a good choice as well.

If you want to know how to build stamina in general and not for a special athletic event, you may want to choose a combination of these aerobic exercises. However, since endurance training is quite demanding, you are highly recommended to make any combinations only with the assistance of a professional trainer. This is particularly applicable to those who are not use to working out regularly.

Should you add some training training exercises to the workout regimen? There are a variety of stamina workout machines to select from. Strength training is recommended especially to those who need to build some muscle. Again, if you incorporated it in your program, you should definitely consult a professional trainer to get the right amount and type of exercise you need.

There are a variety of stamina building methods to select from. Long slow distance training is the most widely used method of all. It is used in different sports, such as long distance running and cycling. It is also recommended to those who have not previously worked out to boost their endurance. That is why it may be the best choice for you.

The idea behind long slow distance training is simple. You have to increase the distance you are covering while exercising by a small proportion every time you exercise or every other time you exercise. It is best for you to increase the distance covered gradually with adding short distances at a time. In general, it is best for you to devise a plan before you start training.

Now you know the basic rules on how to build stamina. They key to success is to devise an effective program. Another important thing to keep in mind is that since endurance training uses up a lot of energy, you should set a special diet regiment as well. Include more protein in your diet and eat at least five times a day.

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How to Increase Your Personal Fitness

You are asking yourself how to increase stamina, but you have no clue how to do it. The reality is that endurance training is not simple. However, with some advice and guidance, you will be able to get the results you want safely and reliably quickly.

Base your exercise program on a single aerobic exercise. Despite the common misconception, this will allow you to build endurance not only when you do this particular exercise, but in general. Focusing on one exercise will allow you to advance faster and to understand the needs of your body better.

Choose an aerobic exercise that matches your individual needs. The main choices you have include jogging, running, cycling and swimming. Hiking is a good choice as well. In general, you can select any kind of aerobic exercise that corresponds to your goals, interest, fitness and general health.

Try to exercise outdoors or in a well-ventilated indoor space with medium temperatures. If you want to learn how to increase stamina, you need to understand that it is based on the optimal use of oxygen. When your body gets more oxygen, the fuel derived from nutrients is more effectively transported to each and every muscles cell. When you exercise outdoors ort at leas in ventilated indoor facility, you will get more oxygen and build stamina more effectively.

Devise an effective and balanced work out plan on how to increase stamina. Set specific times for exercise. Make sure you get to rest at least 24 hours between each work out. In general, resting for 48 hours is usually recommended to non-professional athletes. Do not exercise for longer than you need to. In endurance training, it is all about extending the distance you cover rather than extending the time for exercise.

Warm up and cool down every time you exercise. Stretching should become an inseparable part of your program on how to increase stamina. You should do it before you start and after you finish. Doing some brisk cardio exercises at the beginning of each work out is also essential for getting the heart work optimally during the training session. Jumping is known to be particularly pleasant and effective.

Learn to relax effectively. Those who know how to increase stamina realize the importance of relaxation for endurance building. The more effectively you relax between the work outs the greater amount of energy you will be able to accumulate and use. Relaxation involves reducing the stress in your life, in general. In particular, it may involve spa treatments and medication. Irrespective of your choice, you need to ensure that you will get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Eat a balanced healthy diet. Have three meals and two snacks a day. Remove read meats, high-fat dairy and sugary foods from your diet. Eat learn poultry and fish, vegetables and fruits as well as small amounts of healthy carbs. Not smoking and drinking is more than beneficial.

This is how to increase stamina effectively. Use all of these tips to get the results you want and more. Just remember to find ways in which to stay motivated during endurance training.

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True Stamina

You can select from a variety of different ways to develop true stamina. The effectiveness of the method and the results you will get depend on a variety of individual factors. That is why it is worth finding the best method for you using some guidance and advice.

The best way to get true stamina is safe. This is something that a lot of people do not pay attention to or do not care about at all. However, unless you do it safely, you will not get the results you want. Furthermore, you may sustain some serious injuries and even chronic medical conditions.

The most effective way to achieve the safety you want is to use a program that matches your general health and fitness. If you have any respiratory, cardiovascular, back, bone, joint and / or muscle problems, you should definitely consult your doctor before starting endurance training. Going at your own pace is also extremely important for getting the results you want safely. You should also be extremely careful about the use of dietary supplements including popular vitamins and minerals.

The best way to get true stamina involves exercises that match your individual needs. Someone who wants to participate in a marathon will certainly choose running as the main exercise for their endurance program. However, you are not limited to this popular work out. You can select from similar ones, such as jogging, cycling and swimming. You can also choose hiking and even walking. The latter is specifically suitable for people with chronic medical conditions as well as for the elderly. Make wise choice in order to make the most out of the aerobic exercises you do.

Building true stamina has to be completed by building muscles and building strength in order to get the best possible results. Since endurance training is traditionally needed by athletes, a lot of amateurs fail to take into account the importance of strength building and even stretching. Athletes already have well developed and strong muscles, but you may not. That is why it is particularly important for you to focus on developing your core muscles and all main muscle groups in general using various strength training exercises. You may want to do even weight lifting to develop larger and stronger muscles.

You should build stamina with sufficient rest. When you work out, you use up large amounts of energy and water. In turn, your body needs sufficient time to recuperate and get its systems working at their natural pace. As you build endurance, you will be able to work out for longer without needing rest. However, as a beginner, you should give your body enough time to rest, at least 24 hours between each work out. If you are getting strength training as well, you may want to expand the rest time between the work outs to 48 hours.

What is the best way to get true stamina? The best method is safe, designed to suit your own needs, comprehensive and balanced. You can readily devise your own endurance training program based on these factors.

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Ten Minute Workout

This article is about ten minute workouts to help your stay in good shape. Many people lack the time to exercise every day especially when the duration takes up to one hour of your precious time. Others find it a daunting task to undertake the hour-long workout every day of the week. The most important thing to understand is that what really count are the intensity and the consistency of your workout territory. It is only efficient exercises that can produce the results you are after-health and fitness. The duration of your workouts do not count for much if the quality of your exercises is poor.

My friend did you know that a squat with bicep curl works more than one muscle? You may want to do more than just hit the weights every day. You may decide to do a 50 meters dash uphill to bump your workout time to a whopping 6 minutes.

How do you do it?

Run very fast to the top of the hill or on a stretch of 50 meters. Work back slowly and then repeat the run at least seven times. These runs are enough for a one day workout. Do this for at least 5 days a week consistently. You will achieve fitness, health, and a lean muscular body if you focus and work hard at it every day of the week. You can do it my friend. Another way to gain fitness is to climb a stair case with at least 10 stairs every day. Run up the stairs and climb down slowly. Repeat this ten times before calling it a day.

Aerobic exercise is recommended by the CDC for adults. CDC says that you perform a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week so you may improve your health situation. If you increase the intensity of your workout from normal pace to villorous you will achieve the same results in less time. You could achieve the desired result with ten minutes of intensive aerobic workouts. In this case you do not include warm up and cool down time. You will actually burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health.

The circuit training magic:
Circuit training helps tone your muscles and improve your cardio. Circuit training combines resistance training and intensive aerobics. The advantages of circuit training are; provides whole body workout, does not require expensive gym equipment, it is done in groups with an experienced instructor being in charge, and it is easy to customize and to adapt to your sport. Circuit training is time efficient and so fits well with ten minutes workout regimes. All you need to do is to choose at least ten different resistance training exercises that you might want to participate in your program are; presses, shoulder exercises, squats, lunges, calf raises, rows, triceps dips, biceps, curls, push ups, crunches and back extensions.

Complete about 5 different resistance training exercises from your program at every workout session. Each exercise should be completed with no rest between each station.

It is advisable to consult your doctor before embarking on circuiting training to ensure that you are physically it for intensive workouts.

For more information on ten minute workout visit his website

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How To Deal With Free Session Offers!

Offering free sessions are commonplace in the Personal Training industry. Typically, the Sales Person or the owner if a Sole Operator will conduct the complimentary sessions and then continue through the sales process.

In marketing, a key business Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is the Lifetime Value of the customer. Lifetime Value reflects to how much a client spends with a business in a year. In some PT businesses the average Lifetime Value of a customer can be about $ 4000 per year.

With this in mind, a Personal Trainer giving away free sessions should not be an issue because look at what the business can get back in return. Giving away $ 200 of your time to get $ 4000 in return is very good. Especially when it's only time that you are giving away.

Having said that, offering too many free sessions and not screening or 'qualifying' the prospect first can lead to a situation where you are completing lots of complimentary sessions with people who are just chasing the next opportunity and never intend on joining.

When offering 3 FREE sessions:

The first session should be a 'Goal Setting Session' . This is where you sit the prospect down, have them fill in your Pre Exercise Questionnaire, and dig down into the 'Why' they want to do Personal Training. Ask the 'W' questions.

What … are your goals?

Why … are these your goals?

Where … specifically do you want results?

When … do you want to achieve your results?

During this goal Setting Session, you should try to get the client to see the benefits of your Personal training and at the end if the rapport is high and benefit of your training has been explained then definitely 'ask' for the sale! No need to wait until the 3rd Session.

But what about the other 2 FREE sessions?

The remaining 2 FREE Sessions offered to this client can be added to their 'Pack' of training they purchase. For example, if they sign up for 2 sessions per week, to cover the 2 complimentary sessions still owed, they can simply do 3 sessions for the first 2 weeks of their training.

Offering an incentive to sign on the first session:

You may be asking why would someone sign up on the first session and not wait until they have completed all 3 to make their decision?

Firstly, during that first session you need to build the emotion in the prospect about 'WHY' they want to do this, and 'How' much it means to them. Use that emotion and tell the prospect that 'ACTION' needs to be taken and you recommend we get started now.

As an incentive for joining after the first Goal Setting Session you can offer to double their remaining complimentary sessions and add them to their pack.

For Example:

If you join today I will double your remaining 2 FREE sessions to 4, how does that sound?

Then we can schedule these 4 complimentary sessions 1 per week for your first 4 weeks which will give you a really good kick start towards your goals, how does that sound?

The End Result:

  • If the client takes the offer and joins on the first session they are put on your Direct Debit schedule and that start training that week.
  • The person conducting doing the sales in your business can move onto the next prospect and does not have to complete the remaining 2 complimentary sessions, the trainers can do those now as part of their program.
  • The FREE Sessions are still being completed but it promises a lot better to have financial commitment already than that client.

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The Brand New Insanity Asylum Workout

The Insanity Asylum Workout will be released shortly, and it will be bringing a new challenge and potential to health minded people. If you have worked on any other Insanity program so far, you know that the coming workout will be improved, so that you will have the chance to improve your fitness quickly. This program is going to be an additional training potential for people who already were involved in previous Insanity Workouts. It's an extension and additional way to train muscles to a point that you have never imagined possible!

If you think this Insanity Asylum Workout is not for everyone, you are probably right, because it takes you into input and focus, so that your body can slowly but surely gain muscle. This workout is not going to be easy at all, because it is an advanced training regimen that you should take after the initial workouts you've already had. If you are passionate and excited about taking your chances with this program, you will experience the most terrific 30 days your body has ever experienced.

Note that you have to be in shape and conditioned to take this challenge, and if you are new to the Insanity world, you might want to consider a different workout. If your muscles did not face daily training for some time, you will not be in the position to start with such a STRONG training program. You can still give it a go, but it is recommended to start with less strenuous and slower programs, especially if you lack consistent muscle work practices before. The P90X and Insanity workouts have been much easier and smoother to withstand for beginners and people who are just getting used to constant training.

In the Insanity Asylum Workout you will find 6 discs which will guide you through a 30 day consistent and hard training which will absolutely lead to make your beach body perfect. This is a unique possibility to get the maximum out of your muscles by sticking to a recommended 30 day plan. So what do you need to do to get started? You should definitely get started with a Beachbody coach of insanity who can help you during these “hard” 30 days. Believe it or not, having a supportive trainer will help you stay focused, avoid blank days in your workout schedule and ensure that you will perform each practice optimally. If you have done previous insanity workouts and think that your beach body still needs some pushing, than this workout is the optimal solution!

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Personal Training and Trainers For the Right Workout Plan

A personal trainer is considered more than an instructor. It has been found that personal training in professional health clubs has been providing successful in meeting fitness goals of individuals.

There can be several reasons for one to get help of personal trainers and training. In short, trainer helps one to deliver proper workout plan for fitness goals like:

Losing few pounds

Weight loss is counted among difficult processes to go through in health gyms. To lose weight, one may need to spend at least an hour every day. Adding to it, workout plans made by professional personal trainers help one in burning body calories efficiently.

As per modern workout plans, trainers include three different kinds of activities including stretching, aerobic training and strength training.

Personal training experts understand that good posture and regular cardiovascular activities help in decreasing weight up to a larger extent.

Strength training with the help of bench pressing machine is recommended by most of the trainers to work on chest and arms. Moreover, diet also plays an effective role in helping one to lose weight and personal trainers work between exercising and diet to let one get ideal body shape.

Toning up of arms

Flabby arms can make anyone flee to wear sleeveless dresses. Here, the question arises how to tone up flabby arms for ideal body shape. Single-joint movements including triceps kick-backs etc. is considered ideal way to lose weight from arm area. Such movements which usually personally trainers suggest to clients put stress directly on the biceps and triceps muscles resulting to tone up quickly.

Apart from the said movement, trainers also include push-ups, triceps dips, dumbbell exercise and triceps rope pull down in regular workout plan of clients to make arms sturdy and strong as well.

Flattening of stomach

No more flattening of stomach is tough. With balanced diet and effective exercise training, one can easily get flat abs in few weeks. There are several stomach flattening exercises which are proven effective for the flattening of stomach directed by personal trainers to clients.

Cardiovascular exercises and hip lifts are certain exercises which trainers include in the workout plans of clients for the goal of flattening stomach. Good eating habits also matters a lot to have flat stomach. Thus, personal trainers focus on this aspect as well and make a diet chart for the client.

From the above discussions, it can be concluded that personal training makes right workout plan to support one getting fit body and mind.

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Personal Trainer Income Leveraging Tips

Fitness enthusiasts start a personal training business to not only help people, but also enjoy a healthy personal trainer income. Many professionals feel why not get paid for doing something they love – fitness.

After starting a fitness business, eager trainers quickly realize that people are not going to throw a bunch of money at their feet. Generating fitness riches is not as easy as you might think especially when trading time for money.

Most beginning fitness professionals consult one-on-one with clients, and just make a living. After the long hours, and average pay, they quickly realize it would be much better to generate a larger personal trainer salary while working less time. The conventional one-on-one, trading time for money, model can get old in a hurry.

The good news for fitness professionals everywhere is it is possible to increase your personal trainer income as long as you first understand leveraging your time better, and are willing to roll up your sleeves.

Is not it better to get paid more for the same amount, or less time worked? Of course it is! Your goal as a fitness trainer is to make the most money possible in the least amount of time. There are many ways for this to occur. Please shield your mind from one-on-one training for the time being, and open up to other possibilities.

In order to boost your fitness income why not offer group training? Who says you can not work with more than one person at a time? Even while training two people in an hour you are making more money.

Consider running a fitness bootcamp. Talk about leveraging your time, and boosting your personal trainer income. Some bootcamp trainers can generate over $ 1,000 for an hours worth of work.

Why not offer workshops, or seminars? This is another excellent way of increasing your personal training business salary.

It is also a smart idea to create fitness related information products, and market them online. This method is an ideal way of generating residual income even while training clients. In today's hi-tech society it is easy to create, and publish ebooks, audio, or even video courses. Please consider adding this great strategy into your fitness marketing plan.

Speaking of the internet, there are great ways to make an additional revenue stream without doing much work. One, namely, fitness affiliate marketing. All you need to do is recommend an excellent product to your sphere of influence; and you get paid when they purchased your recommended product. It is that simple.

One final suggestion to increase your personal training salary is to get paid for referrals for supplements, and exercise equipment.

As you can now see there are many proven ways for you to increase your income as a fitness professional. All you need to do is pick one of the personal trainer income generating strategies mentioned above, and starting taking action today.

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