Have you been doing the same routines for weeks or maybe for year? Do you feel the need to change the way you do your routines? If you do, then you are probably right.

You will know you need a change if you are doing your weight loss routines like you are washing the dishes. You know how it goes from start to finish. There is no more challenge and you are no longer seeing any changes in your body.

Same Old Routines

Nothing is wrong with it, as you still program your body to exercise daily. It means you are into healthy living. However, in the real world, nothing is constant. We continue to aim for change. If you begin to lose your motivation for weight loss in your workouts, it would not be a surprise if you stop your daily training at the end.

Here are things you can change:

  • Manage your rest time longer: If you are doing 10-20 seconds rest, try doing it for 30-45 seconds. This pushes your body to work harder.
  • Reduce repetition ranges: You can do 6-8 repetitions especially when you are aiming to build more muscle.
  • Do it slow: slow repetitions are one of the toughest thing you can do while performing your workouts. Additionally, they are definitely work.
  • Change your tempos: If your aim is to sweat more and to have that burning feeling, then lifting weights as if you were in a race is great for you. However, a more effective approach to having those leaner muscles is to change your tempo. You can aim for 3-4 seconds tempo is to have a mind-blowing workout.
  • Split body training: Learn to acquaint yourself with what your body truly needs and what goals you want to achieve physically. From here you can come up with a well-thought out plan for your daily dose of exercise. This usually means a lot of variations in your routines and a mix of training.
  • Variety: The program you once considered to be the best may be reduced to just being better once your body adapts to it, which is usually within anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Have some variety with your routines to gain more muscles and lose weight.

The most important thing you need to do is to ask for support if you do not know what to do. Even experts ask around for suggestion and advice. Moreover ,. even if you have been training for so long, there are still some new things to learn. Life is a continuous process of learning. What works now might not work tomorrow.