Working out is easy! Sure it is. Trying to manage all the other crazy aspects of your life … maybe not so much. I have been a personal trainer for over ten years. I have witnessed clients succeed beyond their wildest imaginations! I have also seen clients crash and burn faster than you can say the words “protein shake.”

The difference, I firmly believe, comes down to a mental toughness and focus. With so many variables in a person's daily existence, the people who seem to flourish understand that things do not always work within our timeframe and blueprint.

Think about your life. What's easier? A set of stability ball squats or your car breaking down in the middle of a busy intersection. Forty-five minutes of cardio or two kids up all night with a nasty flu. Walking lunges or your boss dumping a project in your lap before a long weekend.

In fitness, success is found on the other side of all that crazy. You must be able to wade through all of the BS (for lack of a better word) and still find the mental toughness to get off your butts and train.

I watch as the daily grind just wears people down. When people stumble it is not because they do not enjoy being more active and feeling great, it is because they have issues coping with everything else leading up to their training session.

The variables are endless. Life keeps happening. Twenty-four seven, three-sixty five. Those who fall flat, in my experience, have the most trouble coping with the day-to-day. The excuses are infinite.

The people what I have seen succeed in fitness could use them all, but choose not too. They get out of bed when others will not. They do not use a “bad day” at work as an excuse, but rather as a driving force to push themselves. They have the sniffles … they train. It's a rainy day and they feel blue … they train. They only got four hours sleep last night … they train. Mental toughness!

The good news on mental toughness is everyone has it to some degree. The key is applying it in an area that really counts. YOU! At the end of the day the insanity that surrounds us is not going to go away. What matters is that we prepare ourselves not only physically but mentally to face the unrelenting grind.

We all know what needs has to be done. The challenge is are you tough enough to get up every day and do it ?!