Weight lifting is the first thing that comes to mind when we see men or even women with muscular frame. Although we should not entirely owe those billows to weights or dumbbells, they make up about 50-70% of the whole package. It is impressive how people develop the discipline and determination to gain muscles but one needs a strong drive to do so.

Motivations vary. People who want to develop muscles lift weights because it improves muscle mass and increases endurance. Bodybuilders do this also to sculpt their abdominals, triceps, and biceps for competition purposes. Sometimes, weight training is a call of duty.

One can benefit from resistance training in various ways. It goes hand in hand with cardio workouts and proper diet. However, consulting a doctor before submitting to this activity is a rule of thumb. The American Heart Association strictly warns people with erratic blood pressure to refrain from lifting weights unless advised by a physician. Although resistance training is normally blood pressure-friendly, one must know the proper way to do it beforehand especially with the presence of certain medical conditions.

Healthy Benefits Of Weight Lifting

Cardio workouts and resistance trainings have positive effects on health, which is why most people endure rigid workout programs. Doctors and health and fitness gurus have been talking about it all over the Internet for years but in case you missed them, let us give you a few useful ideas:

Weight lifting developments self-esteem. Whether it looks awesome or awkward to other people, those with chiseled physique have enough confidence to ignore comments or likes, knowing what they had to go through to achieve such figure. Toning and shaping the body have become a healthy routine for them because they want to maintain a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

Weight lifting compared to physical therapy is rigorous and more aggressive but the goal can be the same – rehabilitation, physical enhancement, and restoration of motor function. Sometimes you can find weight lifting as a sub-category in physical therapy. Injuries obtained from accidents and trauma cause physical damages that can be treated or alleviated by weight lifting. Certain health conditions that require a person to be active and lose fat find weight lifting to be a good form of moderate to heavy workout, too. And that's the price of getting fit.

Calorie restricted diet is one of the most effective weight-loss methods. However, it weakens the bones. Weight lifting reverses this deterioration and replenishes the lost mass and density and at the same time helps manage weight.

It keeps a person fit and healthy as a whole. Regular weight lifting not only enhances strength and bone density, it also keeps one fit and well inside and out. Why? Because weight lifting works skin-deep. Aside from achieving balance and stamina and stronger immune system, it also sharpens the mind and spirit, what with its demand for strong discipline and proper conditioning. A healthy mind, body, and spirit overpower stress and anxiety.

The core concept of weight lifting is to develop muscles. Do not miss out on the other benefits though. If you think you need to flex, you might as well want to hit the gym and accomplish a few reps for a start. After all, weight lifting knows no age but people of various ages must know their limits and the different resistance training techniques that apply.

One Key Tip

It is easy to get carried away with weight lifting, especially you are training with heavy weights. Many serious lifters and bodybuilders end up injuring themselves because they lift more weight than their bodies can handle? Why? Adrenaline is one reason, peer pressure is another, impatience is another.

Many simply do not know what their bodies can handle. Knowing your limits is key, and one way to do that is to use a 1 rep max calculator, which is a program that helps you determine what your body can handle based on your current work out or training patterns.

Such programs are handy tools because they allow you to input certain data points specific to you. A good one rep max calculator will then provide you with what your maximum tolerance is for any given exercise of your choice.

Again, weight lifting knows no age but people of various ages, strength levels and backgrounds must know their limits and the different resistance training techniques that apply. One way to do that is to use appropriate tools and programs to aid you in your training initiatives.