How Important Is It To Calculate Bodyfat%?

Most personal trainers will use some form of beginning assessments on their clients. Methods of assessment range from weight, tape measurements, body impedance and calculating bodyfat.

It is important to assess your clients and determine how much bodyfat they are carrying and to calculate their bodyfat accurately if you are to get results with them.

They may take measurements and they may take the persons weight. Both of which are essential components of the assessment process.

It is always good to have girth measurements but it is also important for them to be accurate and repeatable. Measurement sites must be recorded using different 'landmarks' on the body so that repeatability is possible.

Weight is also essential and is a very useful too. Not always entirely a true reflection of fat loss but a basic measurement too that needs to be utilized.

In addition to the above methods of evaluations any self respecting personal trainer will also take the persons bodyfat percentage.

Once the bodyfat measurement has been taken a body fat calculator is needed to determine the actual body fat%.

If you want a general idea of ​​what the body fat percentage is, an online calculator can be helpful. By providing the calculator with information about age, weight, gender, the calculator can provide general information on body fat percentage although accuracy is not always up to par.

The problems facing trainers taking the bodyfat% are:


In order to take bodyfat calculations accurately you need to be instructed how to perform them. Then you need practice. using the calipers in order to become confident in using them. In order to be proficient at measuring bodyfat you need to practice taking all of the skin fold sites thousands of times and you need a trustworthy body fat% calculator

Time constraints

Taking skinfolds and calculating body fat can be time consuming. Using a handheld calculator takes a long time and carrying your laptop can be a hindrance. Purchasing an calculator application for a smart phone or iPhone would be a better choice so that you can calculate bodyfat on the move.

Access to equipment

Skinfold callipers can be expensive. Cheap plastic versions are available but you are better off making the investment in an expensive pair. You look more credible and perceived value of you service increases immediately. Would you take a doctor seriously if he had a plastic stethoscope?