(Entry # 6) They broke my spirit, but just for a minute

You get used to the routine of things at Tiger Muay Thai. You know what to expect, and when to expect it, because, if anything, they are consistent … usually.

Today our trainer thread a wrench at us.

A typical class goes like this:

20 Minutes Running

10 Minutes Stretching / Shadow Spar

15 Minutes Technique (Drilling combos with a partner that the Trainer shows you

Put on Glub hand lap (Gloves and hand wraps)

Three 3-Minute Rounds on Thai Pads with Trainers

Three 3-Minute Rounds on Heavy Bags

3 5-Minute Rounds of Sparring, changing partner each round

15 Minutes Conditioning

300 Push-ups / 300 Sit-ups

10 Minutes Stretching

The classes are roughly 2 hours long.

Usually, you could set your watch by this schedule.

Today, we pretty much did everything the same, except they scrambled it up. Thai pad rounds were at the end. I had nothing left in the tank when they got here. I spent most of the time puking.

Sparring did not go much better. I had an awesome 1st round with Mustafa. He's just a great match for me. He is much bigger than I, and his Muay Thai is on point. He's got great control though, and a great attitude.

2nd round, I went with Ash. His Muay Thai is probably the best in the class. He's a little smaller than I am, but holds his own. He's another great kid, with a great attitude. He is super fun to spar with.

The third round, I went with the guy that was without question, the least skilled fighter in the class, and he is pretty small. I just had absolutely nothing left by the time I got to him. It was a particularly hot day, and I really struggled just to get through the round. He obviously has a Tae Kwon Do background because he had a lot of kicks coming from everywhere, and zero boxing skills. It got to the point, however, that it was more taxing to block his kicks, then to just let him land them. He was snapping them back like a karate stylist, so I just resigned to let him kick me rather than mount any sort of offense or defense. Every now and then, I would throw something back, just to keep him honest, but I pretty much acted like a punching bag for him. It was easily the worst round of sparring I have had since coming here.

After Thai pad rounds were over, I was able to get a bit of a second wind, and did conditioning with the group, but I felt guilty for not doing my pad rounds.

In the past, I would be beating myself up right now over it. I am obsessive, compulsive, so things like this just eat at me. I have been coming down here long enough to know that a bad day of training, is usually followed by an amazing one. If anything, I am excited for tomorrow, because I know it is going to rock!

I am moving a little bit better today than yesterday. Not quite as sore, but then again, I did not do quite as much this morning. I was going to go to the beach this afternoon, but it looks like rain all day … no bueno! I might go anyway, just to get out of my hotel room for a change.