Athletes want to make high jumps and improve their vertical leap when playing sports. The ability to leap high produces spectacular dunks. Learning certain exercises or tips can help with how to make you jump higher.

Most people can benefit from buying a pair of jump shoes. These types of shoes are available in most fitness shoe stores for specific activities and have the thick heel. They raise the heel off the ground when walking and force you to use the quadriceps and calves in one motion. These muscles help with being active and performing at higher expectations. If you are a non-believer about the effectiveness of the shoes, then you will have a change of mind after wearing the shoes for at least 10 minutes of a workout.

Learn exercises that will increase stamina and leg strength which leads to improving jumping skills. Start with jumping drills. Use both feet to leap as high as possible. The hands need to be above the head and rotating, which helps with leaping. After landing, you want to continue to practice the drills. Try a variation of jumps such as leaping off the left or right foot while moving very quickly.

Knee bends strengthen the thighs, which are essential for jumping. Start by standing with legs about shoulder width apart. Keep the back straight and bend down slowly. The move is similar to a crunch and you are trying to crouch down as low as possible. Bring the body back to a standing position and repeat in reps of 15 to 30. Practicing the movements will help with getting better.

A variety of muscles are in use when jumping and the activity will strengthen them. You do not have to move extremely fast for the activity to be effective but at a comfortable speed. A regular jump rope routine can increase stamina.

Stretching drills are an important part of any exercise routine. The elasticity of the tendons and muscles can determine how high a person is capable of jumping. Get the elastic muscles by warming up with stretching drills. Stretching will make the muscles flexible and help with performing higher leaps. Flexibility is often overlooked as a factor in leaping ability.

Plyometrics is a good exercise routine for athletes especially basketball players. Within a short time, the exercises stimulate nerve cells, improve circulation, encourage rapid muscle tone, toughen tissues and improve on players' ability to leak with agility and strength. Plyometrics helps with concentrating your control, power and strength in the areas of the body that improve muscle tone. This exercise is not easy and not the right routine for everyone. If you are new to the exercise, then you want to train with a trainer to learn the basics.

Sometimes, you have to start with the basics in order to improve on a certain activity. Jumping back and forth over a bench is a way to work on jumping. There are many complicated programs and new gadgets to help increase vertical distance, but sometimes the classics are the best. Use a two-foot bench when practicing. Start slow until you are able to jump over it without stopping. The exercise will increase quickness and the vertical jump.