Which type of jumper are you?

Jumping higher technique requires preparation. First of all, you should know what's the reason for you to jump higher. You may also need to identify which kind of jumper you are. There are two types of jumpers: one is called speed jumper, the second is a power jumper. The first one is about jumping with one foot while the second one requires more strength and both feet. So first you need to decide which one you are as it means a lot in choosing the technique and achieving results.


There are many exercises you can choose to practice. They include jumping rope, squats and sprints (will work best for you if you are a speed jumper), and such as ankle bounces, standing broad jumps and squat jumps which are best if you are power jumper. Each of these exercises have their technique. And if you want to achieve results, you definitely need to make them in a proper way.

Once you determine the type of jumper you are, you have to get ready. First and most important is to dedicate time. Nothing will work if you do it rarely. Make an effort and practice a lot. It may seem difficult at the beginning, but you will see at the end how easy it actually is! And the results will really amaze you!

The exercises you're going to learn are really not hard. Again, if you do it every day or even several times a day, it's great! Keep in mind that these exercises seem to be simple. You may think you will never reach your goals practicing this way. But once you start, you'll feel right after how great they are and how big is their impact to your jump!

Each part of your body will be involved in exercising. Do not stop reading, you're so close to your goal!

Training your legs

Muscles act an important role in exercising. It's because they are all over our body!

Practicing squats is very useful for you to improve your jumping. You will need to have your legs shoulder width apart in front of a chair. Exactly the position you are in when you are about to sit. Now, bend your knees and squat easily towards the chair and tense your abdominal muscles as this exercise works best if you do so. Remain in this position for a few moments and get back into a standing position by using your legs only. One set of this exercise means repeating the same movement for ten to fifteen times.

To work on your core muscles is essential. To work on those exercise lunges. It will definitely help you to increase your jump. Follow the way you should do: lunge forward with your leg until the knee of your other leg. Do not touch the ground! Do this exercise for about 10 times standing to the standing position each time you lunge.

There is no doubt that working on how to jump higher the largest role is for your legs. That's why leg extensions is so important! The following exercise will help you to work on it. Sit down first. Reach the position when your feet are flat the floor. Keep your knees together and extend one of your legs straight out. When your leg is straight in front of you, flex your foot. Exhale during the moment when you lift. Use your thigh muscles then. This exercise needs to be repeated for each leg for about 8 times.

Platform shoes – your best choice

As now you're exercising your legs, it's the right moment to think about the right shoes. It's equally important! The best shoes that will help you to increase your vertical jump are called platform shoes. Put them each time you practice!

What is unique about platform shoes is a special add-on that slides beneeth the heel. The reason why it's so good for exercising jump is that your legs keep balance and it's no longer the shoes that are moving. This way the muscles of your legs work harder and make your legs become stronger and keep the stability. These shoes will definitely help you to achieve even higher jumps and this is exactly what you want, is not it?

JumpSoles shoes

But platform shoes is not all! There is another pair shoes that will help you while training. These shoes are called JumpSoles. These shoes reinforce the shins, toes and ankles, and that makes clear why so many athletes chose to train with these shoes. JumpSoles can help you as well! Do not hesitate, this is exactly what you need. Your success is guaranteed!

Additionally, stair climbing is an exercise that you do not want to miss. Do it as often as you practice because it strengthens your leg muscles.

Train your arms

Working on legs is not all you can do. Your arms are important as well as they give you force to jump higher. If you want to jump higher, you need to swing your arms. Swing them down when you crouch and let them go high when you jump. It's really easy and it will become natural over time.

Now when you're familiar with the exercises you need to practice, there is one more thing you may want to know. As you're going to condition your body, you will even feel better! And do not forget that a very important role in practicing process is made by food. So follow a healthy regimen and you'll strengthen your jumps. And do not forget to get the best pair of shoes and start training. Make it to be a part of your training routine!