Exercise, exercise, exercise. The way some of these doctors go on about exercise, it almost seems that exercise is the panacea for all illnesses. Well truth be told it really is, which is why people who keep fit by exercising have far fewer bodily problems than those who keep slim by dieting.

Almost everyone knows the truth of this, but with the human rat race not showing any signs of slowing down, it just means that you do not have the time to exercise, even if you have the inclining.

It is purely for this reason why a number of companies are bringing out home exercise machines. Whether it is treadmills or personal trainers, if you have one at home, the very fact that you see it once in a while will prompt you to use it.

With all these machines costing quite a packet, it becomes a big job to choose the right one for us. There are machines that retail at just a few hundred dollars while others cost a few thousand. The million dollar question is “Which one should I buy”.

The easiest way to decide this is to do a bit of research on them. If you are reading this, it means that you are already doing this, but you need to get varied opinions and going to a number of different sites is better than just sticking with one.

If you want to go with a personal trainer, you first need to fix in your mind what your ultimate goal is. In fact it is best to join a gym for a couple of months just so that you can get this fixed in your mind. The reason you do this is very important and we will discuss this below.

If for example you just want to work off some of the excess fat round your middle, getting a bare basics home trainer is sufficient, like for example the Bowflex PR1000. This will cost you around $ 450 or less, and will serve the purpose. The only problem is that it is bare basics, and can not be upgraded, except for increasing the resistance levels. If a couple of months later you want something more from your machine, like wanting to include more routines, you can not do anything other than to go out and get a better, and more importantly, a more expensive one.

The purchase of the first one before has become a waste.

On the other hand if you feel that you are going to become a hulk and there before want the best in the market, you can fork out a few thousands to get one like the Bowflex Revolution. Then you will find that for various reasons you are just not able to use it as you should, and will rue the fact that you got such an expensive one when a simpler and cheaper one would have sufficed.

Going to a gym will let you know how much time you can spare on a daily basis, and more importantly what your personal inclining towards exercising is. If you feel really motivated and want to improve, you can go with a good one, as good as you can afford. If on the other hand you find that it is drudgery, and that you do it just because your doctor is prodding you to, a much simpler one should do.

Doing this may take some time, but it will save you a lot of money, and even more frustration if you make a mistake.