People often associate hiring a personal trainer with extreme weight loss goals – to tone up their body for a wedding or special event, such as. However, it's not all about weight loss, and there are a number of non-scale victories that can be achieved through this kind of plan – such as improved general health, better sleep and more muscle tone.

Hiring someone to help guide your workouts and give a tailored nutrition plan is a great way to move towards a healthier life in general. Whether you're looking to re-train and tone your body after having a baby, or want to optimize your sporting performance, working with a professional is a sure-fire way to do your goals.

First, let's talk about the obvious benefits of getting on a tailor fitness program. The main reason most people want to hire a trainer is so that they do not have to rely on self-motivation to get results. It's easy to let life get in the way of our fitness goals, and all too often it's our own mindsets that let us down.

When you're working with a professional, you will have someone waiting for you each morning to begin your workout. They will be ready and willing to motivate you and help during every step of your journey. Not only that, but they will know exactly the right exercises to recommend to help you target problem areas.

Plus, studies have shown time and time again that better results are achieved from exercising when we work with another person towards our goals. This can mean working out in a group, or with a professional who can help you to push your body out of its comfort zone, but in a safe and responsible way.

What's more, it goes without saying that once you have already invested in the service, you will not want to back out – particularly if you have paid upfront. When you're paying someone to help you work out, it's more difficult to justify staying in bed and not hitting the gym. The commitment has been made, so you are already hallway there.

As well as providing support and motivation, your personal trainer will have a professional experience helping many other people like you to reach their best levels of fitness. If you're completely new to working out, this will be invaluable, as there is no faster or more effective way to see results.

Your personal trainer will also have access to the latest gym equipment and technology – most often equipment that is used by professional athletes, so you will be able to train using the very best facilities.

When you're looking for a personal trainer, be sure to find one that offers an 'all-inclusive' approach, as nutrition, therapy and massage all play a crucial part in you getting the body of your dreams. A professional fitness instructor will work with you to create a tailor meal plan to make sure your fitness remains on track.

Professional trainers will also have valuable knowledge about supplements – specifically which ones you should be taking, if any, to boost your performance and overall wellbeing.

It is also important for you to be kept in the loop about your progress, You should receive periodic reports every 3-4 weeks, not just on the changes in your physical body, but also your hormones and nutritional requirements.

You should always stay injury-free, so there should be sports therapist on hand to help you stay in peak physical condition, as well as massage therapists to help your muscles relax after a work out.