Procrastination is the hidden beast that thwarts the best laid plans and intentions in all aspects of life. We are well into the new year and, undoably, procrastination is keeping many of your members out of your gym and keeping them New Year's resolutions. While most attribute procrastination to laziness, blogger David McRaney links procrastination to the inability to resist impulses (potentially negative) and think through a decision or process. This theory can be directly applied to your gym. Using your gym membership software, you have the ability to effectively prevent members from caving into negative impulses and stay on track to achieve their fitness goals.

Find a Way to Keep Members Energized and Engaged

Procrastinators are not unnecessarily lazy. Procrastination is just the inability to resist the impulses, which prevent the fulfillment of a set obligations or goals. As a gym owner or manager, you need to know how to keep people from putting off their daily workout routine and get them energized about coming to your facility. Most new (and even current) members go into the new year with a resolution to get healthy and exercise more. Your facilities see a rise in memberships, a waiting list for equipment and crowd locker rooms; however, as the year goes on, membership check-in rates fall off. Many members will attest that life just got too busy, and there was not enough time in the day to fit in a workout. Their impulse was to put off exercising in lieu of something deemed more important or gratifying.

Use Membership Software to Track Habits

Your responsibility as the gym owner or manager is to help your members overcome their tendency to procrastinate, get them excited about working out, and get them back in the gym. Your gym management software is an effective tool in helping you prevent member procrastination. Gym management software can be utilized to track membership user habits and identify members whose check-ins are lagging. It can also help show you how membership is responding to promotions allowing you to take action accordingly.

Spice Up Your Membership Package

Procrastination is also attributed to a lack of motivation. You should think about other value-added services you can include in your membership packages geared towards keeping members motivated and accounting including goal assessment programs and a group exercise series. Gym management software is an effective tool in tracking the use and feedback of these services.

You can effectively beat procrastination by keeping your members engaged and motivated in their exercise routine and general health.