As you go about your workout program, be sure to keep constantly overloading stimulator on the body. If you are not challenging your body in new ways, you're always going to reach a plateau and stop seeing the results that you had initially found with your workout program.

Since the body is highly adaptive, by challenging it with something new each time you go into the gym you force it to sit up and take action to grow stronger so when it encounters that stimulates again, it can more easily accomplish the task.

Let's take a look at five great ways to boost the intensity of your workout sessions so you know where to begin.

Decrease Your Rest Periods

One of the fastest ways to boost the intensity of your workout is to shorten the rest periods that you're using.

For instance, rather than taking a full sixty seconds between exercises, try and take just thirty seconds or less. By doing the work faster, you'll increase the stress being placed on the muscle tissue and thus increase the results you see.

You'll work harder from a cardiovascular point of view as well so you'll not only burn more calories during the session session but continue to burn more calories for hours afterwards as well.

Superset Exercises Together

The next thing that you should try is super setting a few exercises together. Instead of doing all your sets of bicep curls and then doing all the sets of tricep extensions, do one set of bicep curls and then immediately move into a set of tricep extensions.

By doing it in this manner you will force your body to perform more work in less time and also decrease the total time of your session session as well while giving one muscle group rest while the other is working.

While you can perform two exercises for the same body part back to back, the more common technique is to perform two exercises for opposing muscle groups instead.

Use A Drop Set

Drop sets are a great and easy way to boost the intensity of your workout. Drop sets work very well for helping get you past any training plateau and taking your strength to a higher level.

To perform a drop set, use a weight that you normally use, but continue until you can not do any more. Once complete, decrease the weight and perform a second set to fatigue again. From there, decrease the weight one more time and then push out a third and final set. Once those sets are done, take a two to three minute rest and then repeat for a second round. Do not do more than two rounds of these per workout session as they do tend to be very taxing on the body.

Utilize A Full Body Workout

If you're currently splitting your workouts and doing upper and lower body in different sessions, you may consider moving to a full body workout program instead. Full body workouts are excellent for increasing the intensity as you'll hit many muscle fibers at once. Consult a Personal Trainer if you need help putting together a full body program. As an added benefit, you'll also decrease your total time commitment to the gym to just three days a week with this approach.

Try A Grip / Position Change

One final idea that to boost the intensity of any weight training workout is changing the grip or position that in which you perform the action. So instead of doing regular pull-ups for instance, try reverse pull-ups instead.

Or, if you're doing squats, try turning your feet out slowly to put a whole new stress on the muscles and really target the inner thighs. All these small changes can create big impacts in your overall progress so be sure not to overlook any of them.

These are 5 strategies that you should keep in mind as you go about your workout program. Do not implement them all at at once but rather add one for a few weeks and then switch to a different training strategy.

This will allow your body a chance to adapt to each new training strategy and make the most out of it before you carry on with the next challenge that you perform. Remember to work at your own level as you progress through your workouts so you feel comfortable with what you're doing and capable of completing each workout session safely.