Converge (Kuhn-vurj)

  1. To tend to meet in a point or line, inclining toward each other, as lines that are not parallel.
  2. To tend to a common result, conclusion etc.

There may be no better word to describe what is happening over the vast fitness universe. In the history of squats, sprints, and tank tops, there has never been such a complete meshing of disciplinals. We have competitive runners doing sand bag dead lifts. Olympic swimmers flipping 250 pound tires. Bodybuilders making a transition to mixed martial arts and bringing the fighters back over to push some weights. It looks as if the fitness landscape has not only been looked up, but probably changed forever.

There was a time and not that long ago, where if you were going to get in shape (for anything) you ran, joined an aerobics class, or lifted weights. There were countless magazines and thousands upon thousands of articles written covering these three facets of exercise.

I have been trying to pin point when things changed. In my personal opinion I have to give a great deal of credit to the explosion of mixed martial arts. I think it was a real eye opener for everyone. It cave almost everyone, at any fitness level something to get excited about. Let's face the facts, for a great many people exercise is tedious and boring. The thought of doing the same thing over and over again and sometimes getting now is more than some people can take. We got to see athletes training over many different disciplines. This approach pays huge dividends not only physically but also aesthetically.

As a personal trainer I could not be more excited over the expansion and cross-over of so many different disciplines of exercise. Fitness plateaus can be crushing for beginners and downright frustrating for more seasoned athletes. The cross-fit approach (we have to call it something) seems to have a built-in fail safe. Never allowing the body to fully become accustom to what we are doing, and even more importantly, what's coming next.

The great thing about this approach to fitness is that we are now only limited by our own imaginations. We can take aspects we enjoy and incorporated them with the things we find utterly unbearable. The endless variety and philosophies that someone can incorporated into any given training session help to fuel motivation and keep the body moving in a positive direction!

Through thousands of hours of one on one, group, and team training, my experience has shown that no other approach facilitates such a quick and dramatic response from my clients.

Sample Routine

5-min warm-up

Stability ball squats w / overhead shoulder press

Rope- In and out waves

Sled Push-Tire Flip 40 x 40 meters

Barbell bicep curl

Stability ball jack knives

150 skips

3 min x trainer

Repeat 3-4 times

Minimal rest periods between sets (max 1 minute)

End with a 5 minute thorough stretch.