In this era of Information Technology, constant work using computers has caused many health problems to the online workers. Computer Vision Syndrome, eating disorders, stress and anxiety, sleep disorders, various kinds of addictions are some of the ailments prominently found among this group. Inflammation of tendons in hands, shoulders and legs are very common among online workers.


To keep yourself healthy and productive, follow the ergonomics path. Often it has been found that the computer set up itself becomes a health hazard for people working with computers. Position you computer and the chair in such a way that it does not become a cause of strain to any part of your body. Ensure that the computer room is adequately illuminated. Also ensure that you often shift your position in the chair. Work posture and distance from the computer is very important for keeping you free from strain. Placing monitor below the face level strains your eyes, neck and shoulders. Your legs should be on the foot rest of the computer table because swinging legs from your chair strains your back and shoulders.

Protect your eyes

Sitting before the computer All the day with eyes glued to the screen is not a healthy practice. It can trigger headaches and cause Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) apart from fatigue. The American Optometric Survey of computer workers has reported that the most frequent occurrence of vision related problems are among computer workers. Best way to tackle this is to take your eyes off the computer screen repeatedly and give it some exercise by rolling it. Blinking the eyes at regular intervals and splashing water over the eyes is also effective.

Be disciplined

Discipline and punctuality are two major factors that keep you one step ahead of others in life. Fix a time for all your activities like doing a job, eating, doing exercise or sleeping. Follow the program religiously. Looking back, you will have no regrets.

Exercise regularly

You do not have to invest in costly equipment for your daily exercise. An every day brisk walk in the open yard would take care of that need. You get lot of fresh air to breathe, the discomfort of your shoulders and fingers disappears and you get a diversion of attention from your job for some time. All these give a refreshing effect to your mind and body.


Have a balanced diet. Food rich in vitamin A, B and C takes care of your overall health. Therefore, milk, leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and soya products should form part of your daily menu. It also protects your eyes from many disorders like Computer Vision Syndrome, night blindness, cataract and corneal drying. Drinking green tea is said to be good to guard against radiation effects.
Vent out stress

Keep yourself engaged with one of your selected passions that give you knowledge and entertainment. If you are interested in music play your flute or simply listen to a soothing music. Go for the movie that you wanted to see for a long time or read a book of your liking. All these activities that can heal you of stress.

Enjoy your weekly holiday

In a 24×7 situation, online workers tend to forget the names of days. Spare one day in a week for yourself. If you are married give one day to your spouse and children. If you are unmarried, keep that day for yourself. If possible go for an outgoing leaving your computer at home.