You may hail from a long line of flat-butted ancestors and now you're looking for some efficient buttocks exercises. You're not alone. Plenty of people struggle with having what's known as a board butt – a butt where there's no curve and no definition to the backside.

While some people do not mind having a flat butt, not having any lift in the rear is unacceptable to many and it can be frustrating not having the body you want to have. But the good news is that you do not have to live that way any longer.

If you've looked for ways to give your butt some padding and bounce, you might have seen products that offer to give you the appearance of a nicely rounded butt. You may have seen these products in the form of butt lifts or in articles of clothing.

The problem is that when you take off the lifts or remove the clothes, you still have the same butt! You do not want a great looking butt that only puts in an appearance socially but disappears into a drawer at home. You want one that's here to stay.

If you tend to be more skinny than slender, you might also be more prone to not having curves, but efficient buttocks exercises help skinny men and women to get their butts in the shape they long for.

For people who have trouble building muscle in the Gluteus Maximus, you'll definitely want to work on squat repetitions. Work on squeezing and tucking those muscles to build them while you're doing the squats. Squeeze and release to tone.

This is the key or some might say the secret ingredient to exercises that target the glutes. It's a known fact that lunges and squats will also strengthen the thigh muscles. What you may not know is that if you do not actively work the Gluteus Maximus while you do the exercises for that target area, you'll build more muscle in your thighs first.

Since that's not your main goal, it's important that you work the buttock muscles by continuously tightening and releasing during the exercises. If you do not feel the muscle as you're working out – like you can when exercising your biceps or your thigh muscles, then odds are very high, it's not getting enough of a workout.

When you work it, you feel it. Have you ever engaged in an exercise and the next day your butt was sore? That's because the exercise you did gave your Gluteus Maximus a workout and odds are that it was not used to that exercise.

These efficient buttocks exercises will help you build your glute muscles – and combined with a regular training program, you can become a whole new you from the backside all around. So if you've already spent some time 'settling' for a flat butt, thinking that you have to live with it, then it's time to change your way of thinking and go for what you want.

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