Do you know how to use the Internet to get more personal training clients? Attracting new leads to fill your personal training calendar is vital if you want to stay in business. We have all heard that we can use the power of the Internet to do this but exactly?

Basically there are four simple steps which performed on a regular basis that have a substantial effects on your bottom line. These steps are summarized below in easy to follow, actionable item steps to help you get more personal training clients.

# 1 Publish a blog and write a newsletter. Start publishing awesome content that is really inspiring, fun and informative. Develop reader intrigue and trust. Once you do so these people will trust you enough to part with their cash and become a client of yours. Do not write content that could have come straight out of a textbook. Rather create a bond with your prospect by writing as if you were explaining it to a friend in your own words, put your own twist into the topics you write about. Your goal is to create a platform for two-way communication. You can do this with blog comments, Facebook comments, email or surveys but your ultimate goal is to get some sort of participation. So it is important to write about what will benefit your members the most.

# 2 Make your blog look good, but do not make it perfect. If you want more personal training clients you want to make sure your writing is not filled with spelling mistakes. This is a sure fire way to come across as unprofessional. However, do not be a perfectionist. Do not spend so long making things perfect that you never publish your blog post at all. Let your natural 'voice' show through in your writing and hit the publish button. You can only learn from what you put out into this world.

# 3 Get people to your content. This means actively marketing your content to current members and prospective clients. You can use a newsletter to keep interested people up to date and let people know when there is new content to be read. Collect current members email addresses and permission to send them updates from your blog. Also, put your web address or blog address on your business cards, marketing material in your studio window so walk-by traffic can see it or, if you train in parks include your blog address on portable signage.

# 4 Rinse and repeat. Yes, that's it, simple repeat these steps on a frequent basis and you will start to get more personal training clients.

Just a quick reminder though, make sure you get participation. You must strive to engage your clients and prospective clients in conversation about your services and the topics that you teach. If you have to reward people for participation to get the ball rolling then be sure to incentivize people with free offers or bonuses. Once this is started however, you will soon see it snowball. Just make sure you keep repeating the steps to see that snowball build and soon enough you'll start seeing more personal training clients.