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Advantages Of Having A Personal Trainer

There are plenty of people out there who dismiss the idea of ​​using a personal trainer when trying to get fit. These people are generally the ones that end up falling short of their goals. Despite the slight expense, if you are looking to achieve your fitness goals fast, it is potentially one of the best investments that you can make. Let's take a little look at the advantages, shall we?

The main advantage is certainly the motivation that they are able to provide you with. The main aim of a personal trainer is to actually help you reach your goals. They will do everything in their power to ensure that you get there. Motivation is without a doubt one of the main reasons as to why people give up on their fitness goals far too soon. Having a personal trainer may be just what you need to get you on the path to fitness today.

Secondly, an expert knows how to get you to reach your goals. Sure, you can carry out a quick Google search nowdays and find out all manner of information. However, there is absolutely no substitution for experience. Rather than use methods which have not really been tried and tested (like the majority of 'fitness' guides out there) a professional will teach you methods that they know will work. This means that you will be able to reach your goals faster than if you had attempted to reach them on your own. It does not matter if you are looking to shed excess pounds or build up your muscle, the right personal trainer will know how to get you there.

You will also work with him or her to find a method that works best for you. This is incredibly important because what may work for one person may not necessarily work for another. If you do the wrong exercises it may have no effect. You may actually be wasting time doing them.

Finally, you will learn the safest methods. If you are new to the gym then it is likely that you will be baffled by the huge array of equipment and machinery that you can use to get you fit. Chances are, you do not actually know how to use half of it properly. If you do, you may not know the right techniques which could end up causing serious injury. One of the aims of your personal trainer will be to ensure that you do things in the safest possible manner. This will hopefully help prevent injury during your workouts.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to having a personal trainer. If you are really taking your fitness seriously, whether it is to lose weight or gain muscle, I seriously do suggest that you seek out a personal trainer. It will be the best money that you have ever spent.

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The Tips to Consider When Choosing a Personal Trainer

Choosing a personal trainer can play an important role in helping you reach your fitness goals. Many benefits can be generated from hiring the right trainers. Trainers help to create special fitness programs.

In addition, they help to keep the trainees motivated to achieve the predetermined goals. Therefore, finding the right trainer is an important investment. It is important to know how to choose a trainer because it is necessary to avoid trusting your health to the first specialist you come across.

Personal trainers, and in particular fitness trainers are not the same, therefore it helps to do some shopping. The tips to consider when choosing a trainer include:

· Member of a registered exercise profession

It is very important to find a trainer who is qualified. There are several notable bodies such as the UK Register of Exercise Professional (REP). This independent public register offers a system of regulating personal trainers to make sure they meet the fitness and health requirements.

Membership of REPs offers confidence and assurance to consumers that the trainers have competence, knowledge and skills required in performing specific roles. The members adhere to a code of conduct in addition to holding appropriate liability insurance.

· Specialize in specific fitness goals

Many of the personal trainers are “jacks of all trade but master of none”. Fitness is a wide ranging field. Therefore, a person who is interested in bodybuilding may require specialized training which is different from that required in achieving sustainable weight loss. A trainer who specializes in the area of ​​your goals is better placed to help you achieve the results that you are looking out for.

· Strong record of attaining results

You may need to find out from other trainees who have benefited from the services of the trainer you are considering. Find out whenever they have a website that contains testimonials of success stories. A professional trainer will be happy to give you the contact of their previous clients. This will give you the right opportunity to find out about their experiences and how the trainer helped them achieve their goals.

· Nutritional advice

Whatever fitness goal you chose, it is important to pay close attention to nutrition. A successful trainer offers appropriate nutritional advice that helps the trainees to achieve their goals. The personal training services seek to include a regular feedback and monitoring of the trainees nutrition through a food diary.

A food diary helps in revealing the perceptions of what an individual consumes, this is important considering many of the people have a poor self awareness of their eating habits.

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Myth Busters on Weight Loss and Fitness

Know The Facts before you start. Here's a few Myth Busters on Fitness Workouts to get you on the right track.

No Pain – No Gain: This is a common saying and must only be taken lightly. Indeed, when you work out hard, whether weight lifting or running, if you continue until you feel pain, you have gone too far. You can expect to feel some discomfort during and after a physical bout, but this should disappear fairly quickly. Indeed, if you do not feel some amount of stress, you may need to 'jack it up a bit.' However, pain in the real sense should not be a part of your routine, and if any persists, seek treatment and be more cautious next time.

A Good Workout Routine Makes You Sweat: Sweating, of course, is the body's way of expelling heat, whether from an external source or from within (strenuous exercise). It does not imply however, that if you are not sweating, you're not achieving anything. A simple way to illustrate this is to consider such activities as swimming, water polo or snow sports. A good sweat though is good for the body, but remember to immediately replace lost fluid and salts.

You Can Select Where To Lose Weight: This in general terms is not possible. When you exercise, you use energy from fat which is stored all over your body, since the fat around your tummy just has to get in line. Also, whereas exercise does increase your metabolism, hence shed calories, it's not a green light to then eat just as much as you like. It is so easy to put it back on again if your not careful. Eating the right combinations of food is very important.

Fitness Exercise Turns Fat Into Muscle: In a round about way this is what is achieved when you do Weightlifting and other fitness routines. You exercise and gain muscle and you lose fat. But, being a bit pedantic though, the fat is not turned directly into muscle. The two are entirely different tissue structure and can not transform one into the other. But, as you build up muscle you burn up calories, which in turn reduces fat. Which does emphasize the importance of weightlifting exercise and workout diets – to keep this process going in the right direction!

Women Will Bulk Up Weightlifting: Under normal circumstances, this is just not the case. Women simply do not have sufficient testosterone which is required in building large and bulky muscles. Weight training is just as important for women as it is for men to increase strength, improve balance and keep bones strong. So girls, go to it. (See our other articles on this subject).

To Your Good Health

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Hiring A Personal Trainer? 4 Ways To Ensure You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Hiring a personal trainer is generally a very good step towards losing weight or building muscle. There are so many things you have to do in order to become fit that this can be a daunting task if you do not have expert assistance. A trainer will offer you exactly that, ensuring that you exercise correctly and consistently. However, just hiring a trainer is no guarantee that you will achieve your fitness target. There are quite a few things that you'll have to do, such as:

1. Choosing the right trainer: Just because a person has a pumped up body does not mean that he or she is qualified to be a good trainer. You need to choose a person who can offer exactly what you want. A weight loss expert might not necessarily be the best person to help you build your muscles. It is always a good idea take trainer recommendations from people who have already attained what you hope to achieve. In addition, the right trainer will always take the time to understand your requirements before working out a fitness plan for you.

2. Sticking to the exercise program: The bitter truth is that you will only become fit if you exercise properly. The trainer will only motivate and guide you so that you exercise correctly and safely. You should also follow a sensible diet that complements your fitness program or else you will only be sabotaging your efforts.

3. Be systematic and disciplined in your approach: Get to the gym on time for your training sessions and try not to miss any of them unless you really can not avoid doing it. It is necessary to devote a certain amount of time every week on your exercise sessions. You should also focus on what your trainer is teaching you so that you get the exercises exactly right.

4. Give feedback to the trainer: Be sure to tell your trainer about any pain or discomfort you are experiencing. Your muscles should certainly be sore on account of exercise but they should not be so sore that you are unable to move properly or get out of bed.

The work you put in conjunction with a fitness trainer will give you excellent results within a fairly short while. Once you achieve your fitness goals you should not give up exercising in order to ensure that you maintain the body shape that you have worked hard to achieve.

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Hiking For Beginners – 4 Tips To Consider

4 Crucial Things to Consider Before You Go on that Hiking Trip

No. 1 Communicate

Before you go on that hiking trip, tell your family and friends where you are going. Furthermore, find a means of staying in touch with the world you are leaving behind. Do not take for granted how brutal it is for people to know where you are in case of a crisis.

There might not be cause for any emergencies. But you can never know. Accidents never tell us when they are about to happen. Stay safe and stay in touch.

No. 2 Go Slow

It is your first time out, do not try to take on too much, you have nothing to prove. If you are first-timer, visit a nature pack. Take time to explore the surroundings, there is no need to rush things. In many nature packs, you will find benches where you can rest or catch your breath. Make sure you use them.

If you are tired or have that craving to forget the hike and go back home, do it. There is always another time. That nature park is not going anywhere. So do not put extra pressure on yourself when you are just starting out.

No. 3 Comfortable Clothes

Be in comfy clothes when you are on a hiking trip. Wear double layers of clothing if it is cold and wear lighter clothing if the weather is hot. Ensure that you can conveniently carry the clothes if need be. Good hiking shoes are also very important since you are going on a long trek. Boots are the proper things to wear; they support your ankles and protect you from patchy places and potholed surfaces.

No. 4 Have a Compass

A compass can be your most valuable tool when you are out in the wild. You can get one for as cheap as 2 bucks. So do not be done without one. Trails can be confusing and look all too similar. You might think that you know how to find your way around. But it is very easy to lose your bearings or retrace your steps back from where you came.

Never go hiking without this much- needed equipment. And never on your life, go alone. It pays to be prepared and not unprepared. Hiking is about having fun and getting acquainted with Mother Nature. Enjoy yourself and take these tips to mind and you will be just fine.

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Why Should I Squat?

Painful Problems: Why Exercise and Why Squat?

Why Do People Need A Workout Plan?

People exercise for a whole host of reasons and since most people do not actually enjoy exercise, are sedentary with only very low level exercise that is often more of an obligation than anything because you know you should, nine times out of ten results in disappointment.

Most people give up exercise after 4 weeks because they just do not get the results they desire. So what would be the point in continuing this uncomfortable activity if you are not getting results?

Weight Loss:

Most people would like to lose weight. I'd rather call it fat loss, but the multimillion dollar 'weight loss' industry is not only a reflection of the vast number of people who want to lose weight, but it is also a reflection of the poor results most people get and the failure the industry is based on resulting in slimmers' jumping from one fad to the next.

Since there is no passion to exercise from most slimmers, and it is purely a means to a result, it is imperative to get rapid results from short workouts. The one single exercise that will give you anabolic response and rapid gains is indeed the squat!

Self Esteem and Image:

So what happens to a slimmer once they reach their goal? Their entire life improves. They are confident, look and feel fab. They look in shop windows at their reflection with pride, and they are happy in their own skin. They are happy, and fundamentally, if they are my client at least, they will have been squatting at a basis for their results.

Weight training, and specifically squatting has been shown to improve the self-image and self esteem of the exerciser, specifically in women, and specifically lifting moderate to heavy weights. Squatting makes you happy!

Sports Performance:

Passionate sports people who have intrinsic motivations are driven and love to exercise and 'train' for their chosen sport. With a need to improve and the drive to succeed it is imperative the athlete performances effective training.

Other's looking for sports performance might include inactive sedentary adults who have been inspired by something like the Olympics or the Tour De France, or by watching a friend or family member perform in a sporting event. They may have been roped into a charity marathon run or they may have hit a milestone birthday that has motivated them to do a challenge.

Whatever the reason, effective exercise has to get results, otherwise the exerciser will get bored, lose interest and quit. So what is the one exercise that has been shown to consistently improve endurance sports performance? And what single exercise is fundamental to power athletes' performance? Yes, it's the squat!

Injury Prevention and Injury Rehab:

A result of ineffective training programs, age, overuse, RSI, acute trauma or chronic lifestyle choices, injury and muscular skeletal pain, stiffness, and immobility can be traumatic, ongoing and can affect the mental and physical wellbeing of the injured person.

For the exerciser or rehabilitation patient there before it is essential to get rapid gains. Guess what one of the most effective exercises for rapid gains is … the squat!

Build Muscle Mass:

Hypertrophy (building muscle mass) as a goal for better sports performance, injury prevention, body building, to prevent atrophy (muscle wasting) -important for over 30's, but especially 50+ year olds who become quite catabolic naturally.

For this goal bilateral, stable exercises that recruit prime mover muscles is essential, and of all the bilateral exercises, the squat is one exercise that enrolls the most. The result if you squat deep and heavy weights is an anabolic response of hGH hormone in the blood after your workout, and yes muscle gains and a happy exerciser. Even if you want bigger biceps, squatting will help you build muscle mass as a result of elevated hGH and other hormones.

Other Reasons To Squat:

The list is not definitive, but some other reasons to squat include:

  • Offset and reverse osteoporosis
  • Improved everyday movements (function) ,
  • Better posture
  • Better looks
  • Flexibility
  • Better blood lipid profile
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Reduced stress,
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Stronger ligaments and connective tissue
  • Reduced lower back pain
  • Injury prevention and rehab
  • Sciatica rehab
  • You can lift your shopping bags, lawn mower, wheel barrow, child, rucksack better
  • Your life is better.

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Best Butt Exercises

What are the best butt exercises for women? What about for men? To be honest there's not much difference. If you want a butt you could bounce quarters off of you gotta build muscle and lose fat. Duh. So what are the best butt exercises?

Dumbbell Walking Lunge

1. Begin standing upright holding a dumbbell in each hand at your sides.

2. Keeping your abs tight, take a step forward with one leg. Focus on landing on the heel of your foot versus the ball.

3. Naturally lower your body until the knee of the opposite leg is almost touching the floor. The lower leg will provide assistance in moving forward as well the standing leg (you'll feel it in your butt on the side of the standing leg.)

4. The lower leg makes the next move and becomes the standing leg, and so on. Think of a lunge as an exaggerated “walk.” If you're new to the exercise it'll be easier to try it without weights to begin.

Bench Butt Raises

1. Lie flat on the floor with your feet on a bench. They're not going to be flat on the bench, you're basically using it to push against.

2. With your arms by your side and abs tight, imagine a string attached to your bellybutton pulling your butt off the floor until your back is straight. Your pelvis should be “pointing” above your head at the top of the move versus straight to the ceiling at the beginning of the move.

3. Keeping your buttocks muscles contracted and abs tight, lower yourself back to the floor. Keep going for a full set before resting.

Pistol Squats – Notice – This is an advanced move that requires great balance and coordination. If you've never tried it before I suggest you hold onto the wall or a chair for support. Not only is it one of the best butt exercises , but it's a great quad exercises as well.

1. Standing upright you'll begin by simultaneously extending your arms and one leg in front of you as you squat to the floor.

2. Lower yourself until the extended leg is about parallel to the floor. Your arms are extended towards your extended leg. Imagine touching your toes.

3. Using the foot that is firmly on the floor, focus on pushing through your heel to an upright position as you bring the extended leg back in to an upright position.

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The Basics of Becoming a Personal Trainer

The road to becoming a personal trainer is one that many people will take on a yearly basis. This is a tough thing for many to end as they hit a roadblock before they even get going good. They will hit the lack of information roadblock. That is where this article comes in handy as this will help you navigate that roadblock and lead you to making the right decision for your goal of becoming a personal trainer. There is not a lot to this, just a load of hurdles that you have to navigate over to get to the finish line on your journey of becoming a personal trainer.

The first thing that you need to do is to seek out the certificates that you will need. This can be a tough and confusing area for a person that has never even thought of doing this. If you have a certain club that you are looking to join, then you will want to make a call and find out from them what the certificates that they require are. This will help you in the fact that you will need to know this before you even try to get hired. If you are not sure what club you want to join, then you will need to settle on the certificates that seem to be the most thoughtful out of these types of clubs.

Determine what specialty you are going to seek out and offer to any potential clubs that hire you. This will make you a lot more desirable to these potential clubs as they will want to have a person that specializes in a certain area. Seek one or more out and go for them, this will increase the hiring opportunities as well as increase the amount that you will make while in the employ of these fitness clubs. This leads to the next step actually getting hired by one of these fitness clubs.

You will need to seek out your local phone book or make your way over to the internet and look up the clubs that are in your area. This will then mean you will have to call these places and ask them if they employ personal trainers. If you get a yes, then head on and ask what the procedure is for getting hired and how you can go about filling out an application. This is where the importance of the previous steps will be so vital.

It may be a simple matter that you really do not want to work for a club, you may want to venture out on your own. This is a course that a large number of people will generally undertake. There are a lot more hoops to jump through if you go the solo route as this will mean that you are not covered under any club. This in effect means you will need to have personal trainer insurance to cover you in case injury accidents while you are working with a client. Look around to see what your options are in the way of insurance for yourself.

Of course going it alone also means that you will need to market yourself to the rest of the world. This can be a daunting task a lot of times and is something that should be looked at closely. If you are unsure what you are doing, then there are many professionals that you can hire that will be able to market you without any issues. The main objective of all of this is to get your name out there and to get people to select you as their personal trainer.

Never stop improving. It is never a bad idea to keep expanding on the skills that you have and acquire more skills along the way. This will make you even more desirable to potential clients as they will see what your skill set is and will find you to be without a doubt an invaluable part of their life. This will also make you a lot more desirable to clubs and other business that will see your skills and certificates and will see this as a chance to grab you up for themselves as to avoid you getting away and them losing out on such a talented person.

It is important that you become so important in your clients life, that they can not do without you. This can be attained by taking part of the previous tip. You will want them to the point that they require your services on a regular basis and will do anything that it takes to keep you from leaving. This is the point that you know you have got yourself in a positive position. All of this leads to the last piece of advice about going and getting job with one of the big movie studios.

With the use of stuntmen and actors having to be in the best shape of their life. There will always be a need for a personal trainer to take these players and to whip them into shape. If you have always taken out the best advancement opportunities, then you will be in a position that you can offer your skills and the client will grab you up and you will be a part of the staff for the movie studio that they will keep around for times when they need to train and get an actor into shape.

All of these tips will come in handy for a person that is looking to become a personal trainer. If it is done correctly, then this will lead to a long lasting career that you will be glad that you took the time to pursue. You can make a good living at this if you know what to do and how to go about doing it. The most important thing is that you set a goal and stick to it. With patience and time, you can easily make a career jump that will benefit you for a very long time.

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Keep Your Personal Training Clients on Track Throughout the Year Using Process Goals

The new year always brings good intentions .

People try to undo indulgent decisions made over the holidays and make resolutions to get in shape. The New Year can be great motivation for someone to start a healthy lifestyle, but many people go “balls to the wall,” and try to work as hard as they did in high school soccer practice, even though they have not been on a pitch in 20 years or touched a dumbbell in months.

Ease into a personal fitness routine using process goals.

A huge pitfall of starting an exercise routine is to go all out before your body is ready to handle the demands put upon it. This can have results ranged from intense Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) rendering you unable to perform the day's workout to a major injury which will set you back for months.

When most people start a diet or exercise program, they often have an exit goal such as “I want to lose 30lbs,” or, “I want to run a 1/2 marathon.” It is important to have a realistic timeframe on when to reach these goals. Losing 30 lbs. in 3 weeks is not healthy or realistic, but losing 3 lbs. in 3 weeks is. It's also important to have “process” goals along the way as a measure to set you up for success, ie, “I will go to the gym 4 times a week,” or, “I will eat 3 servings of veggies a day. ” Process goals are the actions from which your results will spring.

Set reasonable fitness goals and see consistent gains.

When getting back in the gym from an extended time off, decide how many hours a weeks you can dedicate to fitness. Hopefully there are 4 days a week in which you can spare one hour to getting stronger- two days consistent of strength training (hard workouts) and 2 days retaining of mobility and work work (light workouts).

You or a fitness professional will decide what type of program is right for your specific goals, but if you are a beginner who has been sedentary for over a month I would suggest doing a full body circuit 2X a week. Lifting slower is better as you will want to focus on form and mastering the exercises before moving on to something harder. High reps and lower sets at a slow tempo will cause motor learning to occur, strengthen connective tissues, and build muscular endurance. Consistent strength training will cause your body to adapt to the demands put upon it (ie you gain strength, you can run further). If you do not take advantage of these adaptations (ie lift heavier, run further), when they occur, you will plateau. Or, worse yet, if you move on to a harder program before the necessary adaptations have occurred you will set yourself up for an injury. It's exciting to make progress, and deep down we all want to push harder, but listen to your body and stick with the program. Sometimes one step back means 2 steps forward. You do not get stronger when you work out; you get stronger RECOVERING from a workout. If you never rest, you can not get stronger, and if you are not getting stronger you are getting weaker.

Enjoy the fitness journey and remember to have fun along the way.

It's often said that fitness and healthy living are a marathon not a sprint. It's a process much like receiving an education and for some it can be harder than others. It's important to set realistic goals and expectations and evaluate along the way. What works for one person may not work for another. Remember above all else, that this journey should be enjoyable. Maybe not every second of a hard workout is enjoyable, but putting in hard work and seeing results is extremely rewarding.

When we participate by giving consistent effort into a quality program, we can create something to bring into the world around us- a stronger, more fit self.

In the right environment, when we workout with these things in mind, even after the most exhausting “terrible” episodes, or the heaviest deadlifts, we find ourselves laughing, and we realize we've been having a really good time.

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Losing Weight on a Busy Schedule: Tips on Staying on Track of Your Weight Loss Goals!

Schedule Your Workouts like Appointments
There is nothing that keeps you accountable as a scheduled workout time. It also helps you establish a routine that can be turned into a habit. Most people find it difficult to be consistent in their efforts to get healthier. By scheduling your workouts, you train your body to get used to exercise and even crave it as well as you improve your chances of success by at least 70%.

Give 100% Every Workout, Every Time: No Excuses!
You have a very small amount of time, so make each workout count. Do not be discouraged by the fact that you have very little time on your day to devote to exercise. You may feel like 20-minutes is not a lot of time to work out, but it is. Every time is as good as any. Work with what you have and give it your all. Plan for 20-minutes of strength-training a day, and maybe half hour of cardio. But push, take little rests and do as many sets as you can in those 20 minutes! Push! Do not take it easy on yourself just because nobody is watching you. If you have a hard time pushing or stimulating yourself, talk to your trainer about taking a few personal training sessions a week. If that's not within your budget, join a group fitness class or invite your friends to a class. You will be able to reap the benefits of having a personal trainer, but split the cost with your friends. If you are not sure where to begin, talk to your trainer. Increase your intensity. If you do not hate every workout until it's done, then you're not pushing hard enough. It's best to work with a trainer to design your program, so you can avoid injuries and overtraining.

Watch what you Eat
Schedule your meals and snack times as well. Spend one day on a lazy weekend to plan the rest of your week or month and stick to it. Keep a food journal to keep track of what you eat and when you eat it. Eat a big breakfast and pack a nutritious lunch, that way way you are not tempted to buy a greasy slice of pizza nearby or overeat on a lunch-out with coworkers. Eat throughout the day to keep your metabolism revved up. It will also help you stay full and energized throughout the day, so you do not binge later right before you go to bed.

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Personal Training 101

According to the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines, 40 of the most common chronic illnesses can be preceded with regular exercise on your own or through personal training. Another statistical states that over 30% of Americans do not exercise near enough. “Enough” is considered to be two and a half to three hours of moderate aerobic activity three to five times a week. Broken down, that can equate to one hour of exercise three times a week or just over thirty minutes of physical activity five times a week.

The lack of exercise in American society hinders on a number of factors – cost, time, location, the endless pursuit of a quick fix, and motivation. The latter point is where a personal trainer may be able to help you see the fitness results you've always wanted. Working with a trainer can help inspire you to keep going and to keep you on track with your fitness goals. However, there are a few things to lookout for when working with a professional trainer.

First step is the hardest.

Sometimes the first step towards physical fitness and committing to your own health and well-being is the most difficult one. A certified trainer can help lighten that load by becoming your fitness facilitator. They should have the knowledge, the capability and the training to weed out a lot of unnecessary steps in order to help you find the shortest route towards your ultimate fitness goals.

With that being said, finding that shortest route does not mean the road will actually be a short one. There are no quick fixes and fad diets do not work. There is no overnight solution to weight loss. Be patient. These things take time. To that end, be patient in finding the right trainer. Working with a fitness trainer can be a great and life changing experience. Take the time to choose the one that's perfect for you.

Putting your needs first.

Before even embarking on a fitness regimen or seeking out a trainer, do some serious soul searching and figure out what your long term health goals are. Not everyone hires a trainer to lose weight. Some want to enhance performance or gain muscle. Others want to improve endurance or flexibility. Think about what it is that you want most out of all these things, be realistic and be ready to do the work in order to reach those goals.

Go for a test drive.

Working with a trainer can be intimidating. They're in excellent shape, they're in top form as a result of their own nutrition and exercise regimen … but that is exactly why you should consider hiring one. Aside from being a walking advertisement for the service that they're selling, they know the exact right exercises for you in order to reach your get-fit goals.

Your trainer's ability to motivate you is also going to be key, and each have their own individual style of training, just as you have your own specific style of learning. The first trainer you meet may not be the one you decide to work with. Again, dig deep and think about what style you respond to best. Drill sergeant? Gentle coaxing? It's vital that your personality and your trainer's training style match so be sure to ask them about their communication style and work with them on a trial basis before you commit.

Minding their P's and Q's

Is your trainer present? During your session, your trainer should only have eyes for you and on what you're doing.

Are they prepared? Your trainer should be on time (if not early), should have your entire workout planned and ready to go, and they should be tracking your progress along the way.

Are they professional? Your relationship with your trainer is a professional one, despite their job title suggesting to the contrary. They should not be discussing the inner workings of their love life and neither should you. Stick to the task at hand: reaching your optimal health goals.

Are they asking you the right questions? At the afternoon, your trainer should take you through a series of tests, such as taking your blood pressure, your resting heart rate, your starting weight and your measurements to determine body composition. They should also ask you about your medical history, any surgeries you may have had or any past injuries you may have incurred. Your trainer should also ask you what you do for a living and what you do in your spare time. The answers to these questions play an important role in your get-fit plan.

For instance if you work at a job that requires a lot of sitting, your hips may be excessively tight and your cardio endurance may be low. Conversely, having a job where you are active and standing all day is telling, too. Someone like an electrician who works with his or her arms overhead for extended periods of time could cause dysfunction in the muscle system and needs to be taken into account when planning a fitness routine.

No gym membership? No problem.

Less than a quarter of people who invest in a gym membership actually utilize their membership. Among those who do use their membership, over three quarters of those individuals who invest in a certified fitness trainer also stick to going to the gym. They feel more structured and held more accountable when they know someone is counting on them to show up. And if budget constants are one of the main reasons holding you back from working with a trainer, the ones employed by health clubs are generally more cost effective than the ones who work on their own.

You do not need to join a gym to work with a fitness instructor. While most health clubs offer them, there are certified personal trainers who will either come to your home or you can go to them in their own home or rented space. Plus, if working out in a gym setting is too intimidating to even bear the thought of doing, finding a trainer who will work out with you in the privacy of your own home is a great option.

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Gyms Are for Everyone

We dwell in a highly competitive society where it is crucial to maintain our fitness for survival there before we are constantly anxious to perform our best. To accelerate our performance in every aspect of life it is vital that our health is always in its best form.

Maintaining physical and mental fitness is essential in our busy and stressful rule. The word “gym” originally came from the Greek word “gymnasium” to define an area meant for both physical and intellectual education of the youth. Gyms can prove to be a great add-on to help keep up your exercise routine. Signing up with a good gym is a great way to keep in shape and lead and active and healthy lifestyle.

Most gyms have a main work out are consistent of weights like dumbbells, barbells and exercise machines. There is generally also a cardio section where all the cardiovascular exercise take place consisting of treadmills, rowing machines, etc. Many of these gyms are equipped with the latest technology to meet your exact health needs. Good quality gymnasiums even provide personal trainers to certain individuals who need special assistance in reaching their health goals. Gyms offer swimming pools, sauna and a selection of sports to keep your work-out session interesting at the same time beneficial for your overall development.

Some gymnasiums have also adapted the eastern meditation meditation – Yoga for spiritual as well as emotional development. All of these facilities under one roof can only prove to be advantageous for you. Newer fitness clubs provide snack bars, cafés and health shops for delivering complete attendance to your fitness. Even child-care facilities are provided in the case post-pregnancy work out sessions.

Group exercise classes are also conducted in some gyms, these group classes are generally centred on aerobics, martial arts, kick boxing etc.

Gyms are for everyone. You do not have to really be a fitness freak to hit the gym. You will find all kinds of people in a gymnasium – housewives trying to tone down, newbie trying to bulk up, models warm up for fashion shows and professional athletes. These are just people like you and me who have realized the merits of a gym membership. You can also choose to review a few gyms in your city maybe through word of mouth or you could choose to look up online. Gyms, these days have their own websites to portray the range of services they offer. Some of these websites even provide online memberships. In order to give it a shot, you may choose to sign up for a month or two.

Once you become a regular and accredited gym user you will see the positive effect on your health and physical appearance. Stamina and muscle power are greatly enhanced on exercising with the highly technological set-up provided in a gym.

Even In your regular home and work environment, you find that your performance has excelled due to the well-designed work out sessions at the gym. There is a natural secretion of serotonin in our brain due to these effective work outs which ensure happiness to our minds. After all a healthy mind needs a healthy body to function properly.

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How to Earn Your Personal Trainer Certification

Individuals who are interested in learning their personal training certification should look for a certification program. Certification is needed in order to establish your position as a legitimate trainer. The most important aspect of this process is finding a program that is fully accredited.

When you have found a program that will fit with your wishes and needs, there are some questions you may want to ask. These questions should be applied to all the programs you are considering. These necessary questions may include:

1. Does this program award national / international certification
2. What are the prerequisites for the exam?
3. Is this an online or in-person exam?
4. Is there a home-study option, or are you required to attend seminars?
5. What is the cost?
6. When renewing this certification, what will be required?

Individuals must register with a certain certification group to take the certification exam. Each program has different prerequisites, requirements, and fees involved. People should pick a group based on their personal interest. The groups include organizations such as:

ACE (American Council of Exercise). This group is typically more expensive, and involves a larger time commitment. They are considered the best and largest personal training organization in the world. The standard training certification option costs $ 499, premium is $ 599, and premium plus costs costs $ 699.

ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). This group has certification programs in physical training and group exercise instruors. They also offer clinical training certificates. ACSM members will pay $ 355 per course, and non-members will pay $ 415. Students who align themselves with this group will be able to choose their own test date.

NASM (National Academy of Sport Medicine). If you want the most inclusive personal training certification, you should sign up with this group. While they are the most expensive, their fee includes textbooks, testing (and a free retake), a 90-day job guarantee, and live workshops all for $ 1,199. For an additional $ 800, students will also receive associate personal training experience.

NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association). Students can earn strength and conditioning certification as well as personal training certification through this group. The fee is $ 270 for members and $ 405 for non-members.

After receiving initial certification, it is important to keep maintaining that certification. Depending on where you earned your certification, annual re-testing may be required. Other programs only require proof that you've taken some sort of relevant online class or have visited related seminars.

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Be a Life Saver – Register for CPR Classes Today

You wish to live forever do not you? And Life is simply blissful is not it? But the bliss only last for a matter of time for mortals like ourselves. No matter how rich, poor or religious we are, there is no escaping death. But one can always take precautions for the sake of life extension. The period of time we are assigned to our lives, is full of everyday mishaps. And if we were to face death anyway why choose to die from an illness or an accident? Why not lay cozy in our beds as we look back at the great life that we made and the fulfillment we have to take back and peacefully leave this world.

Emergency situations can take place when you're least guessing. A situation as such could occur practically anywhere, at your workplace, on the streets, or yet in the comfortable surroundings of your own home. Choking, suffocation, electrocution, severe head traumatization, drowning and poisoning are a few examples of serious concerns caused by very common accidents.

Imagine that you were out on a date at your favorite eat out. Suddenly the elderly gentleman who is having supper, sitting across your table collapses gasping for help. The old man is unable to breathe and is most probably having a cardic arrest.

In the nick of time you call an ambulance but there is no certainty that he will survive till the medics have arrived. You just keep wishing you could help him, well, “save” him but you remain helpless. What if there was a way you could save a life or at least help him hold on till the drugs took over. Acquiring the accurate skills consent you to get a grip of the crisis in front of you and you can thus make an awesome difference by saving someone's life.

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. You should be aware that it is a very common and probably the most effective emergency procedure at our time. These techniques almost always come in useful when stuck in life and death situations. Before the technique was invented, death was almost certain during a cardiac arrest. The CPR method was contributed by medics in the 1960's. Ever since, this technique has turned out to save numerous lives. Every one of us can easily perform this procedure at the required time but, it is highly advisable to first undergo proper training and receive our CPR certificates. Many training institutions provide classes conducted by experienced doctors, rescuers and other paramedics. You can choose a reputable institute offline as well as online. Certain institutions provide on-site training too, for companies as well as individuals.

Attending these safety classes is useful for all. Wondering why? Because the entire concept promotes worker safety, reduces insurance risks and upsurges the skills of the employee. If you're looking for an additional point to accentuate your resume, do not miss out on the training.

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A Personal Trainer Is Waiting for You

If you have been contemplating getting in shape but are not sure where to begin, there is a personal trainer who is just waiting to help you take the plunge and begin the process to have the body of your dreams. It does not matter whether you are a competitive professional athlete, a bodybuilder, or simply someone who needs guidance and encouragement to stay on track, a personal trainer has the skills to help you get on the right track and stay motivated to stay there.

Your personal trainer will guide you through a thorough intake, performing a complete assessment of your current physical condition, any health or physical considerations that need to be incorporated into your fitness plan, and goal setting. Your personal trainer will then work together with you to develop a course of action which will include scheduling personal sessions, time at the gym, dietary assessment and menu planning, and a host of other services included in your package.

The personal trainer you choose to work with will provide you with a host of benefits that will make the experience more positive than a simple gym membership and trying to do it all on your own. You can rest assured that your personal trainer will have a comprehensive education with which to assist you in having the safest, most productive, and enjoyable fitness experience possible. Your workout plan will be individually tailor to help you meet your goals while taking into consideration such as age, gender, and your current fitness level.

They will also act as both a mentor and motivator to ensure that you show up at the gym regularly and reach your full potential at the gym. You will be much less likely to skip your workout when you are paying for an appointment, and once there, you will be more likely to stick it out for the entire duration of the time you are supposed to be exercising. Your trainer will push you to try harder and do more, all the while knowing how to ensure your safety and that you do not end up with an injury from taking on more than you are ready to handle. You will learn how to safely use workout equipment, lifting techniques, proper body mechanics and breathing techniques.

A personal trainer will regularly chart your progress in everything from weight loss and body measurements to strength and endurance. This sort of tracking is useful for your coach because it will show them when and where to make adjustments to your plan, and it will be helpful for you because as you lose inches, gain muscle mass, and see the tangible results of your efforts on paper you are less likely to give up. This will keep you fired up and enthusiast about what you are doing for your health and appearance. Schedule your appointment with a personal trainer today. You have nothing to lose except unwanted pounds.

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