It is the little things that add up. It is a lack of little things that stand out. Success seems to be in the details in anything we pursuit. When we are lacking in something it is usually the first thing people notice. Then why is it that so many people involved in weight training focus so much time and effort on the “big things” … when it is the little miscues that people will notice anyway.

Incorporating the following exercises once a week will make sure that when people are looking … they are seeing the “BIG PICTURE”:

PREACHER CURLS – This is an exercise that must be done without you want your bicep muscle to look 75% complete. There is nothing that looks aesthetically worse than a bicep that stops well short of the elbow. Curl away but if you decide to keep this crucical exercise off your bicep regiment, do not be surprised by the sideways glances. Bicep brachialis … look it up on an anatomy chart.

CALF RAISES – You can be driving a Porsche, but you might as well keep it in the garage if you do not have the right wheels. It is one of those muscle groups is not it? No one talks about them unless they are not there. Making a point of throwing in two days of this little, but crucial, body part will have them noticing the entire ride!

BACK EXTENSIONS – Abs, abs, blah blah. If we could somehow figure out how to move those erector spinae to the front we might be in business. They are conveniently put on the back burner because they are on that often forgotten posterior portion. Out of sight, out of mind. With back issues so prevalent there is no way that people should miss out on these.

FOREARM CURLS – All show and no go? How big the discrepancy must be, percentage wise, between the amount of upper arm work men focus on and the utter lack of forearm work they do. It is not flashy, and they hurt like hell! But if there was ever an exercise worth the extra time and effort it has got to be these. Why have the arm stop flowing at the elbow when it can trickle all the way down to the wrist?

LEG RAISES (kind of) – The traditional leg raise has probably gone the way of the t-rex. If they are not on the extinct list they should be. Notoriously tough on the lower back and hip, but dang they are fun! The good news, sports fans is there is a wicked variation on the “old school” raise. This one limits wear on the lower back and is a lot easier on the hip area.