Even though you, as well as the others, believe that exercise can make you lose weight, your nutrition and your mind have bigger rods to play in achieving a healthy lifestyle With all that said, the right approach for fat loss exercise is doing appropriate training . If you are observant, you will see that most workouts require equipment you usually see in a gym but still incorporated exercises that you can do at home. The list I have below demonstrates a typical full body circuit training. It is very easy to follow. So read along! First Part:

  • Cable squat stretch – assemble your gym cables with a strong cord or rope at its base, or attach a theraband on the floor. Hold one end in each hand. Lower down to squat full depth then quickly pull your body up, stretching the ends of the rope or cord back until shoulder height in a row movement while your elbows should come right back. Make sure your arms are aligned to each other as you start the next repetitions. You can repeat this for 15 times.
  • Rotating cable wood chops – place the cables or the therap up high high while still using the cord or rope to save time. Do the chopping from high to low direction, using circular movements through your torso. You can repeat this routine for 24 times.
  • Dumbbell swing lunges – begin with arms aligned to each other with each hand holding a dumbbell and explosively sway the dumbbells into the air as you lunge. Do this on the other leg, controlling the weight as you lower it down by bending your arms. Repeat this for 3 times round and take a rest in between rounds.

Second Part:

  • From a squatting position, jump and then bring yourself up as high as you can go before you jump down, landing with both knees as best as you can. Go straight to the next repetition, if you can, as you will gain more power from the last action. Repeat this routine for 15 times.
  • Swissball Jacknifes – position your feet on top of the ball with your hands on the floor in a push-up position. With a straight back, pull the ball in the direction of your body by curving your knees toward your chest. Count to 3 to bring the ball in and another 3 to bring it out. Repeat this for 12 times.
  • 1-Leg barbell dead lifts – cling onto the bar close to your thigh as you bend forward using one leg (bend at both knees and hips). Bring the other leg up high enough behind you as you bend forward. Once the bar is on your knee level, come back up again. Repeat this for 12 times on each leg and repeat this 3 times round, rest as little as possible.

Third Part:

  • Dumbbell sway squats straight for 15 times into dumbbell squat push for 15 times – hold the weight between both hands and sway it up fast with aligned arms reaching your head level as you are done with each squat. Squat push is done holding the weight between both hands up until your chest level and then pushing on the way up.
  • 2-minute bridge brace – hold yourself on feet and flat hands, keep your shoulder forward over your hands and your spain straight. Repeat 3 times with no rest.

This exercise should last for 45 minutes excluding the rest time in between. However, do not go beyond 45 minutes as you start to release cortisol, which causes a hormonal fat-storring response.