If you want to achieve your fitness goals more quickly, it will be important to have a plan and set achievable goals. Many people get discouraged very quickly when they begin a regimented fitness plan that requires dedication and persistence, but do not have measurable and achievable goals. Therefore, following these 3 quick tips will help you to be more successful in your efforts to achieve your goals.

Make A Plan

It is important that you write down a plan with measurable and achievable goals. For many people working backwards is easier when you are developing your plan. Begin at the end, where do you want to end up. It is easier to plan around inches or sizes. When you are in a regrained training program, you will be gaining muscle, so you may not lose weight, but you will lose inches. Therefore, working backwards, plan your goals for how many inches you want to lose by each milestone.

Plan Your Reward System

When you achieve your goals at each stone, plan on what your reward will be. Write your reward down with your goal so that you can easily see what you are working for. It is important that your rewards be connected to achieving your milestone. For instance, if you have reached a goal to lose 2 inches, and you love clothes, then plan on adding to your wardrobe. Do not make the mistake of choosing a reward that is not appropriate for your overall goals. Choosing a huge meal or calorie-ridden dessert as a reward for losing inches will defeat your purpose, and derail your plan.

Get Some Help

One reason for failure when trying to achieve fitness, is that there are many aspects of exercise and dieting that require an extensive knowledge in different body types and how specific exercises and diet will affect the body. While there are a myriad of diets and exercise programs available, they are usually “one-size-fits-all” programs that are based on the theory that the majority of people will respond to the systems provided. A professional fitness coach has been trained to correctly evaluate your unique body type and needs, then develop a program that will be most effective over the long-term for you.


By spending time researching and planning your fitness program, and getting professional input to make sure that the diet and exercise program you choose will give you the results you want, you will be more successful and more quickly achieve your goals.