Okay, so you think you want to go to the gym and turn into an Atlas kind of person? Well, it's a nice thought or extreme fantasy if your body type does not support your goal. For those of you who are not familiar with Atlas (not the map) here's a short description. In Greek mythology Atlas was a very big, strong man, a Titan with excellent muscular definition and the strength to hold up the world and the heavens on his shoulders as punishment set out by Zeus. He was no ordinary man!

Now, back to the gym. Why would someone be so disappointed by not being able to accomplish such a lofty goal as to become an Atlas type via serious weight training techniques? The answer may lie in the fact that we as humans come in various body types. Some researchers have even estimated that the different body types fall into the hundreds of varieties, but are placed in three general categories and these are:

(1) The Ectomorph: This body type is what we generally refer to as the 'beanpole' or 'tall and lanky' person. This type of person's physiology is usually tall with very long limbs and may be called 'tall and thin' respectively with matching shoulders and hips in size. When this body type attempts to become the Atlas, the results are a well-defined muscular and shapely Ectomorph that lacks the size of the Atlas.

(2) The Endomorph: This body type is what we generally refer to as 'big frame' or 'stocky.' This type of person's physiology is generally 'round and curvy' with wider hips and a prominent abdomen in both men and women. The 'round and curvy' features are caused by stored body fat which may give the look of a 'stocky build' making the shoulders smaller than the hips. When this body type attempts to become the Atlas, this person's main obstacle is to work through the body fat and that can be disheartening.

(3) The Mesomorph: This body type is what we generally refer to as 'husky and muscular'. The Mesomorph possessors shoulders that are wider than the hips, is either a 'beanpole' nor 'stocky' because this physiology does not have a lot of body fat nor large bones. In essence, this may be the physiology with the best bet for getting as close to becoming an Atlas look-alike with the least effort.

It's always wise to consider your body type before setting out to become something that may be out of your reach. For example: If you're of a short stocky physiology, all the weight training in the world will not make you into a tall muscular Atlas. While the Ectomorph may have to battle with size and the Endomorph may have to battle with fat, the closest physiology to attaining the Atlas results with little resistance and least effort would more likely be the Mesomorph. So if you're the mesomorph physiology, go for it!

If you're not the Mesomorph body type, do not despair, there's more to the Atlas look-alike than physiology, so stay tuned.