In a perfect world, you can do all your required workouts and still squeeze in some time to go outdoors for the occasional hill sprint or play some sports with your friends.

However, you do not live in a perfect world. No matter how much you want to perform the above activities, you just can not seem to do it. Moreover, even if you have enough time to do it ,. the real issue is will you? You know you need to push yourself a little harder but you always hear your trainer telling you to take your time and take it slow by getting you to do light running or lift some weights.

Your workouts should not take much of your time. It also should not require you to always go to the gym and train.

The truth is that as much as many of us occasionally enjoy extra hours in, a truly effective exercise does not absolutely have to take loads of your precious free time. And, nor does it require you to train at a gym. If it is not realistic for you to get there, you can still do some workouts while you are at home or on the go.

So, if you are any one of these:

  • You are a busy homemaker
  • You do not have time to go to the gym or hate going to the gym
  • You travel frequently and require a planned routine that will fit into your schedule
  • You are very determined to get into shape, increase your stamina, tone your muscles and burn those fats without doing intension cardio for hours
  • You want to get a real workout and not just any so-so training that will not give you any results.

Then, this is what you can do:

  1. Find a space in your place or at the gym with at least 1.5 meters square.
  2. You can use your own body weight to begin with, .and either some free weights or an improvised weights like an old 2 liters of water bottles that you can fill with small pebbles, sand or water.
  3. If you want to use an exercise ball, make sure that it is according to your height. But you can do your workouts without this.
  4. A skipping rope you can always bring with you
  5. Therabands would be a handy addition since it will serve as an improvised replacement for gym cables and dumbbells.

The following strength circuit training will work for you from top to toe and you only need basic requirement here to get it done. You will normally see changes in as little as 2 weeks if you are doing your weight loss exercise right.

However, how will you know if you are doing the fat loss exercise right?

Try these quick and simple steps:

Part One: 11-Minute Strength Circuit

A good program is based on effective strength training since it benefits your metabolism, overall health muscles an actually gives you the awesome glow. This approach will certainly push your muscles to work harder and make your heart pump faster. And oh – there will be some sweating along the way.

  1. Squat and push. Hold a weight (whether your free or improvised weights) in each hand reaching slightly slightly above your shoulders, chest up, and eyes straight ahead. With a straight back, begin with a sitting down movement. As you push yourself to stand up, push the weights together above your head. Repeat this for 12 times with repetitions that should take you 6 seconds. You can have at most 30 seconds rest in between depending on what your body feels. This ensures your total control on the workout without hurting your body. Then move straight to:
  2. Lunge and twist. With the weights firmly positioned in each of your hands, make sure you arms are on your sides, straight down. Do this with a straight back and eyes with chest up. Begin with one-step forward. Then, slowly bend your front and knee. Your back knee should almost touch the floor and your butt should remain uptight. Without moving your back foot, move your front heel to push yourself up. While doing this, twist the weights from your sides going in front of your shoulders. Lower your back down and do the same procedure on your other leg this time. Do this procedure for 12 times on each leg. Each repetition should take you 6 seconds .. Again, take a rest before doing the 3rd step.
  3. Push ups by lifting your leg. Push-ups maybe one of those exercises you can just cheat on while doing it. This one is different. Your tailbone, mid-back and head should be all in one line. With a straight body and eye gaze straight ahead. If you are a beginner, you can start with your knees. With straight back, slowly lower your body on the floor while forcing your shoulder blades back together. Push your tummy to tighten up as well as to push yourself back up and then lift one leg (or knee) at the same time. Repeat this for at most 12 times with 4 seconds each repetition. And finally:
  4. Do a plank hold on your ball (feet on ball or hands on floor). You can also try this on the floor while supporting your body weight in a bridge. You can start with your face down, straight back and with abs dropped in. Stay still at least 30 seconds or at most 2 minutes but make sure your lower back is not aching out.

Doing this whole routine, your total rest time should be in between 5 to 5.5 minutes. Once you finish the end of the routine, repeat the whole session immediately. You just spend just 11 minutes on toning your muscles, how about that?

Part Two: 4-Minute HIIT Training (Tabata)

This first one is the slow part of the routine. The second part of the routine will be of higher intensity. Tabata training will get you working to your maximum in the shortest possible time. The best part about Tabata training is that you do not need any equipment.

You will need a stopwatch to do 8 rounds of 20 seconds intense exercise including 10 seconds rest in between. For only 4 minutes, you will find yourself on the floor, sweating and all worked up by the end of this routine. For at-home tabatas, here is what you can do:

  • Do some fast-skipping
  • Perform some jumping jacks
  • Jog where you are right now, or sprinting around your terrace or yard
  • Jumps either through squat or lunge if your body is conditioned for some plyometric work
  • Throw your body on the floor face down and then jump or stand back up as quickly as you can.

4 minutes might be a short time for you but this one will really make you sweat and get you worked up by the end of it. If your body can still take more repetitions, take a rest for 4 minutes and then do it again. On the other hand, you can do the circuit training provided above for 3 rounds before going back to this routine. Try to perform these routines for at least 3 times each week and it should only take you 15 minutes so there is no reason for your to pass on this very great workout! You can even do this everyday if you want to.

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